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PF IR Control using mobile with IR audio jack dongle. Will it work?

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Is it possible to control PF motors using a mobile phone with appropriate application?

Is there already some solution?

I have found, that there are some audio jack based IR transmitters (like this) that can turn even a mobile without IR port into a IR controller.

PF receivers operate at 38kHz. Principle of these audio based IR transmitters is simple - it is enough to play a proper audio file.

Application should be able to generate proper audio signals based on the controls touched by the user on the mobile screen. From this point of view also the application is quite simple, once proper signals are known (in extreme case they can be recorded from the original PF transmitter).

Does it make sense? Will it work? Or is there a better solution?

That audio jack based transmitter contains actually only two IR diodes and some resistor to protect them. From this point of view, they are highly overpriced.

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Hello, i just want to say that i´m still developing DroidPF and it isn´t yet 100% funcional.

You can test it and give me a feedback that will help me finding issues/bugs.

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