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  1. Diaaabo

    [LDD MOC] Incom RZ-2

    Great build! And dark red is always awesome :D
  2. Diaaabo

    Alpha 3 Nimbus Class Starfighter (The V-wing)

    You did a great job, gotta love those angles it does deserve better pictures when possible!
  3. Diaaabo

    [NXV] My new MOCS after a busy stress month.

    While I enjoy the shape of your creations, the colours always look a bit off... Try to get some more homogeneity on future creations!
  4. Diaaabo

    [MOC] Escape

    Thank you for the feedback! Yes, this one was made also using only parts from the Millenium Falcon. I tore the first one down, and this one is already being wrecked to provide parts for the next chapter The top was intended to be more secondary part of the MOC, as the main action is the clone Vilhjálmur running through the corridor. I have to agree with you, it looks too clean for an abandoned corridor, I guess I didn't think about that detail when I was building.
  5. Diaaabo

    [MOC] Escape

    DSCN2442 por Guilherme Fadista, no Flickr Those guys do not give up easily. Time for plan B: hide the ship, and blend in with the anonymous crowd of Coruscant's underworld. Fortunately, my altered genetics allow me to remember several maintenance accesses throughout the planet. This abandoned service duct might be safe for now, but no one can predict if the Stormtroopers are already planning a party on the exit point I plan to use. Time is at the essence, I must run and get there before anyone else does, so I can have a chance to survive. DSCN2446 por Guilherme Fadista, no Flickr Some meters above me, on the surface, imperial justice was being served, with a muzzle pointed at Javel's head. A price to pay for a duty fulfilled. I have no clues about Pyotr, and Rasvaan just got a promotion. My mission just got harder. Now I must get rid of him, and soon. And I still must learn how to access the information on the holocron. DSCN2436 por Guilherme Fadista, no Flickr To be continued... First chapter here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=91236
  6. Diaaabo

    [MOC] crab droid

    I'm working on a similar design, waiting for a BL order to finish building it! I was so surprised to see your MOC I'm having trouble deciding about the legs, as some sources say they have 6, but most pictures only show 4. Great work!
  7. This is an awesome project, I'm looking forward for it's complection!
  8. Diaaabo

    Clone AT RT MOC

    Simple design, I like it!
  9. Diaaabo

    [WIP - MOC] Rebel Alliance Base

    Great scene, I especially like the etnic diversity of your pilots and troops
  10. Diaaabo

    [MOC] The corruption spreads

    Thanks for the feedback! For those interested, the ship has it's own presentation topic here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=91191
  11. Diaaabo

    [MOC] The corruption spreads

    Thanks of course you may! BTW this was made using only parts from the 7965 Millenium Falcon
  12. Diaaabo

    [MOC] Fríðr

    Could you please add: MOC; Star Wars; Fríðr; Vilhjálmur; - thanks!
  13. Diaaabo

    [MOC] Fríðr

    Thank's everyone for the tips, the ship will be reviewed during the storyline. As for the norse names, I am passionate about nordic culture, history and language, so I decided to use them on this MOC series. The first chapter of the story has just been unveiled here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=91236 One question: how I can change the tags for the topic? Editing the post won't allow me to do so.
  14. Coruscant por Guilherme Fadista, no Flickr Coruscant, 18 BBY. One year after the execution of Order 66, I'm still on the run. Labeled a traitor to the Empire for refusing the orders of Supreme Chancelor Palpatine, my ever shortening life is now dedicated to undermining whatever imperial operations I can. From my contacts with the Skirata clan, who are also fugitives, I managed to find out that the emperor and his new apprentice are building a colossal space station, capable of destroying whole planets. My task is to obtain the exact location of that station, and as much information as possible to avoid that they finish it. DSCN2370 por Guilherme Fadista, no Flickr Even though I don't belong to the Grand Army, I still know enough officers to set up my plans. The problem is when the officers rat me out and get a team of Stormtroopers after you. But which one... Rasvaan? Pyotr? Javel? I will be sure in a while. The one who gets promoted, or at least is still alive and active; given that the others will be sentenced for treason and shipped off to Kessel. Or executed, if things go well. DSCN2367 por Guilherme Fadista, no Flickr Unfortunately, the Stormtroopers arrived before Javel had time to tell me how to access all of the holocron's information. Fortunately that Pyotr managed to warn us on time. When 20 guys armed to their teeth arrive with the goal of blasting you with lasers, you never lose time thinking what to do. You just get into the cockpit of your ship and get out of there ASAP. When you're safe you'll have time to think of a solution. What matters is to survive. Another corpse won't change anything. To be continued... For those interested, the ship has it's own presentation topic here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=91191