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  1. It's probably listed on the cover of the book, which looks like it wasn't scanned. Looking at book 1 of the main model, I'm thinking the base frame build stops after step 59 when changing over to the B model.
  2. Totally agree. Excited to see how these look on the bike once they're avaialble:
  3. moparacker

    Adding weight to Locomotives

    Deluxe Materials makes a non-toxic shot that's fairly easy to use. Fill the underside hollows of desired bricks along the loco and glue (gasp) in place. No worries about making space for strips of metal.
  4. moparacker

    2021 roads bridge connection idea, but not sure if practical?

    Yup, good call on the interference with the inverse piece. I spaced checking that on the build. Moving the hinge assembly down one plate will leave an odd gap with the inverse piece. I had initially tried with the 18677 two plates lower, but that leaves an unsightly gap and slight height difference between the road surfaces.
  5. moparacker

    2021 roads bridge connection idea, but not sure if practical?

    Great idea SearchFunction. I expanded on it some with the suggestion koalayummies gave using the 11458 part and capping the axles with a cross axle extension, but with all of the piece in black to mimic expansion joints used on bridges.
  6. moparacker

    LEGO Trains 2021

    All good as it's fairly fresh to market. Review and UK subscription details linked. The £5 3 issue trial deal is pretty good! I just wish it wasn't so expensive to get it in the US.
  7. moparacker

    LEGO Trains 2021

    It is themed as Creator, so you're right on that. It looks like all of the LEGO Explorer magazine attached items are done in this theme.
  8. moparacker

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Was it this one? If so, it'll just be a magazine tie-in.
  9. moparacker

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    I apologize for seeing beyond the intended use of the chart and how it can be a general reference resource. I'll go ahead and leave the conversation to prevent further derails.
  10. moparacker

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    The 2879 style wheel uses a steel axle, not the cross axle pictured.
  11. moparacker

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    Really neat idea! I feel that the final image could be used for more than just size reference (especially to new builders) and could use a tweak. For the #2 and #5 wheels, the cross axle connection should be changed to a representation of the connection used by those wheels.
  12. moparacker

    Brick-built couplers?

    I found a picture in the linked gallery that shows the underside of the coupler and was able to recreate it in Meca: