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  1. I have voted but I can't see the results. Using latest chrome in Android 7.0
  2. Thank you a lot for your information. It is what I was looking for :)
  3. That is what I did and I read a lot of mixed reviews so I decided to ask here just in case someone already own any of them and could give me an informed opinion. Anyway looks like they might be a reasonable deal given their price
  4. Hello, I just found out that the web page humble bundle has released a bunch of books about Lego and robotics. I was thinking about buying them myself but I don't know about their quality. Can someone give me a clue?
  5. I mean, the most prominent pieces I use to build something come from the 9394 Jet Plane set so, for me, that is the set that gives me the most juice. (I hope this had clarified my question) So, which set gives you the most juice?
  6. I'm looking forward for this set. I should start saving to buy it
  7. Unfortunately I wasn't able to build them because I lacked time I hope I will able to participate in the next contest
  8. Sorry if I have not explained myself clearer. I did not mean that the disk gets stuck in the middle of the shooting brick (which, as you say,is how it works) but that it gets stuck in the middle of the cannon (after it has been shot). My guess is that the disk collides with the parts used for SNOT building but I can not come with a solution that does involve removing them all together
  9. My nephew got this set as a Christmas present but we found that the car's cannon does not work as it should. The disc gets stuck into it every time. Is there any fix for this (only involving the set's pieces if possible)? Thanks in advance
  10. I know what you mean. The hot rod's back looks a little bland to me but if I can get some more time I will try to fix it somehow
  11. I would like to present my entry for the TC9 contest a golf kart and a hot rod These are small models with only one function. Both of them have a functional driving wheel (I don't have time to make something bigger) This is the golf kart: Link to .lxf file: And this is the hot rod: I hope you like them and as soon as I have the real ones assembled I will post real images Link to the .lxf file: Edit: I forgot to add links to the .lxf file
  12. I would love to see a scissor lift like this one I see it as a very good opportunity to use the V2 pneumatic system
  13. I really like it and it should be easy to change it to a GBC module
  14. I would go for the arocs. You surely can get yellow pieces from other sets and the claw from 42042 is pretty much the same as the 42006