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  1. alsielou

    White Base Plates

    The white baseplates are fairly expensive. I use the 16x16 plates which I have ordered from Bricks ‘n’ Pieces, which work out cheaper. Design number 91405. You can then also use them for building up terrain underneath.
  2. alsielou

    Coveted Pumpkin

    Very cute :-)
  3. alsielou

    MOC - LEGO 360 Coral Reef Aquarium

    I also voted! It is indeed a very sweet set with lovely details and many varied types of sea plants.
  4. alsielou

    Hogwarts Express Micro

    Thank you! So I should have searched for claws plural. Definitely nice parts usage there!
  5. alsielou

    Winter Village Cottage recolor. Best cheapest color?

    Tan would look good and hopefully not be too expensive? And you could change the door and window frames to be the cheaper reddish brown colour. It has been done before, though this one still has the green windows: Whatever you decide, it would be interesting to hear what you decide on and to see the recoloured version.
  6. alsielou

    Hogwarts Express Micro

    What is that part used to create the mountains? ( I looked up claw elements on bricklink and couldn’t see anything resembling them) Love this build. Love the mountains and the smoke.
  7. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes iPlaymobil makes religious sets, which if people don’t want to buy they don’t have to. I guess there would be complaints if the *one* annual winter village set was something that some people feel they couldn’t possibly buy on principal, but then there are complaints about whatever set they make so what is the difference? In this case there are many people asking for a church because it is a building central to pretty much every village there is in real life. And within the set there could be a wedding happening, which isn’t particularly religious. Anyway, at least with Lego we can make our own churches and I guess that is just what we need to do.
  8. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Oh I couldn’t agree more about a church, but apparently TLG have a policy against religious buildings, which I simply don’t understand. I didn’t realise that a village wouldn’t have a town hall. I do agree that more houses would be good. How about a winter village farm? Could be a dairy farm with a little stall selling hot chocolate :-)
  9. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I would like a big grand town hall to be the centrepiece of the entire town. I also long for a candy shop but I think that should be a standalone set another year - with a vintage, green delivery truck :-)
  10. alsielou

    [MOC] Winter Village Jail

    That’s hilarious!
  11. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think it is a carousel. There is another picture showing a knob at the base that turns it, and there are a 3-part train and Christmas tree that can easily be removed.
  12. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I really like the idea of a restaurant in a barn but I can’t believe that TLG would do something quite so adventurous. It would be a very American thing whereas the winter village seems more European. A fire station definitely seems most likely to me. And I am really happy about this. I have often thought a fire station would be a good addition (all those log fires must surely be a risk!) but for some reason always forgot about it when wondering what TLG might bring out next. Hopefully the building has lovely character to it and a sweet vintage firetruck - like the one from the modular fire building but smaller I guess. Definitely will be carrying out a cat rescue mission with this one. Feng-huang0296, I feel your pain as I already had a train station before last year’s came out. So it seems as though there may be more teasers next Monday followed by the reveal the Monday after that...?
  13. alsielou

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I know that those with the original Diagon Alley set will want new buildings in an eventual minifig scale set, and I hope that would be the case, but I also really really hope that they rerelease the wand shop because that building is simply gorgeous!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they released one or two buildings per year that all clipped together like they are doing for Hogwarts?
  14. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    When they rereleased the toy shop they did fix a few things such as the stability of the tree, and just minor cosmetic changes elsewhere so that it essentially looked identical. I hope they are changing the colour of the cottage so that it looks different enough. That I would be happy with. Or I guess I will do that myself though it adds significantly to the cost.
  15. alsielou

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just read this news on instagram. I am terribly disappointed that there isn’t something new. Toy store all over again. Thrilled for those who don’t have the original - but is this really instead of a new set? I can’t believe they are doing this again.