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Hey all,

I have no experience with NXT stuff, and a friend of a friend asked some questions about NXT and PF compatibility. I thought I would ask the pros on this site.

If I want to control a NXT with a PF remote, then I want to use the MINDSTORMS® NXT IR Receiver , correct?

If I want to control a PF motor with a NXT, then I want to use the Infrared Link Sensor, as well as a PF receiver, correct?

So, I guess the main question I have is this: can the Infrared Link Sensor receive signals from a PF controller? I get the impression that it is just a transmitter, but I'm not sure. Also, is the NXT IR Receiver made by HiTechnic as well?



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On the HiTechnic website, there is a "New IR RC Kart Sample Model" in which "The IR RC Kart uses a IR Receiver Sensor to make it controllable with a LEGO Power Functions remote." This is reiterated at the top of this HiTechnic webpage. The IR RC Kart uses the NXT motors.


If you want to control a Power Functions motor with an NXT, you need an 8528 "Converter Cables for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT" connected to an 8886 "LEGO® Power Functions Extension Wire". One end of the 8528 Converter Cable plugs into the NXT brick; the other end connects to the FLAT end of the 8886 PF Extension Wire. Finally, the other end of the 8886 PF Extension Wire connects onto your PF motor. :classic:


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OR... you can use a PF mate from mindsensors, to control up to 8 PF motors (using 4 IR receivers), using only one sensor port


Thank you!

That one has a more reasonable price than "Infrared Link Sensor" on bricklink (with minimum order and shipping costs making it quite expensive).

I somehow have gotten the impression that the "Infrared Link Sensor" can only control 3 channels. Or was it something with the software maybe? I will be using Lejos, not lego standard software. If that is true (and I really don't know) it means that this PFmate is even better.

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Does anyone know the range of the Mindsensors PFMate? Their website's FAQ mentions that it can be up to 75 cms, but I would prefer to get some real-world feedback on this number before making a purchase.

I just bought the HiTechnics model and I am quite disappointed by the IR range (or lack thereof), considering that they are promoting the sensor as being able to be used with RC and PF train sets.

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