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  1. The Mecha Townhouse

    Yeah this is cool. So much fun! I do believe this could succeed on Ideas. Certainly it is a truly original idea for a Lego set, and so well executed!
  2. Winter Green Grocer [Winter Village MOC]

    Yes indeed, very cute and perfectly fitting to the winter village themes! I love the combination of woodwork and stonework around the sand green. I think the double entry door and the exterior staircase are my two favourite features, along with that lovely tree. I have voted :-), although sadly I agree that the winter village is not one of the favourite themes on the Ideas forum.
  3. 2018 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A brand reboot? That's an interesting idea - I wonder what it means? That they will change all the characters? Or turn them back into minifigures? Change the colour schemes? Why would they change anything? I thought Friends was now one of the top three best selling themes!
  4. MOC Rural timbered house

    Yes the tudor work is great. And those gorgeous white windows offset it nicely. Would love to see photos of the whole village at the exhibition!
  5. 2017 Lego Trains

    The winter village sets have always come back into stock before Christmas for at least one if not two years, so the train will come back into stock around the same time as the station is released, and likely next year as well. So for anybody who didn't buy the train last year and now would like one to go with the new station, it will be possible.
  6. It does look good! Especially from that first angle. Nice work creating an attractive looking building with three sides that still opens for internal access. Thanks for sharing the files too.
  7. MOD English-style Winter Village Train Station Bus

    Very nice @JopieK! Thanks for the file!
  8. Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Aah yes well it's not my creation; I bought Miro Dudas' winter village train station from Constructibles:
  9. Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I've already got a train station for my winter village, which I love, so this will present me with a dilemma (which one to use) and a challenge (to moc the other one into something else). Regardless, I'm very excited to see the reveal and I'm sure that I'll love it. I am hoping for at least one new winter torso and the new scarf piece, from the Ninjago movie sets, in a different colour. I'd also really really love to see a woollen hat with a pom pom on top, not sure why that's never happened yet!! All the previous WV sets have had several small builds with them so it does seem possible that some transport option from the village to the station could be included.
  10. LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    Oh there would be much sadness in our house if the Elves line were to finish. It is the favourite theme of our daughters for sure, and in fact my younger daughter was resisting Lego until ahe received the water dragon set and absolutely loved it. I think another high fantasy line could be compatible. My girls aren't at all interested in the super heroes girl sets so would have to be content with Friends and city.
  11. [MOC] Typical Heritage House In my country.

    Yes, wow is the right word! Absolutely gorgeous. So many details. I think the rickshaw and it's two occupants are one of my favourite details. The building is beautiful.
  12. MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    Beautiful! Such a lovely scene. My favourite building is the one on the left. I like the real rocks jutting out from under the wall, and the gently rippling water.
  13. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    This looks really cute - love the swan and the table tennis table. Always like to have more animals too.
  14. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ah well a real tree like that would be great but too much for a freebie, I guess. It is like the cardboard houses that came with the chicken minifigure and gingerbread man. It is a special kind of torture to see that never made, gorgeous winter outfit (on left hand side of box in first picture) printed on the box but not actually real. Hopefully we will see that torso appear in this year's winter village set....
  15. MOC: Elves, Ragana's Shadow Tower

    This is magnificent from start to finish. So many details but my favourite has to be the torture chamber. The stained glass windows are superb and worth every single one of those partly used sticker sheets!! Also really love the top room with the prisoner egg and the cauldron on the roof. I look forward to seeing your goblin king's castle MOC!