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  1. Great minifig posing and a cool scene in general, I like the shipbits! Sorry about your ship, but it makes for a good story.
  2. BrickOn

    The smallest school in the world?

    Great school, so cute and I like the explanation and story surrounding it. And much needed to get the next generation of Corries ready for action! But I've yet to see an obese minifigure, or maybe they all are compared to the Elves or Captain Amara Those jumper tiles work well as desks, they come with their own little ink wells, just like I had at school, perfect (I be might stealing that idea ) Your daughter's done her work well, good job training the next generation all round.
  3. Nice little boat, and I like those cannons :-)
  4. Sounds cool. But unless it turns out I'm a secret master builder using LDD, I'll not have time for this one, this month. Good luck to the future mayor though!
  5. Well maybe its not urgent until later in the month, perhaps Ska needs a rest after all the action? Someone might come along and point us in the right direction if we wait here long enough, other people must transferring ships and stuff too. There's bound to be a way:-)
  6. Sounds like she'd be in good company amongst your mob , you could always send her them on a raid or something. You can have her, I am just curious to see what she could make, so I'd like to see her in the game a bit longer (I like the name if nothing else), but in two months I've only made 6 Dbs from here, plus the 2Dbs for the FB and I have plans that work better if I give her up. I do have my doubts that she would be worth 25 DBs extra though.
  7. As mentioned previously, the lovely monstrosity that is Tigerlily is going free to a good home... (best suited to someone who has used their free licence but has no immediate plans to exceed the 3 boat threshold). Tigerlily3, on Flickr She's a licensed 1 WR small sloop, send her somewhere crazy at the end of the month and see what happens, the riskier the better. My only stipulation is that I'd like to MOC the results if she ends up at the bottom of the ocean (I invested in a load of seaweed a while back and want to use it), oh and she can't be sold or scrapped at Bregir's Ship Thingy either.
  8. How about to keep it simple, with regards as to what has already been paid for a ship in terms of licensing, if one receives a licensed ship (and wishes to enter it into the MCRA) they must pay the licence system difference between the basic licence and the increase due to the number of ships they own. Quite simply, if you can't afford the increase, you can't afford the ship. Wait or get an investor (honestly there are plenty knocking around), build a ship for your faction instead (a bit of extra protection in a flotilla never hurt anyone), get a loan, but I think the increased costs are there for a reason. When this gets going, we will all have a lot of DBs knocking around and they need to get syphoned out the game, otherwise there is no point playing because we'll all be loaded. I have a small boat that will never recoup its initial investment and its costing me a valuable slot in my line-up, I'll get rid of it and write off the loses against my other ship's winnings. I may even give it away, I don't care. But seriously this is just a game, however, perhaps its good practise for real life money management?
  9. Oh does that mean Friends Forever went out but just didn't see any action either?
  10. I think you're right Mike, I had two 2Fs, one in the risky category and one in the safer one... and the difference in Dbs is significant, I am happy to go with whatever you devise for the riskier route next month x 2 (if not three).
  11. BrickOn

    [ESL-FB3 March] Town Hall of Bardo

    Approval from Corrington (one of the last to be given I guess) Town hall looks great, love all the details. The garden in front really sets the whole thing off, nice job!
  12. I am happy with that. but wow 1022 DB, Oleon did well..
  13. Kings Harbour, well I wrote Kings Landing in my first attempt...
  14. My Ch2A fort was built in Kings Port, on Cocovia, if that helps for the stats.
  15. No problem, maybe they are related, cousins perhaps, I just assumed you were a fan of gin :-)
  16. Surely that's the easiest? Sell your share in the ship to another member of the ship-syndicate, get your free licence and then buy back your share? Works as long as some member in the syndicate has not exceeded 3 ships? Okay maybe it was not universal insurance I read about, that makes sense.
  17. hmmm lots of discusssion, I'd like to add my two cents worth, which may be way off mark and maybe I'll learn some game rules I haven't absorbed yet. On sisterships, fine if you want to licence a new identical ship to the one you just lost. You lost a ship you pay for a new licence and incur a financial penalty. It is a rule that is there to allow people who do not have time every month to re MOC a new ship. I think thats fair, one month you may be building a super-duper mansion and plantation and did not envision loosing 3 ships in one go to boot. It keeps a balance to the game, its a sink for our doubloons and keeps game play moving. For my personal strategy I won't be using the sistership option unless I lose a lot of ships in one go, because I will use the opportunity to build an upgraded ship with a higher rating. The fact that ship licence goes up with every purchased ship should somewhat keep the sistership option in check as we will all need to upgrade our fleets from time to time. I say keep the rule. As I understand you are only entitled to a free licence if you have zero ships on the water? So if even you lost your original free ship, if you built another one you don't get the freebie again unless you went back to zero ships? Please could someone clarify that one? On Captured ships, I believe allships should be MOCed to be used (with the exception of the few the factions get), this is a building game, lets encourage building. Capturing a ship is a bonus, you are winning a free (or partial licence) I think we still need to see your character on the ship to believe it. Can a sistership and captured ship be sailing around at the same time? Of course they are just sisters, not same ship! And as long as we work out all the other questions about when to MOC I think there will be no discrepancies there. Personally I think the rules should exist to encourage building but also limit runaway loses or successes at the role of a dice in the MRCA... it needs to be a game that we can all win or lose not just feedback loop where the rich get richer and the poor stay poor (otherwise we should just all play monopoly or something). Edit: Oh and I forgot, I heard mention of insurance coming soon, somewhere, maybe the rules will be changing in the future so all this will change with them?
  18. After leaving Arlinsport Sir James journeyed east to Port Raileigh, Berrelli. Once anchored, his first stop was The Flask and Flagon, a favourite watering hole of the port where he met with Lieutenant Watton. Out of all his men, the Lieutenant was most familiar with the island, for he had accompanied Sir James on his previous trip island where they first encountered the Ténotclaxcans. The next day they would be attending an annual ritual, held in honour of their sun god (not the main Monkey God, but a lesser god with great importance for farming). They trekked a little outside of Port Raleigh to the ritual site, where a strange event was taking place. The members of the tribe were taking it in turns to walk across hot coals to honour the sun god. At first Sir James was a little uptight about getting involved the celebrations taking place, he didn't hold with most superstitious nonsense, as he called it, and the headgear of the tribe was just plain odd. But they had a purpose for being here, he hoped to engage the help of one of the tribesmen, a cousin to the young King Azuma, by the name of Akatu, for the purpose of strengthening Corrington's farming in the region. The Ténotclaxcans were experts at farming these lands and Sir James was keen to learn more from their techniques and hoped to employ Akatu to oversee the construction of his plantations. But as the evening got underway (and Sir James downed more of the strange pink liquor produced by the Ténotclaxcan) he started to loosen up and even donned some local headgear. This is my third freebuild of the month, so if you are not from Corrington then approvals are much appreciated and as always, c&c are always appreciated.
  19. BrickOn

    Guy's New House

    haha! I'd scanned the pics earlier, but did not have time to read the story, but now that I have it all makes sense. Neat little build, I like the little wood burner. Looks like a pretty nice spot to camp, I look forward to seeing Guy's actual house. Edit: Corrington Approved ... oops missed that bit before....
  20. Great story, you've captured the unsavoury subject of unhonourable conduct well. The scene is great too, I like the inlet/stream you've created in the sand, looks very realistic, it would be quite a nice place to be on a day without the bloodshed :-)
  21. BrickOn

    [OL-FB1] Baron Nicolas' workroom

    Great build, I'm very envious of Nicolas's mansion. That paneling for the walls looks particularly good and the wooden floor looks simply fantastic, such a great technique (looks like you are using plates and tiles together there?), I'd like to steal it sometime.
  22. “My good men, I present to you, Friends Forever” Sir James. Leuitenant Watton and the Ténotclaxcan, Akatu followed Sir James onto the main deck. WarBrig, on Flickr “Friends Forever? Wasn’t that the pirate ship that the Pandora captured last month during a trade run?” “The very same”, replied Sir James, “I’ve had her refitted and she’ll be sailing under Corrington Colours this month. I’ve accepted a commission into the Royal fleet and I’ll be captaining her.” “Well she seems to fit the bill, you’ve certainly given her some big guns, I hope they’ll serve you well against your attackers, the Sea rats are sure to want her back” Watton smirked, “Looks a bit cramped though, is there actually enough room for them all in there?” WarBrig3, on Flickr “I am sure there is” Sir James snapped back, “right to business, you’ll be manning the fort while I’m gone and overseeing the construction our plantations with Akatu, and I need you to purchase me a suitable residence on the islands, I am expecting company.” “Company?” Yes my brother, Mr Greyshaw, married to my eldest sister Maria last spring will captain Jezebel. He will join us and he brings with him Mrs Greyshaw and my younger sister Miss Elena Chase also being joining the party.” Sir James failed to notice the new shade of pink that Watton turned at the mention on Miss Chase and continued undeterred. “With all this new activity going on I will need, some help to keep my personal affairs in order and Miss Chase will keep house for me.” WarBrig2, on Flickr As a captured ship from last month's MRCA, Friends Forever belongs to the Royal Fleet of Corrington and is licensed as a 4A. And as this is my 4th freebuild of the month (and likely final) for Corrington Approvals are appreciated alongside C & C.