[MOC] iWin - A custom dock for my iPod touch and Windows Phone!

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This is my custom device dock that can hold both my iPod touch and my Windows Phone at once--hence the name iWin.

Tap or click any picture to enlarge it.

iwin3-1-front_sm.jpg iwin3-2-rear_sm.jpg

In the front, there are two arms that ratchet down to prevent the device in the lower dock from tipping over when in a vertical orientation.

In the rear, there is a knob that can adjust the angle of the iWin's rear frame. All 4 wheels can be unlocked (by pulling out the black bushing pins) for rolling around, or locked in place to act as rubber feet.


The iWin can lean back very far, but there are a couple of angled TECHNIC beams that prevent the iWin from collapsing under the weight of any devices it is holding. Those beams also restrict the maximum vertical angle of the iWin.

iwin3-3-winphone_sm.jpg iwin3-4-ipod_sm.jpg iwin3-5-bothdevices_sm.jpg

From left to right: iWin holding my Windows Phone (a Nokia Lumia 920 for those interested), iWin holding my 5th-gen iPod touch with an official LEGO case, and iWin holding both of my devices.

All of the above pictures (except for the one in which the iWin is leaning back--I used my Lumia 920's own camera for that picture) were taken using a GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition camera that I won in a sweepstakes.

LXF File (current version)

LXF File (old prototype, version 1)

LXF File (old prototype, version 2)

Brickshelf Gallery

Bonus: I made a special stand for my iPod touch that attaches to its LEGO case. (These pictures were also taken with the 920's own camera.)



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