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  1. At the very least I'd want to see a small set with Cal, BD-1 and the Second Sister. Best case scenario we get the Stinger Mantis with the characters I just mentioned plus Cere, Greez, and a Purge Trooper. I'd also ideally want to throw in Saw Gerrera but that might just be greedy lol.
  2. Of the leaks so far only the TIE Dagger and Mustafar duel really draws my interest. I think it's safe to assume we'll end up getting the TIE Whisper too which I'd have to have as well. I do hope we also get the Razor Crest. I was disappointed we did not get a set based on Jedi Fallen Order but I suppose there's always a chance next year, however slim.
  3. Honestly my biggest problem with the Yoda was and still is how blocky(ya I get it it's LEGO blah, blah) and stud-covered it is. It doesn't feel like a proper modern LEGO design and it really stands out agaisnt the smooth modern design of the head hands and feet. It's jarring. The robes should have been made with tiles and curved pieces to give it proper shape and smoothness. It really just doesn't look good imho. The head, hands, feet and lightsaber do look great though but it's really ruined by the robes.
  4. Hmm, I suppose we are getting more of those sets than I realised but we could still stand to see more, especially some comic-based ones. I would really like to get some yellow-suited AIM grunts for example.
  5. Since LEGO has shown they have no issue with making bps with named individual characters like the bounty hunter bp and battlefront 2 bp, I really wish they would at least consider marketing Marvel bps. Include one or 2 named characters and some enemy grunts with a little side build and they'd fly off the shelves. Bps have proven incredibly popular and there is certainly demand for army building in the superhero genre. Keep some characters or variants exclusive to bigger sets if you want but there are HUNDREDS of Marvel characters and suit variants that would make interesting and desirable figures that are likely to never be made. If a cmf is out of the question for legal reasons, why are they not taking advantage of the bp model for more than just Star Wars? It's not like they haven't made Marvel sets in the past that could qualify as a bp. The ultron drone set that came out for AoU and the recent Captain America bike for Endgame are practically bps.
  6. WOW there's so much to talk about! I love the A-Wing, love Kylo Ren's shuttle, love the rusted AT-ST, really like the Y-Wing and I don't usually like Y-Wings, the Falcon is the best system-scale set yet and the desert skiff set is good though It's odd that it only has Rey in it for the heroes. Also, is that a Stormtrooper on a tread bike!? Did somebody at Lucasfilm see a Ninjago set and say "put it in Star Wars!" I kid, I actually dig it. The Death Star set does nithing for me though it is nice to see the bew hood piece in another color and the Yoda set is borderline creepy and is of no interest to me. Overall, killer wave. Waaaay better than TFA and on par with TLJ imho.
  7. Hopefully the red lines on the helmet show up better irl and other pictures but that looks like what I expected. I don't think that was the best hairpiece for the Allegiant General though, it makes him look too much like Tarkin and Richard E Grant doesn't have a widow's peak like that.
  8. Wow, all of those leaked figures so far look incredible! Already far beyond anything we got for tfa or tlj. Wow, those look awesome! The Knights of Ren look incredible, Zorri's helmet looks great and the Jumptrooper is a pleasant surprise! I also love the teal astromech!
  9. Just saw the Knights of Ren leaks and man oh man do they look incredible! I'm definitely going to have to collect them all! Between these guys and the Sith Troopers I'm really excited to see TRoS sets. Triple force friday can't come soon enough...
  10. ToaDraco

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors, Wishlists and Discussion

    It surprises me the Grindlewald Escape set didn't do well, it's a great little set. The stagecoach is a nice build, the new Thestral looks fantastic(no pun intended) and it's pretty cheap. Heck if I see it on that much of a discount I might pick another one up just for the Threstral and parts.
  11. I like the look of the landspeeder but $30!?! No way. That's a $20 set max. Also, I'm surprised it doesn't include R2 considering the rocky outcropping kinda looks like the spot where he was ambushed by Jawas.
  12. ToaDraco

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Wow, that looks so much better!
  13. Well it's definitely the best landspeeder yet even if it isn't that exciting. The best part of old Ben's hut is the new Leia hologram but there isn't a lot to get excited about though it's definitely nice to get yet another iconic "exiled old Jedi hut" set in the $30 range. Man, there sure are a lot of those in Star Wars I'd say Luke's is still the best looking of the 3.
  14. I would have LOVED to have this figure. *sigh* I thought LEGO was done with this exclusive garbage. It's a decent looking figure, too bad I'll never have a chance to own it.
  15. I love this set! The only thing that would've put it over the top is if it had included Ronin instead of Black Widow. At least they finally improved her batons, that build looks so much better. Rescue is perfect and QR Hulk looks great with the Nano gauntlet. Hopefully we'll still get a set with Ronin and maybe a purple suited Hulk or one with a lab coat print and glasses. The builds are actually kinda interesting to me, they could've been a lot worse. I didn't get and don't plan to get the quinjet so it's nice to have another way to get those nice Chitauri figs. The Chitauri chariot build is spot on and the beast like flyer looks like a tiny version of the Leviathian which is kinda funny but it's a nice build. I would love it if we eventually got a large Leviathan build in a set someday.