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  1. You don't know how many were produced in relation to other sets. Maybe it started off very popular which prompted a lot more to be produced, but then lost popularity to some other sets that appeared on the shelves. Also it makes sense to overproduce exactly this set, because it has no parts that need special production machines. No springs, no pull back motors. Maybe Lego would like to produce more of the 50 Euro cars from this year, but they can't because their pull back motor production line is on full capacity. Then it's easier to push out more 42123s. So there is a lot we don't know before we can make the assumption that 42123 is not meeting Lego's expectations.
  2. No need to pull it down. There is one other tractor alternate for this set on rebrickable and your model compares well against it. Because the other does not have a worm gear lifting mechanism and the windshield is not stable. So you should consider uploading your model to rebrickable as well.
  3. If this really is the new yellow, then this will be an easy pass for me
  4. this was my first large Technic set and I loved it Also for other themes it feels less like the 18+ sets are taking away the space for other sets. But Technic is a rather small theme. Me too. No 18+ sets, no Control+ sets for me yet.
  5. So it's 4 gears and a small turntable? That's sad, because this could have been a great Technic set. Well at least it has more gears than the bigger Porsche and Ford pullbacks.
  6. They didn't have the numbers what the new parts actually costed them to produce. Today they know exactly when they put in a new or uncommon panel into a set how much that has to add to the price of the set. There is this new panel specific to his set, there is the new panel specific to the 42137. I'm not convinced they are very reusable until TLG makes them appear in at least a handful of sets more.
  7. Oh right. Certainly easier to mold this way. But then why make a part this big in the first place? I would have expected that too. But you couldn't put any gears on an axle in this direction, so usage would be pretty limited. But that applies to the whole part somehow. Not having a hole on the opposite site makes accidentally building assemblies that can't be taken apart much easier, right?
  8. No, you can't test your Technic mechanisms in Studio or LDD. Yes, LDD tries to move parts along if you rotate one of them, but it mostly fails on real models. It will often rotate the whole model instead of the sub model that I'm trying to rotate. Even if it is kind of obvious which parts form a connected sub model LDD is clueless as to which parts should be moving. When I try to attach a sub model at an angle other than 90 degree I always start with a single rotated part, otherwise I just run into problems.
  9. Could the seat turn together with the steering? That would be a funny function.
  10. @Jundis I agree that the price seems too high, but your comparison is not correct. 140 is the reported USD(!) price for the waste handler. The USD price for 42053 was 120$ according to brickset. So from 120 to 140 would be the usual price increase over the years... if part count remains roughly the same. But since part count is way lower there should be some more expensive parts in here, that's where I agree too. But I have no idea what kind of parts.
  11. It all sounds just like 42053, but with only 71% of the part count this must be so much smaller. But the price tag does not really match, and to think that 42053 was even a licensed set...
  12. This wave seems to be all about rehashing something new. Not that this is really unexpected or that I would mind, but it makes some of the wishes and speculations we get prior to the leaks, about things Lego hasn't done yet and should do, sound absurd. I personally like the not completely enclosed look of 9396 and a slightly larger version with definitely more panels will not attract me. And I don't need Control+. Maybe I would have made an exception for the Osprey, but that did not happen for other reasons. The only set from the second wave that might interest me is the waste handler, but I'm really unsure what to expect here. It all sounds just like 42053, but with only 71% of the part count this must be so much smaller, because obviously the trend with Lego is that they need more and more pieces each time for the same set, because they add more panels and small parts for small details. But the price tag does not really match, and to think that 42053 was even a licensed set... Therefore I wonder what kind of surprise there might still be. I hope it's not just about a different color of pneumatics. Right now it looks like the most interesting set for the complete year 2022 will probably be the All-terrain Vehicle, which is a new type of vehicle, packed with different functions at a perfect, not bloated scale.42139
  13. I think the owl is best. Still colour choice is a bit weird, especially the ugly yellow variant. On the B-models the colours look even worse. The eyes are too big (is it 3x3?). But otherwise a nice set. The dolphin is a bit small. I'm also not used to these somewhat new parts of the forehead. I don't think they are very versatile and therefore not a good choice in a Creator set. Again eyes too big on the turtle. The seahorse B-model looks nice. Does the Mech have an evil face on its stomach? It would be nice if it could transform into anything, but I don't think so. The street car looks better than the 31103 Rocket Truck from 2020. But it's still below 5867, 31006 or 31024. I don't think I'm a big fan of dark turquoise for a car color. Wheels are too big and will make building good alternates from it hard. Except for building a formula 1 like the B-model, which also looks better than the main model. Same with the jet, the helicopter B-model looks better than the jet. The jet seems like a very simple base structure and then decorated with a lot of tiles. I wish it would have extendable landing gear, but I doubt that. The buggy looks weird in a good way, but I'm not really sure we need a new one. Is the front loader supposed to be autonomous? I don't see a cabin there. Overall not a bad line up. But I wonder which of them will be the popular ones among alternate builders. Like 31112, 31088 and 31087 have been in the past years.
  14. Maybe the spoiler is just 2L beams. With pin holes and a friction axle pin you could slightly tilt the three parts to appear in line with the panels.
  15. Almost all licensed sets for March are not in the catalogue. I think there is still hope.