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  1. Why are you quoting me, did I posted any of such pictures, did I provided with a direct link to them? Nope, I said to use Uncle Google or YouTube to find them there, and if you would follow it up it actually has been pointed quite directly where to look for them few pages back, and it was not me. Regards
  2. Use Google and YouTube, note they it is not so good to openly ask for them here....
  3. They are there, just in a separate folder-kind location. Returning to the topic: Yacht -> quiteg ood one I would say, I enjoyed the fact that has so many windows and looks kind a luxury one. Both previous were somehow poor versions. Transport -> the from is kind of, like none we seen before, that is good, as it a new, on another hand new=odd. Harvester that is a corn one not sure how it should be called in English. Sky-Police -> not my choice, I like the plane, but the control tower, that looks so Junior.... I feel like Lego is cost-cutting on the buildings that are not in the Creative line. The same applies to the Fire on Construction Site, while vehicles are nice looking, but building looks very thin. I will wait for more details.
  4. Has there been a new leak within last 24 hours? For me the front of the transporter looks like the 60152 Sweeper. I still wait to see the Fire Station :) After looking at the picture of 60210, the control building looks like taken from Junior serie... Or we still missing something on the background...
  5. If there is a real working water cannon, then on the truck the part that is in the middle of the trailer could be a water-tank, also it looks like there is a new tube looking part on the boom(ladder). For me it is not the thing that I really want, rather, I would prefer more detailed non-funcional gun made of regular parts. Where? YouTube?
  6. Has anyone copied them, as looks like they have been removed. That what I thought in first time, but the thing on the roof is quite big, wonder if that is not something similarl to the netgun from Mountain Policie.....
  7. I wonder what is that black/dark grey thing on the fire truck roof (60214), also the 60216 truck's trailer has large bulk thing in middle section. The plane looks like smaller version of the one from Florest theme.
  8. That's correct, I typed wrong number ;) Can you PM me which usual place it is please?
  9. I am mostly interested in the Fire Station. Then if I look at the previous ones: 2005 : 7240 - 250p 2007 : 7945 - 584p 2010 : 7208 - 643p 2013 : 6004 - 731p 2016 : 60110 - 887p Now, all them a part of the very first one from 2005, 7240 , have same pattern: 2 vehicles, commander, , 2 garages. The one from 2010 and later the one from 2013 have extended ladder system. The 2007 and 2016 have boom system. I wonder what system will use on fire vehicles. Regards
  10. BTW do we have a real SKY Police equivalent in real world? I have seen helicopters, drone but that would be most... Some countries have search planes. Does anyone have some examples?
  11. What time of the year ( last one) we have seen first leaks? So far only one new policeman correct? I cannot wait for the next fire sets :) but my son will crazy for the air police.... My dear walet, hard times are approaching :)
  12. I could not have agreed more... And I would say that he looks like Jet fighter pilot...
  13. Any information, has anyone seen a preliminary picture or so? I would really like to know more about the Fire station.
  14. Are there any new information?