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  1. And here I'm still waiting for a set based on the finale for Book of Boba Fett... come on LEGO, a set with Boba Fett, a Rancor, Cad Bane, Krrsantan, some Pykes, and a Scorponek Droid would sell like hot cakes!
  2. The UCS Venator looks phenomenal, wish I could afford it... and had space for it...
  3. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Agreed, though unfortunately the Arnim Zola from the show looks almost nothing like any other version of Arnim Zola so won't really be very useful, unlike the Rhino minifig.
  4. Agreed. Personally I would much rather have more prequel/Clone Wars sets but they should sprinkle in the occasional ST set. At the very least some small to mid-sized sets. I'm honestly just as surprised as anyone that the final dual of tRoS still hasn't been made, nor has there been a set with Babu Frik yet, though honestly I think given its popularity, we are probably more likely to get an Anzellan microfigure mold from a Mandalorian season 3 set that would then be reprinted as Babu Frik later down the line like they did with BD-1.
  5. It looks yellow to me, albeit with the new frosting that they do to lightsaber blades now. I think the fact it is being shown in front of blue and gray makes it look more green than it should be.
  6. ToaDraco

    Lego Avatar 2022/3 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm very glad to see we're getting more Avatar sets! I wonder if they'll only be dlbased on the 2 movies or maybe some of them might be based on Frontiers of Pandora? That could be really cool, especially with some of the new creatures represented in it. If it's just the first 2 movies then I absolutely want a Titanothere!
  7. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Given how violent those scenes were I wouldn't count on it.
  8. I definitely still love the T6 and the LAAT but they certainly have their issues. It honestly doesn't bother me thst much that the T6 can't hold more than 1 figure. It's certainly not ideal but I'm more annoyed by only one side of the wing being detailed and the underside left completely plain. What is there does look very good and very detailed and the minifigs absolutely carry this set. Also disappointed but certainly not surprised that there's no face for Marrok. If his face does get revealed in the show, it should be pretty easy to find one for him. I honestly wish Huyang was done like the medical droids using droid arms and legs with a specialized torso/head mold but the figure looks good for what it is. Visually the LAAT looks phenomenal with the only cosmetic issues I have are the nose section looks messy and the bubble turrets on the wings being stud shooters looks really bad but it'll be super easy to replace those with either clear or gray dome pieces. The size of the ship is definitely more accurate than any past versions but for the price, it badly needed more figures or some small side builds, like some crates of gear to go under the cockpit in that empty storage space or a BARC to slide into the back service ramp. Regardless, this thing needed at least 1 or 2 more Shock Troopers. I can forgive the lack of pilots since canonicaly regular Shock Troopers have piloted the LAAT but comparing this to the AT-TE it's absurd how stingey they are being with the figures on this.
  9. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah no, I'm just going to grab 3 boxes and get the rest on bricklink.
  10. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Goliath's head sadly doesn't look much like Lawrence Fishburne so either LEGO did a poor job of recreating him, or it's someone else under the helmet in What If S2.
  11. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm very pleasantly surprised that Moon Knight has a 2nd face, I honestly didn't expect one.
  12. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah but what if it's actually huge and uses a bunch of City plane parts like the huge wings just pointing backwards, large fins and several large hull pieces? PPP means nothing. Also there could be a bigfig in there too. Does it look rough on paper? Sure but let's not grab the pitchforks until we see what parts are included in that count.
  13. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm not bothered by Wolverine's hair since it's not like I'm ever going to display him without the cowl and I have the old piece. Heck, now that I have so many Wolverines I might as well display one of them without the cowl but it sure isn't going to be this super detailed one. I really like these promotional images, it's such a fun, wholesome thing that I feel like LEGO doesn’t do enough of anymore.
  14. It's supposed to have a bit of forward rake to it. Way off the source??? It's EXTREMELY accurate to the source. If by "inaccurate" you mean needs the cyborg pilot and a cage, that doesn't make the set inaccurate, just incomplete and not exactly hard to make those with a handful of spare parts. If you're referring to the lack of rust, that's kinda subjective and would have resulted in a bunch of stickers and just a few brown pieces scattered into the build. No thanks, I'll stick with the sticker-less set we got. The Spider Tank itself is a great build and super fun to mess with. It's well-built, sturdy and the skittering legs function is so cool and fun to mess with. I personally really love the set. For the size of the build and figure count and quality I think it compares well to other $50 Star Wars sets in recent years like Boba Fett's Starship.
  15. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah "Venomized" Green Goblin seems like massive wasted potential when we could have gotten Red Goblin...