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  1. Stuartn

    [MOC] 1:200 Kashin class DDG

    Looks great, the curvature is very well done, as are all the details like the deck guns and smokestacks. Do you have any pictures from front on, would be great to see the forward details and bow shaping?
  2. Hmmm, it does seem plausible, but other leak-reviews come well before the other direct leaks. A fighter tank could be possible, perhaps one of the unused set numbers, or another altogether, but I would say that the original figure selection is highly unlikely in any case.
  3. Stuartn

    Burlington Northern GP40-2 Complete Model

    Very nicely done, there is great detail all around and the ladder on the rear is superbly done. I really like the detail on the bogies as well
  4. Stuartn

    Forum posting

    A mod or regulator would be better to answer, but for your specific question I would say either is fine, many members will update the first post of an existing WIP topic, by editing and adding new pictures, as well as editing the title to say complete (or something of the like), as well as adding a reply describing topic changes at the end to bump the topic to the first page. Many builders, especially when larger projects are involved would create a fresh discussion, I think it would depend on the circumstances, such as length of the WIP post and whether the completed MOC would images get buried in other discussion.
  5. This part:{"iconly":0} It and chain elements are reportedly the most expensive moulds.
  6. I think they mean leave the LA as it was, but rather than use the gears, instead use this piece, attaching it to the rear of the linear actuator{"iconly":0}
  7. Stuartn

    Æmilia Brick Farm

    Brilliant work, the detail all over is superb, I really like the texture on the house and barn wall and all of the vegetation and crop details are magnificent All of the wrecked and abandoned vehicles and equipment in the last photographs are a a very nice detail. All of the worn down tracks and roads are very realistically done.
  8. Most AFOLs aren’t overly rich, of course you have to have excess money to afford unnecessary construction toys to display on your shelf, but not everyone can dispense several thousand dollars for a set. When scalpers sell sets for multiple times their worth, they price many out of the market, this is especially unethical when recently they often buy up large quantities of sets. There is nothing wrong with keeping sets as an investment (hence the modulars and GWPs unopened upstairs in my house) but such massive overpricing isn’t ethical and the people who cannot afford these sets have a right to be frustrated. Of course, we don’t need to buy said sets, but it is frustrating nonetheless.
  9. Great work @HUWI, brilliant trucks, the tow trucks in particular we’re spectacular and I really like the road train
  10. Stuartn

    LEGO half year results best ever

    I think they are keeping the name as a collective term for non-licensed, non-ideas 18+ sets, but they just aren't marketing them as such. I would assume Friends and Ninjago are probably 6 and 7, but Ideas should definitely be growing. It doesn't have the volume of products like other themes, but individual set sizes and prices seem to be on the incline, as does popularity.
  11. Stuartn

    HELP! ! !

    I don't seem to have the option to do that (unless I just haven't found it yet). The only difference I noted is that the triangle background is pink coloured rather than grey. I just have the 'edit profile' button.
  12. Sounds similar to this one released a few years ago:
  13. ATST has been confirmed as a non 18+ set, the issue was corrected by Promonricks who had the original description wrong, the price is also lower. It has also been confirmed it will be the Hoth version of the ATST, which has some significant differences compared to the more prominent ROTJ version, which are taller legs and a slopes cockpit
  14. Stuartn

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Its. . . beautiful. The only inaccuracy is the British flag on the bow, it should be a blue ensign on the back (can't see if its included edit, it is), but that's an easy fix. The bow shaping is superb. My favourite part is the stand, subtle and understated, but still elegant and an enhancement of the set, it would look absolutely magnificent on a shelf. Maybe it is one of the first official 18+ sets really to transcend the boundary from the hobby set, to the piece of art.
  15. Haven't watched any of the Mandalorian yet (so maybe I am rambling on incoherently over a scene I have interpreted as incorrect), but the reason I am not too keen on the idea is that it ties into the Skywalker family again, one of Rogue One's main criticisms from film critics was that it couldn't resist including Leia, when it really was a) creepy and b) wasn't necessary. The same would apply to the hallway scene, when the galaxy is trying to be expanded, why bring it back to the same family once again? Relatively minor characters like Boba Fett are great as they provide consistency and give them more attention, but including such a major, and to that point, irrelevant, character feels forced and unnecessary.