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  1. Are you sure about this harvester, that it will be of forest rather than agriculture type?
  2. I have seen some where a picture that those road plates are longer than existing ones. They are not squer but more rectangular.
  3. In 2012 we got two vehicles, 4406 the Recycle Truck and 4432 Garbage Truck so that year was quite nice.
  4. We already had something similar:: 4206.....
  5. AOW

    Ideas for new City sets

    Note on something - this year there is a new motto: "Heroes are needed" - so that this is limiting our possibilities for 2019. I think we will see a new specialized fire theme this time. Regards
  6. AOW

    Ideas for new City sets

    Thank you for reply and the informations you gave. I forgot about the 60104 as I was more focused at this hour on the Cargo one 60022 (that one is form 2013) Harbor theme in recent years has only: 4 sets (60085, 60114, 60119, 60147) Construction? Any other? Regards
  7. AOW

    Ideas for new City sets

    It has been quite a while since the last Air-Port (we have one in this year Junior-City line). Another line that we have not seen for some years are the ships. Can someone please remind me an average life circle in the City line? Is it 3 years? Next year ( 2019 ) we should have a new Fire and Police Station + current : Arctic, Hospital, Town Set. What about the Coast Guard new sets? Jungle is to go? Regards
  8. I have the latest two - well to be more precise : 60044 and 60139 and what I can tell you of them is: the new one looks like a "cheep" version of the previous one. That is my opinion- I can see the cost reduction in many places - the best one is the lack of 4x2 white plate on the top of the trailer - come one, a single plate would change the final price so much? Another thing that I dislike in the 60139 is the lack of the trailer support once you disengage it from the truck... In the truck you can also spot a cost cutting - as in the interior the designer has put the "steering wheel" in the middle ... no space for a coffee cup... :( - the 60044 has it planned in a better way. This set is not so good also in my opinion - as the door of the main command center are designed in a way that if you open/close them more then 4 times in row they will end up in your hands :) The system that 60139 trailer has is much better. When in comes to playability in overall - the 60139 wins - due to : 1. motocicle 2. quad that Thief Girl is using to help-out escape In the end, I like both of them :)
  9. AOW

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I am not sure if you have noticed, but the way how the "modularity" of the New Hospital is been designed, makes me wonder. Why? Simple, you have a possibility to create your own version of the hospital layout. The current Fire Station was the first to allow such combination - where kid could make the shape of the station in a way he/she wants to. Pretty that the use of those connector constructions with Technic Black Pin made the it quite difficult to do - you have no idea how many times my set got "destroyed" due of that ... Now, the hospital on another hand allow that in more user-friendly way. Also, this year is the last for both the current Fire and Police stations - so next year we should see a new ones :) - and I think they will be in a similar share (combination of the layout) that the new hospital has. Regards
  10. Question is if that would be in the same license terms. Does any one know if Lego for Mack used the Licence that they have from Volvo, or did they needed to buy a new one ?
  11. We did had it already, V8, 4gear box, AWD and 4 wheel steering = 8880 :) :) :)
  12. agrof, the examples you have posted are of user MOCs and they do not represent the idea which is behind the Designer at Lego. Not to say that both are just beauty! I think the reason why Lego has went so far in the use of panels in the recent years is the fact that the set they build needs to be strong, What I mean by it, take example of 8865 or 8880 vs 8448 vs 8070 vs 42039 - how strong is the "shell" been build ? When it comes to the chassis OK in all cases we have it quite strong and it does not bend, on the contrary the "shell" or body of the car is a different matter. Note that in the end those are toys and are targeting kids - so that they need to "survive" a hard pay :)
  13. I have taken a look at the Technicopedia in order to recall myself all the cars from the past and it is hard for me to classify it. Blakbird has done segregation by: Super Car / Race Car / Go Cars / Dune Buggies / 4x4 Now the 42077 in my opinion should go under the Race Cars category and there would need to face sets as: 8209, 8213, 8216, 8247, 8386, 8440, 8445, 8461, 8674, 8808, 8880(B), 42000, 42039, 42050 Then in reality we could compare it only to: 42000/39/50 due to the quite similar suspension, engine transition, functions - and how does it looks like ? I think the only one that is quite equal is the 42050 -but this one has 2 nice wheels at the back, V8 and small LA ... but is did not had suspension. So we look at the 42039, which I believe was the H1 flag, was it? What it does better then 42077? It looks to be bigger, has V8, LA for cover engine opening (which can be motorized by adding PF) - still it has the same suspension (well almost) which has seen ages of 8865 (in theoretical point of view nothing in LEGO has changed since) RWD and no more functions. Lets see yours (all of you) opinions now :)