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  1. Stuartn

    Absolutely the BEST Elements

    The best brick: the newer bricks, with whatever function or shape, that I don't have yet, that I see others using in clever and practical ways!! The best element I do have is probably the masonry brick. Instantaneously they make any build look more realistic, or provide texture and difference to what are otherwise plain surfaces. Also, the new leaf/foliage pieces I find very useful.
  2. I would really like to see part 93061 come in any set in any theme in tan, as it would be perfect for a battle droid arm that could, when position the wrong way around, hold a blaster in a more realistic position
  3. As someone who has comparatively lesser interest in a Cody figure, it is somewhat frustrating to the point of humorousness how we have had several Utapau sets, with all of the other Utapau incarnations of the P2 clone, 2 different CW P1 Codys, a buildable version, yet never the popular character as a minifigure that appeared a film
  4. Stuartn

    Coruscant Underworld

    That is an incredible build. The overall detail is fantastic. The crates in the last image positioned to look like Yoda are a nice touch, I am assuming it was intentional. I really like the shaping of the semicircular cut-out in the platform and the vertical angles of the buildings are very well done.
  5. As it was advertised to be an AOTC set when the vote was conducted P2 Cody was probably unlikely from the outset. The reason P2 Cody was mainly prophesied was because MandR used it as graphics for a video, and it was taken to be a rumour. I think the bigger issue is why wasn’t there a P1 pilot which is desperately due for a remake and I’d assume many people could have confidently expected and presumably voted for. And as already said, it is worse that P2 Cody did not appear in overpriced system sets like the Grievous Starfighter when the already perfectly acceptable airborne trooper was redesigned.
  6. I wonder if Kaminoan figures could use the friends figure with a new head piece
  7. Stuartn

    Ideas for new City sets

    They are great set ideas, and the city line is definitely overdue for a roller or any roadwork vehicle, and I'd especially like a grader I'd like to have a set with multiple of these ideas in one, perhaps: A roadwork set with a tip-truck, a road profiler/road mill, a road roller and a road paver, with an assortment of roadwork signs and barriers. Construction site with a tower crane, a modularised building, low loader, concrete mixer, and a glass carrying ute. There is an assortment of barriers and a bucket which can carry concrete from the mixer to the top of the building. Demolition site with a demolishable building, a bulldozer, an excavator and a tip/truck
  8. Stuartn

    [Opinion] Review of the new road plates system (2021)

    I think a 45 degree curve, which has studs on the bottom that allow it to remain in line with baseplates, and the studs on top also in line with straight plates, but angled off like any wedge plate at the join to give the curve option.
  9. Stuartn

    [K12 - Kalist VI - TT] Rebel Interrogation

    That looks good. I suggest you alter the title to [Factions EpVIII - Cat ?][(sector)-Kalist VI-TT], so it can be judged best, but it looks like a good build nonetheless.
  10. Stuartn

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Perhaps attaching a 1x1 plate with clip to the underside of the part 62885 or part 61190 could make the gun
  11. I just built 75301 today, its a great set in my opinion
  12. Stuartn

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I anticipate that the tan helicopter piece will be very popular with military builders. The vehicles looks nice enough and the moulds for the new animals are excellent.
  13. Ahh, what? Maybe they're putting the 501st figures in hotel quarantine and they escaped through the air conditioning. The mortar trooper looks good in my opinion, I am going to see how much they are before I decide if or how many I get, I would love to get enough to MOD it into a proper ITT with an appropriate number of stormtroopers, and if I can find these on sale somewhere it would be good.
  14. Thank you for your response, it is certainly a great build, your nebulon-B design is magnificient too, as are the other rebel vehicles that come with it. It seems to be one of those strange things Lego do from time to time
  15. Stuartn

    [MOC] Imperial Facility on Er'Kit 2.0

    That looks great, I especially like the design of the gun emplacement and all the figures and little details are great. The colour choice is well selected too and the building and platform are extremely well designed