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  1. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    WIP modular castle

    Holy sheet, that is packed with amazing! All you need is cobbling and it will be the best thing ever made.
  2. ThatGuyWithTheBricks


    Yeah, I only want the Bespin torso from that... Here's a pic of my updated wants:
  3. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    Happy Birthday Legoman!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson Legoman! Hope that your collection has been repaired and will grow.
  4. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    TLG overreacting this year with letting to deleate prelim pics?

    Exactly. I think it's not that TLC is overreacting, it's more that they haven't reacted in the past. Plus, the OP are breaking their contracts by releasing confidential info.
  5. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    Ben 10 Big Chill For Sale!

    Don't post if you have nothing to say. GL selling this, the Ben 10 sets are horrible.
  6. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    Historical theme wishlist

    This has been discussed way too many times before...
  7. Hello, I'm about to acquire a used 6209 Slave 1 with only Boba and two pieces missing for a complete 7133 Bounty Hunter Pursuit. I would also sell it. PM me if you're interested.
  8. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    Minifigure lot for sale

    Dammit,everything Fangy! RAGE!
  9. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I'd have expected something more than half-assed for this.
  10. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    Minifigure lot for sale

    He's going to buy all of them? Hope not. Just in case, here's what I would buy: recoats, Ackbar, Wampa.
  11. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    REVIEW: 4840 The Burrow

    Honestly, I'm surprised how much praise you give this. It's a pretty good set, but not very excellent. Minifigs are not too awesome, the top floor is way too small, the "outside" parts are no, and they are way too many stickers for the kitchen.
  12. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Where is that BARC picture that everyone's talking about? Must have missed it. EDIT: And then I look at the above post. Fail. IMO, it looks pretty horrible.
  13. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    Minifigure lot for sale

    I would buy a bunch of those! It's actually very hard to sell minifigs in huge quantities like this, so you might want to consider selling by group.
  14. ThatGuyWithTheBricks

    Eurodina - Day 1

    Who are you again? Can you please wear a name-tag or something? (translation=put who you are in your sig).