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  1. Hello, I'm trying to design a large turntable based on the 24121 part (gear rack 11x11), but I have a problem assembling the middle bearing, because the part 22484 (3.2 shaft with 5.9 ball) won't fit into the part 50254 (trainwheel 8.2/14.6) in Lego Digital Designer, even if this building technique is used in the set 42082. Is that a legal building technique? Is there any way to work around this issue? Even if I could fit those two parts, how can I place the middle bearing between the two 4x24121 discs? Since there is no "snap" it is impossible to move the bearing in the middle of the two discs. Note that this is purely a LDD question, as I already have built a prototype of the turntable.
  2. Do you take into consideration using leJOS? There is a driver for IRLink around, and the code would be quite straightforward.
  3. mescalinum

    How to build a "photo studio"

    yes I definitely need a coherent set of lamps. which temperature is recommended for digital photography?
  4. mescalinum

    How to build a "photo studio"

    @Jim: it would be quite easy using this very same technique, but unfortunately I don't have a second white plexiglas board. Using the direct lighting method requires more careful placing of multiple lights. By the way, I'm working on improving my lighting equipment: I just built a softbox for less than 1€ using cardboard, tinfoil, duct tape, adhesive tape, glue, and a spare spotlight: And, I'm using the other two desk lamps I found in my home. This is my setup: And the corresponding shot: (this time I went easier with saturating the background, it seems it helped a bit in having a crisper image) P.S.: is it allowed to post photos of TC5 entries outside TC5 topics?
  5. Try this. For the record: this site's search engine also doesn't allow you to search for keywords of less than 4 characters, so you can't search GBC for example . And the flood control doesn't allow you to search within 30 seconds from last search. Thank god there's google.
  6. Here how it looks without tires: Which one do you like the most?
  7. mescalinum

    How to build a "photo studio"

    Yes, that's because the lamp illuminating the back of the board (60W incandescence) is much stronger than my ambient light (1 cheap 8W CFL). I definitely need some proper lights with diffusers . Also the two lights had different temperatures, and that produced a very awkward tone effect which I tried to fix in post-processing. I shoot in manual mode, so my evaluative metering is of no effect. As I said I tune exposure (and lighting) until the background is fully overexposed, and no part of the subject is overexposed. EDIT: I tried again with some lights I found here and there: Those helped providing a better illumination to subject, avoiding the back-light effect:
  8. mescalinum

    How to build a "photo studio"

    I've made a quick test. It is a quite difficult one to get right, because of the white (well, Very Light Bluish Gray) parts. Lighting of the subject is quite wrong, because I don't have good lamps, and I usually shoot during day to exploit sunlight from outside, while now it is night time. The setup is slightly different from the scema I posted earlier in which I have a translucent white plexiglas board as background, which I lit from behind: You can find the original and postprocessed shot here: http://www.brickshel...tprocessing.jpg http://www.brickshel...tprocessing.jpg Note that postprocessed shot only applies some tone correction, but 100% white background is there also in the original unprocessed shot.
  9. maybe using + , a saw, a file and some glue? (kidding)
  10. I observed that common parts have a price around 50€/Kg, while uncommon parts have a higher price. Would be interesting to see which Technic parts and which color-part combination peak according to this index :-)
  11. On each side, only the rear link is "real". The other link is fixed to the body. You can see it from the photo, in which the link adapts to the terrain. Unfortunately the 8264 didn't have the require parts to make complex mechanisms. For example, it only has 1 gear 8T and one turntable.
  12. mescalinum

    How to build a "photo studio"

    You can get pure white background without Photoshop postprocessing. The trick is to overexpose the background. You achieve that by separately illuminating the background, as explained in this schema: If your camera has Live View (shows the live view of the subject on the LCD screen), it is pretty straightforward. In my camera, I use a custom firmware (Magic Lantern) that indicates which pixels are overexposed, by overlaying a zebra colouration. In this way you can get 100% white background without overexposing your subject (thus retaining all the light dynamic range), and you get the correct result at first shot (!).
  13. 22969c01 Wheel 62mm D. x 46mm Technic Racing Large, with Black Tire Technic Power Puller x784 Technic, Gear, Hailfire Droid Wheel 61905 Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Block 3 x 3 x 2 (Linear Actuator Holder) I'd call those overpriced more than rare, since you can find a few on BrickLink (what would be the exact threshold to call them rare however? Also, not finding an item on BrickLink could just mean nobody wants to sell that item because is sooooo good! ) A few pieces rare compared to others in their same category: 50450 (axle 32L), 11955 (gear 8T without friction) Btw, how did you find that parts? Can you search by available quantity on BrickLink?
  14. yes, but I don't like the wheel/vehicle size ratio of tireless wheels for this MOC. I've done this in another MOC, using 22969 but it's not eligible for this contest