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  1. Exactly, that is why I would like to see the Model Team ones.
  2. What about those from the Lo don Bus? They look quite as real truck wheels Regards
  3. I do not think that is a wishlist, rather observation :) Issue with other wheels a part of 62.4 is the fact that they are quite wide and that would look odd if the truck would have double tires at the back, especially with 49.5 - that what I said, the best in that scale would be the Model Team ones.... let's see in few months. :)
  4. Note that he antennas on the mirrors... Again, I was looking on the wheels that I have at home, for me the best would be Model's Team... Look at scale of 5580....
  5. Today I was looking at 9395 and I noticed that those wheels cloud be used in the Mack as well and would make it a scale of 9397...
  6. I believe that they will use the small LA as per the picture size of the entire model. The upgrade to PF would be possible to improve play-ability of the set. That would be wonder ;) I only hope that they will not go with price/cut policy and make it, well less interested :)
  7. Any thoughts on the B model? 1. Either another Mack truck... 2. Futuristic truck, like they did with BMW bike 3. Your type...
  8. Saberwing40k well spotted ! Gnac - indeed those would be perfect :) AVCampos - thanks !
  9. About the Mack truck, I was wondering how it would look with the Model Team tires? And you can do a double on the rear just like 5580 having pretty similar scale. Or just look at the 5591, does it look like a Mack to you too? Also there was a "modern" Technic tire that look very similar to those old Model Team ones, I simply cannot recall it number now. What do you think?
  10. There was the diferencial been used for the first time in the 8860. I still consider this set as the mile stone in the Technic Car line and most important of them all. The 8880 was the pinnacle of the serie. Even the 8070, Porsche or 8448 and 8466 are just another car in the Technic line.
  11. Actually it was not so bad, as we got some history on the line of Technic, nice that the very first designer was there. Petty that they have not said anything about the incoming sets or the preparation to continue with the celebration of those 40 years. Originally the line was called Expert then as Jim wrote from 1986 it become Technic. In terms of legacy I think that 8860 is the most iconic set of them all and it was very interesting to find where the inspirations came from :)
  12. Yeap , that would be nice, but I do not think Lego will do so - as per their policy of making all parts universal. Still if they are to release the licence set they will need to do something with the "engine" so either as you said new mold or real "fake engine" without moving pistons .... :)
  13. If it will have engine, it will have to be 6L as this will be a license set and Mack have the 6in line engines.
  14. Me too :) For those who cannot - they can watch it on phone app as well :) like siting in the, well on that round "white chair" :) :) :) :) while they are "taking a break" And now more seriously, I wonder what else we will see from that vault that we did not have seen on multiple youtube videos so far ? :)
  15. Jim, is this the surprise for the 40th Anniversary of Lego Technic that you were talking about :) ??