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  1. I concur. They may not be perfect but they're still really good. Also, let's not forget we're getting the full team in one set, not spread out over 5 sets. Some of them could have used new molds but did you honestly expect every single one of them to get brand new molds in one set? That NEVER happens. If they had spread them out over multiple sets, they perhaps would have done that but then people would be up in arms about them forcing people to buy a bunch of sets instead of just one. You can't have it both ways, designers have limits on the number of new molds they can produce. The backpacks I can understand, it wouldn't have been hard to include a few more pieces. Granted, they wouldn't fit in the shuttle with them on but it'd be nice to have them.
  2. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'll withold judgement until we see better pics(I was overly critical on Iron Monger so I won't make that mistake again) I do love that they recolored the Minecraft head for the tesseract though that unfortunately makes it huge. A trans-light blue 1x1 tile on top of a trans-light blue 1x1 plate is a far better solution and much more appropriately sized. Heck, the 1x1 brick they've been using was fine.
  3. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'd be down with sets based on this game as long as it doesn't swallow the whole wave. I actually don't mind the designs they went with. Rocket is definitely the weirdest one. The game itself actually looks really good though it's really dumb you can only play as Starlord. I never had a problem with the Square Enix Avengers designs either but I definitely think they should have gone with more comic-based designs and save themselves a lot of criticism. At least there are unlockable costumes if you don't like the main ones. Based on what we've seen, there's definitely some interesting set potential though sadly LEGO would probably just make up some weird poorly-designed vehicles like they did for Avengers.
  4. Wow, Fennec looks amazing! I'm so happy she has arm printing. I love the dark trooper helmet, it's really too bad we only get one. Moff Gideon... wow they really dropped the ball. Either there's no mustache or what looks his mouth is his mustache and his actual mouth is weirdly low on the face ehich seems unlikely. Of course the dark saber sucks but that we knew immediately. Super happy to see the whole Bad Batch crew in irl pics, they look really good! All the face prints are excellent. It's also nice to get an irl shot of the interior of the shuttle with all 4 members aboard. Hopefully we'll get more pictures soon along with the manual shots of the other sets.
  5. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The cmf sounds incredible! The only thing I have a problem with is that Scarlet Witch gets a cape instead of a skirt piece. I'm especially excited by Loki coming with Throg and Lady Loki with a baby crocodile. I always love new animal molds!
  6. Boba's face looks perfect! Very well done. It looks like somebody has the whole figure so I expect we'll get a better look at his helmet soon.
  7. They wouldn't be making it in a new color though because we already got one in the Mandalorian bp. I love the sound of the new Boba face print, I look forward to seeing it.
  8. I'm pretty sure the horms are painted given how shiny they are and the fact there's some "bleed" of the black paint onto the helmet. If they were dual-molded, they'd typically have more crisp and consistent color seperation. Plus if they bothered to dual-mold the horns in they'd likely be made more rubbery and that material is usually more matte. Moving away from minifigs for a second, there are 2 features I would love the new Slave I to have: 1. A seismic charge drop feature and 2. Space for 2 minifigs to sit inside. Examining the picture, there's definitely enough space for them to fit 2 minifigs back to back, especially since it doesn't have a rotating cockpit feature where it needs room to accommodate. That would certainly make up for it in my eyes. Imagine, one of the smallest Slave I's we ever get and it's the first to have room for 2 minifigs since Jango Fett's Slave I from 2002!
  9. Man, that would be a huge bummer if true. Yeah I pointed out in a previous post that the dark green of his "cheeks" would be a problem if they molded the helmet in the appropriate dark green. Even though regular green is too bright, it's still darker than sand green and I think would have been a better compromise than to do what they did and split the difference.
  10. There's a new image of Boba Fett and despite my issues with the mismatched greens, dang it's a great looking figure! Hopefully this new picture means we'll get a better look at Slave I and the other figures and sets soon. Also, I hope we'll soon see the face underneath. I plan on using the Hun Warrior cape from the cmf series for the Armorer, it's not perfect but I think it's a pretty darn good option.
  11. Oh man, I hope it has a seismic bomb drop feature! I'm so sick of cargo holds for Han in carbonite. It could have storage space for weapons instead though. I love the figures of the Armorer and Paz Visla! Sadly I was right about them omitting the cape for Din entirely. I really wish they gave the Armorer a fluffy collar piece, heck they gave one to the Ranger Troopers in the Solo train set even though they appeared for 5 seconds... I look forward to seeing the forge. Hopefully it has a hammer and tongs for the Armorer to use as weapons and I expected it with have some sort of smithing play feature. Also, Crosshair's face leaked and it looks pretty good.
  12. There will absolutely be sets to tie into tBoBF. It's one thing for LEGO to not want to take a risk on a new series with new characters like the Mandalorian until after it airs and then realize it's insanely popular, it's another entirely when a new series is being made for a legacy character people already know, especially someone with the inherent popularity and insane marketability of Boba Fett. Now they may only do one or 2 sets to start based on what little info and concept art they get and do more sets after the show ends like they did with the Mandalorian, but I don't think LEGO is stupid enough not to cash in on tBoBF. They'll probably keep the new Slave I on shelves for awhile(so don't count on there being a new one next year) and it was really smart of them to do one now as it ties into both Mando season 2 and allows them to have a product that ties into tBoBF on shelves just in time for the series to air. It's a win-win. Count me among those who think the set was changed last minute to be Mandalorian-inspired instead of ESB. Hopefully we'll get a more accurate Boba early next year and it wouldn't surprise me at all if one of the first sets we get for the show is a "Boba Fett's Throne" or "Boba Fett's Palace" since that's really the one thing we've seen of the show and that's been out there since the end of Mando season 2.
  13. I think that would be the perfect solution as his cape does sorta hang over one shoulder after he got the jetpack. Realistically though, I think they'll just omit his cape altogether.
  14. True, I'm very happy we're getting a new Boba and I'm super happy he's getting arm printing like he should. The thing that really bothers me is that the green print on the torso doesn't match the green of the helmet and jetpack which it's clearly supposed to in every scene he's in and it's driving my OCD crazy. Still a great figure though.
  15. ToaDraco

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I finally have the Fluffy set in hand and I really think people have been waaaay too harsh on Fluffy. The new one is so great and so much more poseable than the original and has so much more personality. The grey mixel joints are annoying but I've gotten used to them in other themes so they don't bother me all that much. I've also seen youtubers complain about the 2 heads on the side coming off easily but they actually don't unless you yank them off so that complaint was pretty ridiculous. The fixes people have posted are nice though for those that want it. My complaints are more focused on the set itself. The devil's snare is pathetic and the wrong color, the room for Fluffy is frankly too small to fit him and the trio, and the fact you can't have it in the proper configuration without buying another set or leaving a chunk out is such a poor design decision. Luckily I also bought the bathroom set(which is a really nice little set) and plan to get the chamber of secrets later. The Fluffy set isn't bad but it's definitely flawed. That said, I still really like it and I hope we get the flying keys challenge and mirror of erised in this style(or just put them together in one $30-$40 set). I like the chess set and plan to get it too but I wish it had the ability out of the box to connect with these sets.