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  1. I think there is no third helmet, going off teh lists of set numbers and confirmed rumours. The cruiser should be a playset, probably like the 2014 SD and FO Star Destroyer
  2. Correct, set 8083, and it was relatively good for its era. I recall the vehicle briefly appearing in the Hoth scenes.
  3. It would've been too soon after the resistance one. With the ARC 170, I think the 2010 one was a TCW one, so it might not count as a remake at all, though it is probably still the most poignant missing link in the Star Wars product line up. I think I would like to see the LAAT/dropship and an AT-TE, to be more faithful to both the movie and TCW. Though that would sacrifice maybe a few minifigures.
  4. Stuartn

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    The issue for me with the prisoner transport vehicles is that, at least in Australia, police don't have responsibility for that so the 'police' stickers everywhere seem jarring. I'd like something like this as a set, its used by the Security and Emergency Service Group of Corrections Victoria:
  5. Stuartn

    these figures are original?

    That's what I was just thinking, would a test injection moulding machine be used during the night. I would assume it would be located not on the factory floor and be used by research and development people who wouldn't be necessitated to work a night shift. As @Kit Figsto said, the machine is probably in a different building. But then, that could be how factory workers could do it without interrupting production lines as I would assume they have some form of access. ,
  6. Asked for motorised fire-truck with lights and motorised boom, maybe it will happen one day, also asked (three times) for a remote control.
  7. Stuartn

    these figures are original?

    I am not going to pretend that I am an expert in injection moulding, but I believe that the machinery, at TLG's scale, would need to make huge batches, which would also be required to sell these products. I think that Lego would keep track of the levels of its ABS vats, and it would recognise that large amounts keep disappearing. Also, I would anticipate that production lines run 24/7, so it would be an impossibility. Furthermore, the opaque green one doesn't appear to be a Lego colour, to me at least, it looks too light.
  8. That looks great, the cab interior is very nicely done. The curves on the tray look perfect, and I really like the colour scheme.
  9. Stuartn

    85mtr AHTS ship

    @jim7564 That is looking incredible, the detail is astounding and the curvature of teh hull looks great. I like how you've seamlessly integrated all of the equipment on the deck.
  10. Stuartn

    Ideas for new City sets

    It is very North American, but if the farm is the majority of the set, showing, say, two figures dancing and dedicating one bag to it wouldn't be all that bad and if it adds another storyline or feature to the set it would be an enhancement. Since or the three city taxis, all have been bright yellow, all steering wheels are on the left/wrong side of six wide vehicles, criminal figures always have the grey-white stripe or orange uniform and bus doors always go to the right side, often unalterably, I think that would actually go down well with non-North American buyers.
  11. Fine by me! I'll do the same. Here is my ultimate wishlist for Star Wars sets, most will probably never happen, so this is truly wishlisting: $499.99 MBS battle of Scarif, a scaled down U wing (but still able to fit a few figures), the landing pad, which connects to the door (like in the battle of Scarif set), which has the orange transport train also attached. This attaches to an interior of the Scarif citadel, it includes only a gantry and some equipment, not the entire citadel, but above this is a small control room. There is also a selection of palm trees and mechanical equipment, like the control panel. It includes the main characters, U wing pilot, rebel troopers, an imperial officer, technician and two shore troopers and two stormtroopers. $249.99 Nebulon-B Frigate, a system scaled set with an interior, comes with Luke, Leia, C3P0 R2D2, medical droid, rebel technician, rebel fleet trooper. $39.99 A battle pack based on the city people packs, albeit smaller, with 6-8 figures, with an imperial version and a rebel version, with common generic figures, such as rebel fleet trooper, captain (based on captain Antilles), rebel fleet technician, Mon Cala officer, rebel officer (based on Crix Madine), rebel officer (based on General Dodonna), perhaps with two RO or ROTJ-based rebel troopers. It includes the transport vehicle from the Yavin or Hoth Hangars I'd happily pay a premium for good figures, if it would save money by not getting either oversized or irrelevant vehicles. Or a imperial officer, one in grey and one in black, imperial navy trooper, two stormtroopers, death star gunner, scout trooper and imperial technician. It would include the Z-95 speeder bike. I think most of us do, so no worries there!
  12. Probably not the forum to say it in, but the changes seem good and thank you for putting in the work to make them happen.
  13. Stuartn

    10282 [18+ set]

    The set number for that has been released, so it couldn't be that, but I would guess that it would be a botanical set, as you said, as it would probably have large leaf pieces of something to maybe justify the price.
  14. Stuartn

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I don't know, but I don't think they would mind. I imagine the purchase limit would prevent you buying more than three at one transaction. Alternatively you could create a new Lego account or purchase as a guest buyer, albeit sacrificing VIP points. I cannot imagine them tracking your address or being that sophisticated in attempting to restrict their sales, especially since the rush for the set seems to have subsided now, despite it being out of stock though.
  15. Stuartn

    Microscale city - The beginning of a new Town

    That looks great, the detail in that town hall is excellent, and I like the tree designs too.