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Sheriff von Snottingham

Anakin's PPP

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this is my entry for the contest. It's about Anakin's Pizza Planet Podracer (PPP). First, two pictures of what I'm writing about, for the story behind it read further if You are interested:



Anakin is well-known for his talent for all technical issues. At the age of seven, he saw a podrace first time in his life and he began dreaming of becoming a famous podrace pilot, the first human ever. But as Watto's slave, he knew he would never have a chance to build a podracer of his own a legal way. All he could do was to collect the debris of the podracers being destroyed during the recent race. No one would care about it, and so he began grabbing all useful parts he could find, and it took months to collect a basic stock of parts because, however, he was only a little boy and not able to carry more than some few parts on the way home after work on the junkyard.

At last, he finished the podracer about two earthmonths after his eighth birthday. The pod self had a very special design and a comfortable seat. Say "cheese", Anni!


The engines were constructed by Borsig Inc. , a company which was famous for its powerful turbines. Once pre-heated, nothing could compare with their output:


Not willing waiting ten months for the next podrace, he found it a good idea to earn some extra money behind Watto's back as a pizza dispatch rider. Up to four pizzas were possible to deliver, and of course, cooled drinks could also be ordered:


But... Pizza was not the only business. He found out many customers clients need a special delivery service, so he converted the top pizza level to a secret airtight space. Since that time he could deliver special... objects such as contracts, secret files, discs, an extra serving of onion (remeber: airtight!) or just a picture of beloved Mama:


Well, all went perfect until the day when a client turned out to be a snitcher. He alerted Watto, and he took "Wasp 1909" (the name of the podracer) away from him and sold it for much money by himself. Anakin was devastated, but he couldn't know some weeks later the story would take a twist of fate...

[End of story]

Thanks for the interest so far. More pictures are here , the whole gallery is on my flickr-gallery .

Good night.

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Quite an entertaining backstory for a simple but unique and interesting podracer design. Love the lighting function and the overall smooth build. Very good work! :thumbup:

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The lights are a very nice feature. Is that through the use of light bricks or something else? I like the pizza storage in the back of the pod racer.

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