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  1. Looks like I can work with that version. Time to redo my build from scratch. Thanks!!
  2. Anything shorter and the front clock face will fall down. The axle is going through gears as seen in the picture: If I used smaller gears, then the ring wouldn't connect.
  3. File of what I got so far using Studio: 1000 x 800 render on Imgur showing my attempt. The 2 sides face are just decorative and rotates with the front ring. I plan to have 2 more gears for the ring, one idler on top just to hold it up centered. And one on bottom connected to a motor. but the 10L axle holding the front center face is being chewed up by 2 gears. And I have yet to figure out how to make the center front face turn a bit when the outer ring does a full 360. Technic gearing wasn't my strong point. I have not settled on the scale of the clock tower yet, it would depend on the clock mechanism. I do not plan to have the whole thing move up like it does at the end of Day 3 when Link is about to do final battle with the kid. The rotating top with the light beam will probably be via separate motor as it's continuous while the main motor will be at intermittent (moves a few degrees, stop, repeat) Any idea on making this work or improving this?
  4. Lego Otaku

    The Winter Village Winter Festival Contest- Cat A Voting

    3 = 2 pt 1 = 1 pt
  5. Ah replace tool I didn't see that one. It worked. Thanks!!
  6. I accidentally used the wrong kind of 1x2 tiles in a large moc. Replacing almost 400 of them from 1x2 tile without groove to 1x2 tile with grove would take a while, and the tiles without groove doesn't exists in tan. Is there a way to batch swap all tiles to the correct type? Like opening the file with text editor and use find & replace all 3069a to 3069b?
  7. I couldn't find bug list for 4.3.10 so I am reporting a repeatable bug. It seems my LDD 4.3.10 does not like to handle large number of 16x16 plates. I can get up to around 800 of such plates but at 1000+ LDD just quits. No error message, no prompt to save, nothing it's just quit. Also is LEGO server down? I keep getting internet access fail when I start LDD.
  8. Lego Otaku

    REVIEW: 70922 The Joker Manor

    Looks like a fun build! LEGO does not have the instruction online yet, can you post picture showing how the bomb were made, specifically the top part using plant part? I look forward to more of official roller coaster parts.
  9. this is where I first ound it. 10.5Kg or about 23 pounds, 200cm, 30cm tall, and it seems to be about 1/5th of minifig scale but it does work moving prefabricated bridge girder section onto bridge support. The machine can pick up a section 2.56Kg (5.6lbs) and carry it over the gap. Here's the video of a real machine in action (greatly sped up) I suspect many of the long time experienced AFOLers would have a hard time coming up with something this complex and be fully working.
  10. R2 did fix the hyperdrive in the end and Luke (missing a hand) was onboard as well. Also Lando! Maybe only 10 minutes of movie time but I'll add those minifigs. Thankfully hand are easy to remove from minifig so Luke can match the movie counterpart. 10179 was available for a few years before it was retired. Death Star 10188 lasted like 7 or 8 years so this new set will likely last some years.
  11. So there's an useless Hyperdrive Compressor in the cockpit waiting to be ripped out like in EP7? Tax? Know what sucks? $800 US is like 715 Euro so if you didn't need to deal with VAT and had a cheap way to ship it, it would have been cheaper to buy one in USA!!!
  12. Lego Otaku

    First Set You Couldn't Buy

    The infamous yellow castle set. My brother and I wanted it. We saw and drooled over that in the catalog. We also saw it in a local Sears (when they still had great toy section) but we could never save enough to get one, we kept blowing our allowances on smaller LEGO sets and candy.