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  1. Well spotted on the 60078 :) when I looked at the picture of that Space Shuttle I too thought it kind a look familiar to me, and that I have seen it some where.... In 2015 Lego catalogue :) :)
  2. Well yes - what I had in mind was the fact that with minifigs there are accessories like helmets, air tanks... And by accessories I actually meant, other vehicles, buildings etc... You add them all and you get that 1000 parts. Note that recently TLG is like "cheating" on parts count, best examples are both fire station 60004 and 60110 . Older one had 731 newer 887... I have both, and really like both but I always ask myself where that difference is ....
  3. Back in the 1995 we had this:{"iconly":0} Now take that set to the current level and younger +1000
  4. In case of transporter: airplane (Antonov 225 style) + Rocket (Saturn/Energy type) + escort/Loader system + minifigs = +/- 1000 parts . Just look, biggest City plane was 7893 with 401 parts + space shuttle 3368 (231p.)now increase it by minifigs and some other accessories and you get +1000
  5. Two sets are in my scope, the 60231 & 60232. I am not quite into the Space theme, although my son is getting for Christmas 60079.... I really want to see the "Central Garage" looks rather small but let's see what it will look like. I will be giving shortly 4207 to my son too (January is his birthday) so the new one could be nice small set to the bigger brother :) which had "only" 913 parts.... About 60231, we had 60001, but that was a car, now it will be a truck, interesting. BTW: have you noticed, no new Police 2H.... Aha, 60229 what do you think, land or air vehicle? Huge truck with huge trailer? Or, Antonov 225 style plane to transport rocket on top ( yes I know 747 did it too) Regards
  6. LEGO at their shop on line have already added the new sets, well they are not available yet, but have good quality pictures.
  7. I think that in City line we should have 6 wide trucks, SUV , 4x4 and 4 wide all other cars that would make logic in my opinion. Now all the 6 wide standard cars for me look too big for the City theme..
  8. I wonder if the so called subtheme are not the Fire sets, as if you look closely there are multiple variable fire units, from water, city and forests been mixed. Aslo note that we have different uniform between the sets. As TLG has surprised us with the Sky Police, maybe they are changing the main pattern with main and sub themes?
  9. That car looks quite similar to the one in the current Police Station... Take a look.
  10. I think there was s one in Sky Police, but might be wrong
  11. I have 60110 & 60004 and while both look nice, the 60110 is giving me a very hard time while playing with it, whit my son, and how many times it got turn a part during moving it... It turns me mad. The 60004 does not have that issue, you can pick it up in one peace something that you cannot do with 60110. The new one 60215 look very compact similar to 7240 and brings quite nice amount of payability in my opinion. Regards
  12. 60215 - there seems to be a new type of lifejacket on the firemen or did we already have it?
  13. Nice! The set 60214 I like it a lot! Well the cannon us not the best thing to see, but the rest is just wonder, I will buy it for sure. The station 60215 - it is a must to have! IMHO it is one of best looking station so far in City line!
  14. About mixing Juniors with City. All the Junior sets, even those which were "part" of City line still had set number starting with 107xxx, while all the "pure" City from few years have 60xxxx. Now, those two which are under aged of"pure" City, that is+4, have the same number as those above 5 that is 60xxxxx, either we are having a kind of hybrids nowadays, or Lego is end dating the Junior line, at least the one which was incorporated in to standard lines (i.e. City, Ninjago etc..)