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  1. Brilliant work, I really like the overall detail, the rounded textured walls, the doorway and window designs, the composition and especially the pathway design, though my favourite parts are the white crates with the Red Cross, simply genius
  2. Stuartn

    "The Empire Strikes Back" in LEGO

    Again, incredible work, the detail in all of the shots is great, I look forward to seeing the next instalments soon
  3. Pictures of the forge have leaked, an the mystery set is still unconfirmed at this stage
  4. Stuartn

    Star Wars TIE Fighter collection MOC

    The TIE landing craft from ANH (interior) and RO is also very similar and could probably be made out of the TIE Bomber. Great work on all of the MOCs my favourite is the interceptor, I really like how they're compatible, albeit much more detailed and accurate, with LEGO sets in terms of style
  5. I am going to guess that these series, as well as TBoBF and the Ashoka shows will get the same treatment as the Mandalorian- very little to start off with and much more if they become popular, there are about half a dozen planned shows set for release in the coming years, so I am guessing that TLG will see what is popular and work from that. In terms of downscaling, I hope this will continue into PT sets and land vehicles, though a Y Wing is probably the most likely, I also feel that the clone wars sets have concluded, I am just glad they went out with a bang with the Mandalore arc sets and the insanely popular 501st set. I also agree that the sequel sets are probably paused for now, with the upcoming Rogue Squadron and Taika Watiti movies which will probably get the full movie treatment like the RO and Solo sets I think the ST will take a back seat for the time being. In summary my guess will be each series gets 1 or 2 sets like the BB and Mandalorian (when it started), and more depending on popularity, I also feel that with all this new content, battle packs will remain paused for the time being.
  6. While I would really like to see the later A9 turbo tank make a set, with imperial Turbo Tanks of any type making their third canonical screen appearance it would be great to see one released
  7. Looks good, I really like the smoothness of the ship and the way the fighters connect to the hangar is genius have you thought of doing an Imperial dreadnought cruiser from rebels
  8. Stuartn

    (R5 - Korriban - FF) Life of a Lackey

    Nice use of the Final Order officer torso, very well done
  9. Good point, scalpers will love the first lots of boxes to resell at insanely large prices later on.
  10. Stuartn

    [J7 - Iridonia - PA] Alpha-3 Nimbus-class Imperial V-wing

    Very well done, I really like the neat angles and studless look
  11. Looks great, I really like the statues and the grass detail is very nicely done
  12. That could probably work, though the scale of the gunship is often determined by a few parts such as the turret and cockpit canopies, reverting to the window arrangement in the 2008 ship could assist, as could tightening up the top of the ship, and as you said, doing a CW version, including a Jedi and perhaps two clones and a named clone or clone commander would be an ideal amount of figures, provided they do not abrogate the inclusion of two battle droids, perhaps P2 Cody, one or two Airborne troopers, and a regular P2 pilot would work. Though such a set would be close to impossible to procure! It would be great if TLG created their own pilot in teh style of whatever other figures are included, as they don't mind creating their own pilots or figures for canonical sets, like the conveyex pilot, kashyyyk battle droids and P2 clone gunner
  13. Stuartn

    [J7 - Iridonia - TT] Sunset over Iridonia

    Incredible build, I really like the creativity with all of the alien figures, and the floor is brilliant
  14. Great build and a wonderfully constructed story, looking forward to seeing the next story entry
  15. I think they could be done, the 2016 versions were actually quite good but bizarrely unfinished (open backed or not enough generator sections), and with better integration into the main build, potentially sacrificing a feature like the tauntaun pen, one turret or wampa cave for more parts Similarly I want the old snowtroopers back too, the action battle set versions were horrendous, the printing was okay, but no backpack or kama