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  1. Thinking about it I guess a Wiki would be the best way to go. A website which runs on the same software as Wikipedia. That's what Blakbird's Technicopedia should have been. Personal projects all cease at some point, but in a wiki someone else will continue the work. There is a Lego wiki at, maybe adding your content there would work. Their Technic-section contains mostly stubs: But you could also create your own Wiki where you can be the moderator from the start. Either using a free service like or a paid service which doesn't cost much. I run a wiki for a local sports club which costs me 15€ per year. There would be many advantages. For example styling the data boxes can be done with a single template. You are often referencing other sets and these could be links. I know most things can be done in Word also, but it's just so cumbersome with large Word documents. And of course in a wiki many people can help. We need comparison articles for different vehicle types like Blakbird's Technicopedia has. We need images of the functions core drivetrains and so on. Nobody can do this alone. And to create a PDF in the end if you prefer can be done with a script.
  2. My thought too. They should have at least asked how many Technic sets have you bought last year and at which price points. Now somebodies opinion who has never bought a Technic set (but believes he will buy one if they ever release his absolute unrealistic dream set) will weight as much as those who bought all sets. That doesn't mean Bionicle was anything good. The same people might have bought Technic would there have been anything else than 3 rereleases on the shelves that year.
  3. 149 MB Maybe gonna download later when I'm not on mobile. Can you post a picture of an example page? What I would be interested in reading is trivia about the sets. Was the first to introduce a new power system, pneumatic system, linear actuator etc. Was the biggest set at time of release. Was changed because of failing parts. And so on. Do you have any experience with GitHub? And with LaTeX? You could set up a project where people can work together on the book.
  4. Exploration Submarine, 50€. Now let's see how long I'll have to wait for that
  5. 5: 10 9: 6 17: 4 6: 3 22: 2 12: 1
  6. Great idea with the canopies! On which strange planet were the photos taken?
  7. So did you manage to make the tail foldable?
  8. But this time you will have to build rotor blades from beams? I would have to gears at the fold and let them disengage when folding. Or maybe two Y-shaped axle extensions that can interlock?
  9. To me the one with orange side panels looks better.
  10. Looking good and to scale! Some work on the front and adding engine cowls and you're done.
  11. 9x42x7 should be enough space to fit a 2-function gearbox and a control+ battery box.
  12. That would be unfortunate. There are so many pictures of the Chinook unloading while still flying, the back resting on a hill side, mountain or roof top. They are also used for parachuting. So the ability to open the ramp while still spinning the blades seems crucial to me. I know probably almost every official motorised Lego helicopter can't operate ramp, landing gear or winches while spinning, but I always found that very illogical. Seems like a very big project for a first time moc. At least due to scale set by the rotor blades it will be rather small. I would start with building the functions just on an open frame/grid structure. You can worry about the looks later. Especially getting the proper linkage for the ramp can be tricky, because you don't want to have the linear actuator attached to the ramp directly, in the middle of the opening.
  13. Gumalca

    42126 [IP Vehicle]

    But according to Promobricks a Toyota will appear in the Speed Champions line this year. You have to compare it with another licensed vehicle, so 42125 for example, which is also 18+. It's more likely it will have about the same functionality as 42125 at a bit smaller size.
  14. In Germany you usually get most polybags in Müller (drugstore and toys).