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  1. ToaDraco

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Some have pointed out the lack of rocky bits on the new Fluffy set but my guess is that was 100% intentional because they plan on releasing a set to connect under it in the fall similar to how they did Jabba's palace and the Rancor pit from several years ago. They could easily produce a set that includes the devils snare, flying keys and maybe even wizard's chess. If the interior of the set has a trapdoor in the floor that's just a hole with nothing underneath I think that strongly points to this possibility. Also, what are the odds we might see some sets based on Hogwarts Legacy? The game was originally supposed to come out this fall but got delayed to 2022 so it's entirely possible some of the fall wave are HL sets. That would probably be disappointing for some. I would love to see some personally. I'm really looking forward to that game!
  2. ToaDraco

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    So those are the names of each music genre the characters fit into. For example, the Party Llama fits into the Tropicon genre while the Alien DJ is part of the ETDM and the Punk Pirate is in the Pirate Punk genre(admittedly this one is a tad more confusing lol). Most of the blind box bandmates fall into one of these genres like the Shark Singer is part of Pirate Punk but some of them belong to different genres that will likely be expanded on in the next wave of Vidiyo sets. For example the Werewolf Drummer and Banshee Singer appear belong to an as-yet-to-be-revealed heavy metal genre(something like Monster Metal perhaps?) And the Discowboy seems to belong to some sort of yet-to-be-revealed disco/country music genre(maybe something like Discountry?) If you'd like more info, brickset did an excellent write up when the theme was officially revealed.!
  3. ToaDraco

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Personally I love the new wave(heh) of sets. I'm really digging the underwater designs. I initially didn't like Lloyd's mech until I realized how much it reminds me of Exo-Force and now I kind of love it. That realization also gave me an epiphany for something I'd absolutely love to see from Ninjago in the next few years: Ninjagoverse! Let me explain. The concept of other realms has always been prominent in Ninjago and frequently features in the show. I would love to see LEGO build on this to create LEGO multiverse of themes past and present they've dabbled with this idea before but never have they really explored the possibilities. Ninjago as a theme already often appears to cannibalize ideas that would otherwise have been their own themes in the past because of Ninjago's success and popularity. As it is, each season has a different flavor to keep things fresh but what if they did proper Ninjago crossovers in both the sets and the show. There are a ton of past LEGO themes with cult followings that LEGO might be hesitant to dedicate an entire line to but could be successful as one or a handful of sets especially if tied to the juggernaut that is Ninjago. It would also introduce new fans to old themes and might encourage older fans who aren't necessarily into Ninjago to buy the sets. Imagine a wave featuring a Ninjago/Exo-Force crossover, Ninjago/Bionicle crossover(with minifig versions of Toa and the like), Ninjago/Rock Raiders(or Power Miners) crossover, Ninjago/Alpha Team(or Ultra Agents) crossover, the list goes on. It could be a way for LEGO to apease fans of old themes or test the waters for what they should bring back while paying homage to the themes that inspired Ninjago in the first place. Frankly, for some of these it would be very difficult for LEGO to revisit them because Ninjago has taken so much of their core ideas for a seasonnor more. Exo-Force is a prime example. With Marvel about to go all in on the multiverse with Wandavision, Spider-man 3 and Doctor Strange 2, and of course Into the Spider-verse has also played a part, the multiverse concept is about to rise to the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist and it would be smart for LEGO to capitalize on it. Some die-hard Ninjago fans might hate this and perhaps it's not something LEGO would consider until Ninjago's popularity starts to wane, using crossovers and guest stars to prop it up like failing cartoons and sitcoms used to. Sorry for the wall of text but my mind has been swirling with ideas and I had to get them out there!
  4. ToaDraco

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Wow these sets look awesome! I love that canopy piece, I'm very happy to see it get more use. I also like the new blade piece. It looks like the villians this time around are sea serpents(heh). Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes(again). The temple set looks fantastic, that massive sea serpent is great, as is the sea dragon set. Lloyd's mech looks so wonky it almost has to have a transformation feature. The awkward boat piece on one shoulder seems to indicate that it does. I really dig the Atlantis vibes this wave(heh) is giving off, very cool. I gotta say, I really like how Ninjago is able to still find great new subthemes to explore, the downside is it could be cannibalizing ideas that could have been their own themes or more normal subthemes. Anyway, I look forward to seeing the final products.
  5. ToaDraco

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Someone was kind enough to send me the pictures. I'm actually very pleased with how they turned out! Of course prelims are always going to make sets look worse than the final product so I'm excited to see what they'll actually look like. I was worried Fluffy would look rough(hehe no pun intended) but I think he turned out great! Of course, the prototype heads don't look great but the final ones will. I love the harp build and I like what I see of the exterior. I don't expect much of an interior since it has to accommodate Fluffy. I like the other builds as well, the girl's lavatory looks better than I expected and the Chamber of Secrets set looks nice on the outside. I like the door and I really like the new Basalisk. Hogsmeade looks great too. Maybe I just didn't have many strong expectations but I'm pleased.
  6. ToaDraco

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Or, you know, the people trying to save us from a global pandemic that's killing thousands of people a day but sure, blame them for businesses failing... Anyway, I'm sad I missed the leaks. Surely somebody saved them and uploaded them somewhere else for us to find?
  7. ToaDraco

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Man I really miss LEGO Universe, what an absolute shame they couldn't keep it going... I agree about the app. While I personally don't care at all about it, it is a big part of this theme and for it to have so many intentional limitations is not only frustrating but self-defeating. The inability to use the app with other social media apps is problematic and preventing people from downloading videos until they can be moderated by LEGO is utterly absurd. It's definitely true that the amount of effort required on LEGO's part to keep this app going guarantees it'll only be around as long as the theme is around which is probably 2-3 years max.
  8. ToaDraco

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Ya those pods are not at all worth $20. I had originally expected the $20 sets to be brick built stages for the minifigs with lighting and sound systems, not a small little container made up of almost entirely 2 pieces. These absolutely should be $10-$13. It's so unfortunate that these are what the theme is built around when the collectible figures are so good. At least the cmf is priced like any other but it's sadly not going to be enough to keep the line afloat. Unless there's something LEGO's keeping close to the vest that'll knock our socks off, sadly this seems like it'll be a one and done. At least we'll get some cool parts and figures out of the deal.
  9. ToaDraco

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I love the pirate! He's like a heavy metal/punk rock pirate and that anchor guitar is fantastic. I could totally see this guy playing Alestorm. I'm really hoping we'll be able to figure out what's in the blind boxes because I really want that shark.
  10. Regardless, I really hope they give Wrecker some armor to bulk him up and make him more distinct. It really bugs me when LEGO fails to do this with other characters that are supposed to be larger and bulkier like War Machine. I think this part would work great for Wrecker(and for War Machine for that matter)
  11. ToaDraco

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not to mention LEGO loooves making helicopters. They make like 20 of them every year, it's astonishing they haven't made a Thanoscopter yet.
  12. ToaDraco

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Personally I like the cowl and think it's well done. It does suck they refuse to do anything that isn't Batman. It doesn't help that the best DC content (and the best looking upcoming content) Is not at all kid friendly aka Doom Patrol and the new Suicide Squad movie. Personally I'd just be happy to get a King Shark bigfig. I've wanted one for a long time and now that he's being featured in both a movie and a video game, hopefully that'll elevate him enough for LEGO to include him in a Batman set, maybe with a Bat submarine or something.
  13. ToaDraco

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I for one would be greatly enticed if they include both of those AND Fawkes from the cmf as well. I hope they do, if they have to, they can change the colors and prints a bit so the cmf ones are still unique.
  14. ToaDraco

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    When I first saw the skate park from the City line I thought "I love that punk rock shark, if that was a minifig I'd buy it!" Well it turns out it is and I absolutely will! Too bad it's in a blind box, so that's frustrating. If there's not a way to figure out which figure is in the box, I'll probably just get him off bricklink. I also like the werewolf and ghost. I'm very happy to see they're covering a wide range of music because I'm a metalhead and listen to nothing but rock. I was worried this theme would just be covering the "pop" I can't stand. I have zero interest in the wannabe tiktok aspect of this theme but the minifigs and printed album cover tiles are fantastic. I think this theme definitely has the potential for greater staying power than some of LEGO's similar past endeavors thanks to the variety and the inherent value of the figures themselves. You can completely ignore the companion app and miss nothing because the whole theme is essentially a minifig series with a couple of sets with extra bricks. Plus the whole theme is extremely cheap.
  15. ToaDraco

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Fluffy!!! Brick built with molded heads? Yes please! The old Fuffy set remains one of my all time favorites so this will be a must have. I'm also very happy it's an affordable set, $40 sounds perfect. Fluffy is definitely one of my favorite fantastic beasts, I was always disappointed we never heard or saw much about him after the first book. Imagine if Hagrid had Fluffy during the battle of Hogwarts... Anyway, the Chamber of Secrets set sounds awesome too, I'll have to see pictures, especially of the Basilisk. I always regretted missing out on the old one. I frankly don't care at all about the golden figures but they're a nice bonus I guess.