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  1. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    The Brick Show has a review up of the Royal Talon Fighter, I must say I absolutely love it. I'm also glad to see it has decent room to put figures inside, certainly more than I expected. Overall great design and piece use with minimal use of stickers imo. All 4 figures look great and are exclusive to the set. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADt3ic2B-q8
  2. Having seen clearer images of the AT-ST I am really disappointed that the head of the thing isn't included, that severely decreases its appeal. They really should have increased the price by $10 and included the head and maybe a slightly better elevator platform. I can honestly only see people buying this for the figs, heck I don't even know if I even want to bother getting it and modding a head onto it. On a side note I saw the movie last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  3. I'm going to be furious if StarWars8Spoiler ruined the movie for me... I get potential spoilers in this topic but that was just pure evil trolling. I saw that post last night and I was fuming. Anyway, has anyone seen clear pictures of the FO AT-ST set yet? I keep looking at the blurry one and I assume that the rest of the head is behind the yellow sticker but I'm a little concerned we won't get the full build, just a half-built one. After playing a bunch of Battlefront II last night, I absolutely love the design of the FO AT-ST. Hopefully the full build will look just as good.
  4. Ah thank you, that is a surprisingly reasonable price I think. After seeing some more clips of the FO AT-ST from Battlefront II, I really like the updated design, it's such a slight update but it looks great. I especially dig the full length window in place of the two ports for viewing. Hopefully the full build for it in the set will look just as good.
  5. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Iron Spider and Doctor Strange all look really good and I like the torso print on Iron Man but I am so unbelievably sick of that helmet mold! At the very least they could give us a new faceplate for it. The slightest of difference in printing just doesn't cut it, frankly never has. Especially since the new suit looks much more like the comic version that's more smooth and has an overall different shape to all of the others that have come before(save for the specialized armors of course). I like that they've given Doctor Strange the Bruce Wayne hair complete with printed grey side burns. I am disappointed that they gave him a standard cape instead of the collared cape that he's supposed to have though. Iron Spider's printing looks good but my only complaint with the figure is that it seems to have the exact same faceprint as the normal suit and it would really benefit from some difference in printing to help it look more like armor rather than the same cloth mask. Once again we see another batch of minifigs that have a lot of potential that is hampered by a handful of poor design choices.
  6. From what we know it's in mid construction with parts for the rest of the head available within the set for the complete model (which is likely what's hiding behind that large yellow sticker). It already looks like a great set to me, hopefully we get a non-blurry/partially covered up look at it soon. Any rumors on what pricepoint it might be at? The cantina set looks decent but not super appealing to me. I do like the build of the pod speeder even if it is extremely obscure.
  7. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    The new bracket piece will be useful but the Outrider is still a very disappointing figure, I can understand if they didn't want to make a new mold for the head but it should have at least had the digigrade legs, I think we've only gotten them twice and they are extremely useful parts! More figs need to be using them. Nomad and Black Widow look good at least, I didn't really expect him to be using the Prince of Persia claw gauntlets but I think it works pretty well. It's kind of unfortunate that the hair color doesn't match his beard print. The hairpiece for widow is quite fitting I think and I like the torso print. I'm still not super impressed with the Thanos bigfig but Proxima Midnight is definitely growing on me. I think her hair/tiara piece is pretty spot on as well as her faceprint and the more I look at pictures, she really doesn't need leg printing. Her design I think just has more difficulty translating into minifig form without looking like a patchwork figure from a parts bin, that's not really LEGO's fault.
  8. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I don't think so but it's really hard to tell in the image. It's either a 1x1 trans blue brick or a 1x2 trans blue tile, in the images I can find the angle he's holding it make it difficult to tell. Regardless the Infinity War trailer threw my theory out the window. compare images of it to the Bruce Wayne hairpiece, it's definitely the same one. I rewatched the trailer and I guess it was the mines I was seeing, wow they really looked like nebulae to me. I really did not expect the mines to be so extensive and... glowey, I was under the impression vibranium was a silver colored ore, not blue glowing crystals. That seems rather silly but it does look cool. The blue tron lines might appear on one version of the suit in the film but the purple definitely looks better and we know for sure that one is in the film. It'll be interesting to see the reasoning for having 2 of them do exactly the same thing but with a different color.
  9. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    It's been out since the second week of October... fps and soccer games? you're thinking of Xbox, PS4's claim to fame is third person single player games like Bloodborne, Uncharted, God of War, Ratchet and Clank and the like. The game is great, there's substantially more content than previous games and the story is solid and the character roster is huge. You can find the entire roster with images on the Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 wiki page on Brickipedia.
  10. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Wow those Black Panther sets look fantastic! I'm pleasantly surprised by how good Klawe looks though I wish they would've used the new cyborg arm from JL instead. It's great to get TLBM Bruce Wayne hairpiece in a cheap set too and it looks great for Andy Serkis. The Royal Talon looks great and I love how they used a bunch of old Bionicle fins along the sides to give it that distinct look. That rhino though... truly a thing of beauty and far better than I expected. I'm glad we are seeing those animal leg pieces being used again outside of the one Star Wars set. The mine cart seems like such a silly inclusion as it can't go very far though it is well designed and gives us one of the new roller coaster pieces in a useful color. The minifig selection overall is fantastic with both versions of Killmonger( I honestly assumed they were going to use the new Ninjago Kabuki mask mold with a new color and print rather than make a new mold), BP with his glowing Tron-esque lines although they reeaally should be purple not blue! Is it just me or does Killmonger have the Tesseract in the Rhino set!? That would certainly explain some of those trippy falling into space/dimension/void scenes from the Black Panther Trailer...
  11. Man all of these sets look great! That battleback is worth it to me just for those executioners and I'm glad they're giving us 2. The ski speeder is much bigger than I expected but that set looks good overall. Ahch-to is a must-have for sure and I'm glad it includes a Porg.
  12. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Man I don't care for Lance but he has gotten some of the best vehicles in the series. I really love that hover jouster, it's a great looking scifi hover tank and the villain characters that come with the set are really cool. I always like the centaur-esque villains LEGO puts in these themes and evil Dennis is great. I also really like the build for Lance's weapon, it's more like a bo staff or double-sided spear than a Lance which seems more practical and agile to me. I absolutely love the villains this time around. Black and green are my favorite colors, especially neon green paired with black and coupled with the whole high tech vampire thing they have going on is right up my alley. The berserker bomber is a must-have and I'll probably get the twinfector, now I have to add the hover jouster to my list. Despite Axl being my favorite character I only have his power suit. His vehicle last year was just awful and his tower vehicle form the year before was cool but just wasn't within my budget. I might have to get his vehicle this time though, it looks pretty great and might be more affordable. I'll wait until I see some reviews first before I make a decision though. Overall a much, much better wave than last year. If they can ckeep this up, I hope NK can continue for a couple more years at least. One of the best things about this theme as a whole are the new pieces it's introduced, most of which are incredibly valuable and versatile. I really like the new little tech horn piece and look forward to using it in a number of different ways.
  13. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    Interesting that there has been little activity here for awhile. There has been a lot of new stuff come up about the game, the entire roster for the game has been released(not including dlc characters of course) and multiple people are playing through the game on youtube having received advanced copies. One of which actually showed off how to unlock Ghost Rider and Phantom Rider with a couple side missions in the hub world and it looks like we'll be able to unlock them pretty quickly after getting access to the whole of Chronopolis. I love that every single character has some voice acting and I've noticed that the character you are playing as will say stuff in response to completing quests and receiving gold bricks and stuff. Ghost Rider's VO sounds great and I absolutely love Phantom Rider's VO. Making him sound just like Sam Eliot is fantastic! Ghost Rider's attacks and abilities look amazing and I love the sparking effect on his flaming skull. His bike also looks great and it sounds just like his bike from the first game. My only real gripes with it is that it seems pretty slow, slower than the first game at least and it has a wide turn radius. I'm pretty happy that we can have 3 characters at a time now instead of 2 like previous games which makes it more fun to travel around with a couple of your favorite characters and not have to pull up the roster as much. So far the first 3 levels have been completely shown off on youtube as well as a lot of Chronopolis free roam. The game really looks it it blows the first completely out of the water. The only thing I think holding it back is the lack of X-Men and F4 characters but I don't fault TT Games for that, that's Marvel's doing. I'm so glad they've left last gen consoles behind, it's clear they've had far more freedom to evolve gameplay and improve visuals. Edit: I've rewatched Shirrako's video several times and right around 13:06 on the video, Ghost Rider's chain attack animations look really familiar but I can't quite place what character and from what game they're from. I'm pretty sure he's borrowing someone else's attack set though, if anyone recognizes it please let me know.
  14. I just watched the review, I'm amazed someone was able to get it this early. This is such a bizarre, random set but the Jakku printing on the box and the fact that one of the minifig's helmets is the exact one Rey puts on in TFA is intriguing. I've never been a huge fan of the T-47 Airspeeder but with the added fins and different coloration, I kinda dig this one. Shooting a moisture vaporator in order to make a white snake come out... is still a very strange gimmick and I feel like there has to be some kind of context for this scene be it in a movie, game or book, otherwise it's just... awkward.
  15. The sandspeeder is rather underwhelming but I really wasn't expecting much. It is rather odd that they're shooting at a vaporator, that's someones means of living! Perhaps one could say they were shooting at the snake and missed, knocking over the vaporator. So far everything we've seen from the 2018 wave that's not from TLJ looks incredibly underwhelming and unexciting.