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The Soup Nazi

Review: 8402 Sports Car

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Set Number: 8402

Set Name: Sports Car

Theme: Transportation

Pieces: 68

Price: $US 9.99 (though I paid $US 10.99 :hmpf_bad:)

Shop @ Home; Brickset; Bricklink

Hello all! Welcome to my review! This is my first, so I hope you enjoy it!

This is a set released in 2009, and I saw it in K-Mart. I said to my self "Why not?" even though it was a bit pricey. :grin:

Part one: Box, Parts, Accessories, and Minifigures


The box, showing the set all together.


The back, showing a guy reaching for the phone (who knows who he's calling :oh:), jumping in the car, and taking off (ditching the cops!!! *oh2*).


The parts, Lego Club ad, and Instructions.


The instructions. Looks like his car broke down.


I don't WANT to join the Lego Club, thank you :hmpf_bad:.


The parts, badly sorted.


The minifigure. I just love that smirk! He looks like a rich person living in Beverly Hills. Or he could just be the Viagra guy from the Grand Emporium. :grin:


The emergency phone. It's used for calling 9-1-1 or your mother. :laugh:


A tree. Seriously, a tree?



The interesting pieces are the printed 1x2 tile and the cheese graters. Not that much (though the cheese graters can be used to grate cheese :tongue:)


We get some cheese (yum), a stud, and a technic pin thingy.

Part 3: The final build!


The set all together! The sleek design makes this thing look awesome. :thumbup: I think this thing is based of of a coupe.


Another view.


Notice the vent in the back. Also, there's a gap behind the steering wheel. Why? Is it because of the design, or the TLC wants to save a quick buck :hmpf_bad:.


Playability: 7.3/10 You drive your car. It breaks down. Call the phone. Smash your car into the tree!

Design: 7.9/10 Would give this 8.5/10, but it didn't come with doors and theirs a gap behind the steering wheel.

Price: 6.8/10 A bit pricy at 11 cents per piece.

Parts: 8/10 You get a tree and some OKAY parts.

Minifigure: 9/10 Viagra guy!

OVERALL: 7.8/10 (A good set if you want to get a car in your city)



Viagra Guy: He babe, wuzzup... you wanna have some when I ge-


Hope you enjoyed this review!

Edited by The Soup Nazi
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Thanks for sharing this comprehensive review. A nice 4-studs wide car with doors is welcoming but that's what I hope for though. This set does not come with red doors and I have to purchase those doors and done slight modifications to allow that fixtures. Nevertheless, it's still a decent set though.

I have inserted the review title as well which you have omitted earlier.

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Great review! This set is okay, but it is a bit overpriced. It's cool that you get a tree with it though :thumbup:

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Thanks for the review 'The Soup Nazi' - cool car with only one real fault.....those wheels and tyres....fine on a van or truck, but a sports car.....a 4 wide at that....ah well, made for a price I guess. :wink:

I'm a conformist! ! :sweet:

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Thanks for the review. I picked one up on sale last year. I found the tires stuck out too much. It eventually broke down into parts for my red tow truck MOC. :classic:

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