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  1. *Brohoof*

    You just got 20% cooler!

  2. The Soup Nazi

    Encylopedia Dramatica

    Link. So, this website is a website that's basically a parody of Wikipedia. It isn't very politically correct, and it has images that... may offend others. However, this website, at times, can be funny. So... anyone else visit this website?
  3. The Soup Nazi


    Today in Minecraft I got some Mooshrooms to my base... which was 2000 blocks away. Took me an hour to get them to my base. I had 5 when I started, was left with two.
  4. The Soup Nazi


    I used to be an AFOL like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.
  5. The Soup Nazi


    Nope. Really happy, infact.
  6. The Soup Nazi


    Alone wherever I go Alone whatever I do Alone all the time Alone what I should do Alone in every day Alone in every way Alone all the time Alone I am agonizing with each Passing day Alone I wanna suicide Alone no one in my side Alone all the time Alone I will suicide Alone I cant sleep at night Alone I am shaking from the fright Alone all the time Alone I`m gonna end this loneliness tonight Alone I cry Alone I fail when I try Alone I lived all my life And here I am... alone I die -Sofi Nick
  7. The Soup Nazi

    The End.

    Just a teaser for y'all.
  8. The Soup Nazi

    Breaking News: Hoplites invade Main Street.

    I knew there was something wrong... oh well! And I had to use that face because I couldn't find a screaming female face.
  9. The Soup Nazi

    Breaking News: Hoplites invade Main Street.

    Heh. Thanks for pointing that out. :p
  10. Boston, Massachusetts Good morning America. This is Linda Dunch with breaking news. According to witnesses, hoplites, apparently from Ancient Greece, have invaded main street. A so called 'time machine' has brought them here, but scientists don't know how a time machine could have been in 44 B.C. So far nobody has been injured or hurt. ~ Just an entry for a contest on Flickr. :p Additional shots can be found on my Flickr.
  11. Used by the United States Military, these simulators are known to have no civilian or entertainment applications. The question remains whether they were part of a previous training simulation or other project, possibly involving the development of power armor. Due to the limited information available since the bombs fell, this may never be known. (From Fallout wiki) Reference Image: Meh, not my best work, but I like it. C & C Welcome!
  12. The Soup Nazi

    "Into each life..."

    "..Some rain, must fall." Just showing off the custom Xuanlong Assault Rifle from F3 I made. Enjoy! More on my Flickr.
  13. The Soup Nazi

    News Article: The Royal Wedding, LEGO Style

    To be quite honest, it almost seems real!
  14. The Soup Nazi

    The Real Estate Agent

    Please read the back story on Flickr (click the picture). ;)
  15. The Soup Nazi

    "The ship's under attack!"

    "So here I am, looking for 'Specs', after The Captain told me to ask him about "Uranium" (what ever the hell that is). Well, I finally found him-... Ah! There were these men, dressed not like our people, but like... 'different' people. They had thick armor, and huge guns. I had no idea what to do, so I hid behind a wall and listened. "-so give me it!" one of the men yelled. "No! This-this will... not do what you think you want it to do!" whispered Specs. "Ah, what the megabluck. Boys! 'Round him out!" the apparent 'leader' screamed. "Yes sir" the other people responded. BANG! PEW! BOOM BOOM! And there was Specs, with blood everywhere." Additional shots can be seen on my Flickr