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  1. alsielou

    [MOC] Hardware Store at Christmas | Modular

    This is beautiful!! So many lovely details and it makes for a delightful overall scene. I especially like the green truck and the windows.
  2. alsielou

    10278 Police Station

    Wow this is beautiful, I love it. It will look truly magnificent in a city layout.
  3. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Both torsos look new to me. I am so happy!! I’ve been wishing for new knitted jumpers for the winter village for a while now. Between this and the new Christmas minifigures from the Build a Minifigure stations, we really are doing well this year for new winter village outfits!!
  4. alsielou

    [MOC] Enchanted diamond

    This is beautiful, a superb build with so many lovely details. It is the perfect look for an expensive store selling diamonds. Thanks for sharing your technique for the diamond roof!!
  5. alsielou

    5 additions to street scenery

    These are cool! I like all of them, but the bin is particularly clever, and I really like the postbox as well. I never thought of putting parking meters in my city!!
  6. alsielou

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    Euw, black background instructions? That does sounds difficult to read. I didn’t realise that that was part of the new 18+ marketing... is it?
  7. alsielou

    [WIP] Winter Diorama - Update #8 "Fire Station"

    Magnificent! The layering of white over the green leaves really does produce a lovely effect. It will be good to see a bunch of these on your mountain. i had been looking forward to your next post. I’ve been studying the mountain in great detail as I build my own. Thanks again for making these awesome videos!!
  8. alsielou

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    Strangely enough, showcasing a different type of lamp with each set was one of the aims for the winter village collection, as part of the whole ‘creator’ philosophy. After I read that (apparently from an interview with a Lego designer, years ago), I appreciated the different lamp designs and look forward to seeing what they come up with each year!! That said, there’s no lamp in the Clubhouse set,..! If there was, the light from it would probably make it more difficult to see the stars at night with the telescope.
  9. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I totally agree with the risk of waiting for the GWP. I would really like the wreath, nutcracker and elf house sets to be delivered with enough time to build them before Christmas, but there really isn’t much else that I would want to buy from the online store in order to get the GWP. And remember that there are usually two Christmas GWPs just a few weeks apart.
  10. alsielou

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    Looks good! I love the new Elf torso print - it’s gorgeous. I will definitely be swapping the torsos with those in the workshop though, so they are wearing uniforms at work and casual clothes at the clubhouse. The waffle press is a fun idea and I like the gift wrapping station. I had just bricklinked pieces to make a gift wrapping station for the workshop; I guess there will be two (in my village) now!! The building is the perfect fit for the winter village aesthetic. Overall I’m very pleased.
  11. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Oh. Ok, I see what’s happened here then. Well at least it should be revealed either Monday or Tuesday, unless that VIP release date of September 23rd was a mistake too...
  12. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes agreed! Why are they waiting so long to reveal the winter village set that is supposed to be for sale next week, but have revealed the batwing several weeks in advance?? I’m glad that TLG themselves leaked the picture of the clubhouse, otherwise, by now I think I would have been beside myself with worry that the winter village line had ended. The other seasonal sets that have been discovered/leaked are really a step up from previous years; this GWP looks fantastic. Yes I am also concerned about trying to get the seasonal sets and GWP here in Australia. Stocks have been low and delivery heavily delayed all year.
  13. alsielou

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    I hope not. I can’t even think of any further additions to the fantasy side that are even remotely logical, yet there are so many options for the realistic winter village. I can’t believe there is still no press release! Maybe it will be like Diagon Alley and be revealed just hours before it becomes available for purchase.
  14. alsielou

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    Every time I come back to this page the poll reappears for me to fill in again. I don’t recall that happening on other polls on Eurobricks? I’m logged in. Not too long to wait for official pics now. Really keen to see the interior of this set!!
  15. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    At first impressions, I really like the building. I love the shape - really looks proper northern European, with that super steep roof that is needed for heavy snow fall. I really like the rounded wooden door, decorative windows and colour scheme. The tree is a good size for this building and I love to have endless Christmas trees within my winter village so I am happy with this side build, and I like the new design. The little sleigh with the reindeer is cute too and a nice touch. I love the reindeer. I still love the brick built reindeers from Santa's workshop, and in fact I had bricklinked extra of those reindeers. That doesn't matter to me, I will put them apart from each other within my layout. I really like the telescope, that's a fun addition. Ideally my village is set before computers exist so I may leave the computer out. It remains to be seen what is inside the building. Perhaps a lounge / games room and a dining room? If so then this building will be so easy to repurpose to a traditional village building guest house. I am disappointed that the elves look so similar. Maybe there are actually two slightly different prints on the torsos, but I would have preferred them to be in different outfits, like they are in Santa's workshop. It looks odd to have some in uniform and the rest not in uniform. And I have been hanging out for years for some knitted Christmas jumpers / sweaters, I really thought there would one day be one in a Winter Village set. There are minidolls with Christmas sweaters (from the Friends advent calendars a few years back) - why not minifigures?!? Fingers crossed that the special Christmas gwp will be some exclusive minifigures. But the disappointment over the elves isn't a big deal. I love the set and look forward to the official reveal.