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  1. alsielou

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    Oh wow what an awesome setup. I love the sound effects on your video, and it is filmed very well to make the video enjoyable to watch. How do you store all of it? On shelves, in boxes? Do you do a different layout each time you set it up? It looks like so much fun.
  2. alsielou

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    What about the hospital wing? I would love that to be in there. It features so often in the books; can’t quite remember how often in the movies. And would be great for playability. Is that an important enough location? My daughter is saving all her pocket money, Christmas and birthday money for this set. It will take her several years. I hope that when she eventually gets it she will let me build some of it!!
  3. This is not at all a set that I normally would have been interested in but I love your review of it and found myself laughing out loud at the jokes. Great work!! I also wish for those specialised baseplates to make a comeback...
  4. alsielou

    2018 Lego Trains

    Wouldn’t that render it completely useless for large collaborative train layouts at shows, and those awesome extended all round the house layouts that my son and I love to watch on YouTube?
  5. I agree that you’ve done a great job with this, it looks a lot better than the original (for the purposes of placing in a city) and thank you for sharing your video showing how to create it. Have you already rebuilt it using your own video instructions?!
  6. alsielou

    MOC: Chick, you've cheated on me

    Quirky and clever and I like it!! That axe on the wall is very ominous!!
  7. alsielou

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I love that double decker touring bus! This must be the new ‘City square’ type set that people were hoping would be released this year.
  8. alsielou

    [MOC] Jiji and Lily

    Oh very cute. You have captured their likenesses well, especially Jiji. Jiji is my favourite screen cat so I have enjoyed seeing these. And yes, your outdoor terrace is the perfect location for the photo shoot!
  9. alsielou

    2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What a big surprise some of these are. I really like the pieces in the accessories store and it and the pet care centre will fit really nicely into a city layout. But that advent calendar - yay! Finally something substantial to build and the ornaments look really attractive.
  10. Yes I do like it! There are definitely enough temples already and so it is good to see a house. It could also make a nice little restaurant too. I really like the whole front facade with the nice portico, the front steps and fence line.
  11. alsielou

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of @Overcold‘s post 🙂, especially the bit about the storytelling. Your description of the ambient storytelling of the town hall set is ... beautiful...!
  12. alsielou

    Homemade Road Plates

    Oh very nice indeed! These are definitely my favourites, so far! Now I really wish I could buy these images from you! Yours are far better than any others I’ve seen out there. I really like the bit of shading at the edge of the gutter. Overall the aesthetics of the cobblestones are really atmospheric and add wonderful character to the streets.
  13. alsielou

    [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    The Market Street looks gorgeous with the lighting. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the street lighting up!
  14. alsielou

    Homemade Road Plates

    Oh I love these snowy pictures!! Did they take you a long time to create? Oh how much I would love to see my winter village setup with actual snow falling, like this!!
  15. alsielou

    Homemade Road Plates

    I love the pictures in the rain. They really do bring the scenes even more to life! I like your road plates too, especially with the bicycle and bus lanes. They are great designs and perfecty executed. I have thought of doing this for the kids but I’m not sure it would stand up to their level of playability, especially my son who likes to drive the vehicles around at breakneck speed. (Or should I say break-lego speed)!