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  1. Camera operator is Sariel ...
  2. If the big surprise is going to be set 42067: a massive combo of 42068, 42069 and 42070 - the only thing that in line of all the Technic Sets that came in the past - to use as much of the existing parts in those sets, (H2 2017) is the : 8859 Colour, tires, pasts - it can be a 4x4 - and have multiple attachments. In the interview made by Sariel with Lego Technic Team, Kim said that his favor set was the 8859.... at 3:18 of the video .... I wonder why the B model of 42070 actually was not this set ....
  3. Exactly and this is something that I do not understand how come such a great designer has made such a bad set and worst that Lego has actually release it into production. While the A model can be let say a good play for kids, then the B one oh.. come one that is I believe one of the worst models made for quite a long time.... I really do not understand what was the key idea behind this set what were the principals that took it into productions. We know that they have made a f.up with the Porsche and was criticize here a lot, and then further discussion with Lego was for bitten (Sariel's trip to Lego for an interview) - I wonder how they will justify this one....
  4. You did noticed, that if this set would came out without the tracks, but with standard wheels, then it would have approx. almost 200 parts less?
  5. Just to recall the last time when Lego used Ackermann geometry in their set was back in 1998 with the 8462 Tow Truck. The AWD and Ackermann system used together even more into the past we need to seek as we have to go back to 1994 and the 8880 Super Car. I think this is one of the best set for some time - congratulation Milan ! Jim - superb review !!!!
  6. I wonder on something, Lego as company has quite a nice number of Licenses, but are they been used in between departments? Like Racers have Ford, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi .... in Technic we have "only" Volvo and Mercedes + Porsche (but this is like a separate line in Technic) So, if there is to be a licences truck then, it probably be either Volvo or Mercedes, my opinion is that it would most likely be a Mercedes, but which one of the current fleet.... ? Boat - well that would be interesting, it will not float but can be fun to play :) Rally Car - hymmm depends on the size of it, if the truck would be the flagship, so the car would be in medium size and it may be for that be "cut off" from interesting functions ... probably only RWD and standard independent suspension, like 42037... regards
  7. 8858 set, second hand find

    When I look on the pictures with parts, it looks like you are missing the a seat and one small shock absorver ... also there some parts that did not come with this set ;)
  8. Hello, Have you noticed that recently on the Facebook official page of Lego Technic, there is a lot of activity related to the historical sets with "voting" options like: "Which one is your all-time favor" I wonder if this has any connection to the potential celebrations set for 40th years of anniversary of this Lego product lines? What do you think? Regards :)
  9. Exactly, those sets, that line if we call it this way, was a good source of specific line of parts like Electronic. Pneumatic, Flex-Cable and standard parts (small sets) I think that "revolutionary" year of 1990 was the start and we could see all type of new flagship models, that in fact contained parts from smaller sets like Universal Sets line. My Questions: 1. why we have for number of years the same steering system and it is even repeated in the flagship models - basically we have all the same type either it came with suspension or with out it. 2. returning to suspension, we know that when 8865 came out the only way to make rear independent suspension was to make it so wide... and in the way if we look for current vehicles we too see that they suspension is also far to wide comparing with the model body - example 42029 or 42037 - the same happen to 42039 (but here the body was build around it). 3. Is the "engine size" impacting the over price of the model? example: 42029 why it had V6 and not V8, the same 42037 it had R4 where should have V8 or back in the past the 9397 with R4 - where the "original" 8868 had V6 as well as the 9395 V4 where should have minimum V6 or V8... 4. Any possibility of introducing new fast electric motor - such as old RC Buggy? 5. Is there a particular issue with putting the AWD into the model? As for example 42029 or 8297 - they should have the AWD and not RWD ...
  10. agrof, that is true - it would be nice to have a new version of hubs that were in 8880 - specially their size compare with the existing ones...
  11. Show us your Working Place

    Eric, that Autosan is beautifully! Reminds me childhood. :)
  12. 8868 no doubt on that - ~900 parts and looks how many functions it had ? Still probably beats the current sets on the play-ability.
  13. Interesting thing, on the video we can see that person who is filming is actually moving the model 42070 forward and reverse without any problem, having in mind that for movement it has XL motor then it would be rather hard to move it - so the drive system can be disengaged, and there is the reason why there is a 4th differential in red color ?
  14. Thank you for that it will hepl a lot to build your Model-C. By the way, did you tried the Midel-D.E... ;) ?
  15. Question, so we will get "only" 3 new sets in H2-2017 + the 3in1 8860, correct? How often per year are the PullBack coming in? Only in the H1? How was it in the past, can someone recall me that? Regards