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  1. brickmaninLA

    What Simpsons will NOT get minifigures?

    Do we know if they're making a Manjula (Apu's wife) minifigure?
  2. brickmaninLA

    LEGO Ideas WALL-E

    I really like how Wall-E looks so will be getting it for sure, will look great next to the Rover. That said, I hope the Exo Suit, Research Institute and Birds weren't deviations from the norm of favoring licensed sets. On the one hand, I'd rather they not be outliers, on the other, that Jurassic Park set looks so awesome! Like most things, we'll probably land somewhere in the middle, or so I hope. Equilibrium is seldom a bad thing.
  3. brickmaninLA

    Lego Items Exclusive to Denmark Lego Shops

    Thank you TheLegGodt and L@go. That is interesting that they wouldn't have much more than, say, a fridge magnet (which I'll gladly take :D). Hopefully I can make it to Billund some day. In the mean time, Legoland California must do!
  4. Hi everyone. I have a friend who is traveling to Copenhagen and I was wondering if there are any items that are sold exclusively at official Lego shops there (and only there) that I could ask this friend to get for me. I have heard about sets like the Lego House or an Airport set, but I'm not sure if they're sold only in Billund or elsewhere in Denmark as well. Or even if there are any other Lego goodies that someone has found in Copenhagen stores that cannot be found elsewhere... Anyone have any ideas? I'd appreciate any advice on what to tell this friend to be on the lookout for. :) Thanks.
  5. brickmaninLA

    Port Adelphus

    This is beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, all in one! Thank you for sharing this outstanding creation. Many compliments!
  6. brickmaninLA

    Upcoming Classic Space Reboot?

    Looks like we'll soon have more info on Exo Suit! Final tease by Legoloverman (Peter Reid)
  7. brickmaninLA

    Upcoming Classic Space Reboot?

    Exactly what I was thinking when I saw that LEGO Ideas YouTube post, which led me to this thread. A resurgence would be phenomenal!
  8. This would be excellent! Especially since we're soon getting the Exo Suit as well.
  9. brickmaninLA

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    The word 'outstanding' doesn't even begin to capture the magnificence of this MOC. This is stunning. A true labor of love. You seem to have outdone yourself here. Thanks for sharing, and many congratulations on this marvelous accomplishment!
  10. I'd be interested to learn too. For now, my plan is to not apply the stickers, except maybe the ones on the tails.
  11. brickmaninLA

    MOC: Parliament and Big Ben

    I've had the Architecture set 21013 for several months now but just haven't felt the urge to open and build. This I'd go for in a heartbeat, splendid Javert!
  12. brickmaninLA

    MOC: Snack Bar - an updated #675

    Absolutely love the details inside. The sink, refrigerator, soft drink cooler, plus of course the elements that enhance the exterior. Looks magnificent, L@go. Thanks for sharing!
  13. brickmaninLA

    Review: 21020 Trevi Fountain

    Thank you for the lovely pictures, Masked Builder! I like this set more than I did before I read the review.
  14. brickmaninLA

    Lego at risk of 'genericide'

    At least from the people/families with children I have known over the years, the sense I get is that once people experience the quality of LEGO sets, they don't tend to go back to the other alternatives. (Assuming they didn't start with LEGO building sets to begin with.) But again, that's only judging by people I know, so it's not saying much. I do agree that there are more than a fair share of people referring to non-LEGO sets as LEGO, but maybe it keeps the brand name out there in situations where it otherwise wouldn't? I haven't ever bought Megabloks or Kreo pieces/sets, and I don't like when stores like Toys R Us put them up in the same aisles as LEGO (started seeing that recently in some stores out here), but I'm not too concerned, since there is little doubt that more competition (on price and product) works in our favor anyway.
  15. brickmaninLA

    What did you buy today?