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  1. Solscud007

    Bricklinking 10179 UCS Falcon. First BL. :)

    To each their own. For the MF, I do not see any reason you can't mix non bluish gray with bluish gray. The MF is a dilapidated "hunk of junk". So having mix matched shades of gray is fine.
  2. Solscud007

    Micro UCS Xwing and BWing custom data tile

    My friend has a Roland Versa UV printer. I help with his business and this is a side project I did for myself. Going to be eventually replacing all my UCS set data sheets with printed tile and keep the stickered versions in storage.
  3. Solscud007

    Bricklinking 10179 UCS Falcon. First BL. :)

    Very cool! I am BL my 10179 myself. I have 2400 pcs already gathered from my collection of lego. Now to buy the rest. I may get the 3D printed ladders. They look great! I plan on printing the data sheet on a 8x16 tile.
  4. Ok so they are not really UCS. But I custom printed the data sheet image directly onto the 2x4 tile. No more stickers!! The blue turned out a bit darker than expected. Will need to play with CMYK colors.
  5. Solscud007

    BL: UCS Bat Pod

    Yeah I am using scans of the instructions and parts list from Bricklink to make one. It is a bit underwhelming compared to the Tumbler. The biggest pain in the butt is the Hero Factory shield peices used for the hand guards. They are $10 EACH on bricklink!!! and you need 6 of them. My wife managed to get 4 of them used for $6 each. I am using Star Wars battle droid torsos as the foot pedal part rather than buy two more shield pieces.
  6. Solscud007

    BL: UCS Bat Pod

    At my last LUG meeting, I got a set of UCS Tumbler front tires, they came from the recent Technic Dragster set and came in from LUG Support. I was eager to get them so I could start Bricklinking a UCS Bat-Pod to go with my UCS Tumbler. My wife has been helping me order a lot of it on Bricklink along with her orders to build the large Eiffel Tower she is working on. To go with my UCS Bat-Pod I downloaded a custom decal design and printed it directly onto the large tile. My friend and I were testing printing this and we decided to add a layer of gloss to emboss the Bat-Pod image. I am waiting on two more parts orders to complete the Bat-Pod. Edit: The last parts came in today. I just need a couple small pieces but it is 99% done.
  7. Solscud007

    Unknown Minifig legs (possible test piece)

    Interesting! Thanks
  8. I found these two minifig legs while sorting some lego pieces from my LUG. I do not recognize them. The circles look like registration marks. I am not sure why one set has a number 2 and the other has a number 3 Has anyone else come across these legs before?
  9. Solscud007

    Swing Ride

    Can't wait for the LDD file. The wife wants to make one.
  10. Solscud007

    Kylo Ren body swap

    Not much can be done. It was the character development by JJ Abrams for him to look the way he does.
  11. Solscud007

    [MOC] New speeder bikes for my Imperials!

    Yeah they look great but not Minifig scale. They look like Ewoks in costume trying to ride a Speeder Bike.
  12. Solscud007

    Nick Fury's alternate body

    To each To each his own. The gray bothers me on the official Nick Fury as well as the length of the trenchcoat printing. When i think of how Fury looks, he is in all black. Like this picture below. The jacket should go past the knees. But the official one does not.
  13. Solscud007

    Kylo Ren body swap

    I was looking at my Kylo Ren and his torso and leg printing are rather non-specific. I grabbed a random Imperial Officer body and put Kylo's helmet on him. Side by side you can see the difference. But alone, there isn't much to Kylo Ren's that is unique for him. Bland TFA Torsos by Nick Chen, on Flickr Here he is on a Blacktron torso. Untitled by Nick Chen, on Flickr
  14. Solscud007

    Nick Fury's alternate body

    Here you go. Untitled by Nick Chen, on Flickr Yeah it is a bit big. But in some versions of Nick Fury he does have a metallic buckle. I don't mind it that much. The printing of the jacket edge on Hux body looks more accurate as Fury's iconic trench coat. Looking at Fury's body printing, the jacket curves up which looks odd.
  15. Solscud007

    LAAT/i Gunship (75021): nose art?

    Photoshop. Resize them or crop them to fit.