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    Testing the SmartBrick

    Excellent video! Good pick up on the skid steering.
  2. ratmatix

    [MOC] Corvette C3 Stingray

    cheers. Ended up ordering up a rechargeable pack anyway, about time :)
  3. ratmatix

    SBrick General Discussion

    Yep, all good. Cheers!
  4. ratmatix

    SBrick General Discussion

    That's really not following the point I'm trying to make. It should be made clear (on the kickstart page, for example) that you can't just buy a 9398 and an SBrick and swap out the ir receiver.
  5. ratmatix

    SBrick General Discussion

    I just believe that it needs to be clear, or there's going to be some unhappy people when they receive their SBricks and not able use them until they buy another cable. I disagree that most technic users will have extension cables. They aren't included in any retail sets whatsoever, other than specialised power function sets. Edit: apologies, you said technic MOCers. I suppose that's a bit more valid. Still would be interested to see who doesn't have any extension cables.:) I bricklinked some cables as soon as I realised, so I've got some, but that's beside the point. It should be clearer, right from the offset. :)
  6. ratmatix

    SBrick General Discussion

    So... for each SBrick, we need to buy an extension cable to be able to use it -- to connect the lego battery packs to the SBrick. Seems like a bit of an oversight, doesn't it? Shouldn't you guys provide one? EDIT: Just to clarify: IR receivers have a cable to connect to the battery pack, these don't.
  7. ratmatix

    [MOC] Corvette C3 Stingray

    Speaking of battery packs -- would it take much work to get an 8881 pack in there while still keeping most of the shape of the boot? Just picking up some last few pieces before starting this build :)
  8. Hmm, is $450 (Used once & shipped) for both 9398 and 8110 a good price?
  9. ratmatix

    Hello from Aus!

    Hi Eurobricks! Big technic fan here, but I am mostly a collector. Have been meaning to come up with some of my own creations, but never really had the time to get around to it. Was hoping by looking around, i'd get some inspiration and get around to seeing what I can come up with. So here's my set-up... (First with most sets built, and the others with containers are all but 42000, 42025 and 9394 built). Also looking at getting 8110 and 9398 soon, until 42030 comes along -- Looks like a great set for PF pieces. Anyway, i'll try and be active around the community, and will try to replicate some MOCs I see around the place!