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  1. I just realized: 42056 / 42083 / 42115 = orange / blue / lime 42093 / 42123 / 42138 = orange / blue / lime
  2. It's a beautiful model. But you don't get the point. Like sm1995 said, it's an abstract form of art. There are gaps all over the place. There are holes on every surface. That's what I said, gaps and holes. It's the technic style. Those mudguards are nice and smooth, but they don't look anything like the real thing. You can't say that whatever mudguards Lego will come up with for the set we are taking about will be "$hit" (citation) and at the same time say the ones in the moc are perfection. They are both very abstract representations adhering to what's possible in the scale with a certain medium (Lego).
  3. A telescoping boom makes keeping the fork horizontal while lifting difficult. Not good for a play set with a palette. Probably also the reason why 42061 had a shovel instead. The one thing about 8045 that is not up to date is the styling. My bet is the extra parts will be used to make a more realistic cabin and more detailed covering around the other side and back. Because face it, looks have been more important than functionality for TLG lately.
  4. Lego Technic is always some kind of abstraction of the real thing. They could do this model even smaller, only the level of abstraction has to rise. Personally I don't mind such high levels of abstraction, because even the big supercars don't look anything like the real thing with all the gaps and holes. That's just the technic style. Even a small hot wheels car looks more realistic.
  5. This would be a good opportunity for something we never had in an official set: a pullback motor that can be disengaged and steering that can be locked, so that it can be driven in both manual and pullback mode.
  6. So this means either a more realistic gear shift mechanism than the Ducati Panigale had, or no gear box at all like other Technic 18+ sets.
  7. Very well said. I have none of the UCS cars, they are not for me, just too big. So I was looking forward to 42110, because of its complex gearbox, but it just does not work. I'm still unsure what I should do with it. Give it to my nephew? Maybe if I want to disappoint him... The experience of building it still was a nice one, and then there is the alternate Stadium Truck instructions which make it a good purchase in the end. Same problems I'm having with 42107, nice building experience but when you want to show it to someone you can only tell them about the nice gearbox it has that can't be seen.
  8. I think you will sell many for of this one. It's a good looking alternate for a popular set. But since it's a popular set I also expect to see a lot more alternates from other designers for it. Competition will be hard. For your other mocs I don't know. But if you only expect less than 10 sales in 5 years time, then why don't you make it free? This is so little money, that can't make a difference in your bank account. For me it's more important to make people happy, and it makes me also happy to get feedback and photos from them.
  9. 5€ for a 221 part model, that's bad value for money. I've spent more than 100€ on instructions on rebrickable, but never have I paid more than 1 cent per part. Mostly around 0,6 cent per part. But also I've never bought instructions for a moc with less than 300 parts, because such small mocs I can mostly reverse engineer. And furthermore I've never spent more than 10€ for a single moc, because 10€ is a lot of money, no matter how many parts the moc has. Popular designers sell more on rebrickable. Have you considered to release some free mocs first, to get something like a fan base? There are so many bad premium mocs on rebrickable that don't hold together well, so people first must come to trust your quality before they spend money. With just a single moc people will not get to know you there. Presentation is important also, for example you have no real photo in your photo gallery. There are too many digital designed only mocs there that have big flaws, so by showing that you actually build your model yourself you already earn a lot of trust in your quality. The less view angles you show, the less interesting your moc becomes. And since somebody has already uploaded fan photos for your moc, you can't restrict it anyway. I also agree about the special parts issue, I wouldn't have the necessary motors to build this. Many of the most popular premium mocs on rebrickable are alternate models for a good reason. Advertising is important, but also hard. For example r/Lego on Reddit is putting restrictions against self promotion. I'm following the technic alternate group on Facebook, but it actually feels like spam, no interesting discussion there, just self promotion to make a few bucks. I think it is good that you speak up here and tell how many sales you have, because as long as this information is not public there, a lot of people have illusions about how much money most mocs make there.
  10. The margin is pretty big. The small independent toyshop near me has 20% off on all sets all year round. Seems to work for them.
  11. But there are already sand blue technic parts in other themes? The garmadon shark had large panels. Time to expand!
  12. If it has as many gears as are in front of that guy l wouldn't mind another car 😁
  13. My thought too. They should have at least asked how many Technic sets have you bought last year and at which price points. Now somebodies opinion who has never bought a Technic set (but believes he will buy one if they ever release his absolute unrealistic dream set) will weight as much as those who bought all sets. That doesn't mean Bionicle was anything good. The same people might have bought Technic would there have been anything else than 3 rereleases on the shelves that year.
  14. Exploration Submarine, 50€. Now let's see how long I'll have to wait for that