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  1. I have taken a look at the Technicopedia in order to recall myself all the cars from the past and it is hard for me to classify it. Blakbird has done segregation by: Super Car / Race Car / Go Cars / Dune Buggies / 4x4 Now the 42077 in my opinion should go under the Race Cars category and there would need to face sets as: 8209, 8213, 8216, 8247, 8386, 8440, 8445, 8461, 8674, 8808, 8880(B), 42000, 42039, 42050 Then in reality we could compare it only to: 42000/39/50 due to the quite similar suspension, engine transition, functions - and how does it looks like ? I think the only one that is quite equal is the 42050 -but this one has 2 nice wheels at the back, V8 and small LA ... but is did not had suspension. So we look at the 42039, which I believe was the H1 flag, was it? What it does better then 42077? It looks to be bigger, has V8, LA for cover engine opening (which can be motorized by adding PF) - still it has the same suspension (well almost) which has seen ages of 8865 (in theoretical point of view nothing in LEGO has changed since) RWD and no more functions. Lets see yours (all of you) opinions now :)
  2. they are here: http://www.2ttoys.nl/contents/nl/d2045761822_Lego-Technic-Sets.html regards
  3. Have you noticed that model B of 42074 has Technic Pin 3L in Orange?
  4. I_Igor, have you seen that black picture of Mack? In the trailer it can be clearly seen the racks from Arocs, there are 2 of them.
  5. I see kind of dejavu.... 42075 = 8435 : as processor no AWD/4WD/4x4 in that scale and price - possibly no suspension at all 42077 = 8865 : rear drive, rear V4 engine, simple gearbox, the same suspension system (original goes back to 1988 if some do not recall) but with better body shell, new parts 42078 I really hope that the Mack will be up to tide with 8868, 9397 or even 8285 ( I have mentioned those sets due to similar body shape)
  6. Ivan_M, I think the problem is what Lego does not want to spend money on developing new parts until it is really necessary for a new model. This is been called "automation process" and it has two sides - good that you do not need to over invest , bad that you do not create new ... Recall that back in 2000s Lego has started to make a lot new, odd, rare parts, and their almost went on bankruptcy.. so they went in to the planning as we see now - 90% or the parts are been used in the current sets from year to year - this saves a lot money - note that we have the same type of suspension type which was first developed back in 1988 with the 8865... all the "super cars" have the same principal. The Ackerman steering correction? Last seen in 8462 back in 1998 ... now "reintroduced" in the 42069 ... etc etc...
  7. Will there be any in 2017 where either rumors or so can be know?
  8. Well October is a round number any way ... 10 so the corner in this stage can be long one... November on the other hand is 11 so sharp in some way (especially if we take the weather into the count) When is the fair ?
  9. Exactly, that is why I would like to see the Model Team ones.
  10. What about those from the Lo don Bus? They look quite as real truck wheels Regards
  11. I do not think that is a wishlist, rather observation :) Issue with other wheels a part of 62.4 is the fact that they are quite wide and that would look odd if the truck would have double tires at the back, especially with 49.5 - that what I said, the best in that scale would be the Model Team ones.... let's see in few months. :)
  12. Note that he antennas on the mirrors... Again, I was looking on the wheels that I have at home, for me the best would be Model's Team... Look at scale of 5580....
  13. Today I was looking at 9395 and I noticed that those wheels cloud be used in the Mack as well and would make it a scale of 9397...