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REVIEW: 4797 Ogel Mutant Killer Whale


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This is my very first attempt at a review here on Eurobricks and I hope you'll like it, despite the fact that the pics aren't of top-notch quality.


Set Name: Ogel Mutant Killer Whale

Set Number: 4797

Theme: Alpha Team Mission Deep Sea

Year Released: 2002

Number of Pieces: 56

Minifigs: 1

Price: $10.00

Now onto the main event:

The Review

Alpha Team Mission Deep Sea used to be one of my favorite themes; don't know exactly why, but I guess it just appealed to me. Most of the sets still look rather cool in my opinion and this one is one of those sets that I immediately think of when remembering the theme.

The set consists of the mutant killer whale (it looks like a cross between a whale and one of those prehistoric reptiles) and one Skeleton Drone minifigure. The set doesn't contain a lot of pieces and isn't such a complicated build but still, i really like it. Here's all the 56 pieces, collected in one nice pile:


I don't have the box left but the instruction manual is still in one piece. Here's the front side and the pic below it shows the backside where two alternate model ideas are displayed; I actually miss seeing them on the boxes and on the backside of set instruction manuals nowadays.



Random page of the instruction manual itself and it shows that it's a pretty straightforward build:


The lone Skeleton Drone minifig in all his evil glory, complete with his trusty neon green spear (i've always thought that these guys are great army builders):


The body of the killer whale whale is the same mold as they used for the now defunct Dinosaur line, for the Orient Expedition elephants and the Dewback lizard from a Star Wars set and the head including the jaws is the same type as the 6721 Mosasaurs from the mentioned Dinosaurs line.


Here's the main body disassembled into the six pieces it consists of:


The arms that attaches to the underside of the killer whale are long and spinly and the claws are the classic Onua claws of Bionicle fame; good use of them here. The arms might be a bit flimsy though but it is nothing major.



This is the whale without all the attached accessories...


And here it is with them all on, ready to head out into battle when the Skeleton Drone is ready...


Other than the spear as a weapon of the Skeleton Drone, theres an underwater missile with a propeller to help it travel forward; it is kept atop the head of the killer whale as seen in most of the pics:



The red parts where the two propellers are attached to are interesting pieces and I believe that they were introduced in the Mission Deep Sea line.


Near the end of the instruction manual, there's four comic pages, showing the set in action against one of Alpha Team's underwater vehicles and it's a pretty amusing little comic.



A little bonus pic:


"I knew I should have taken a bigger boat!... oh well..."

And here's the ratings which will conclude:

Design: 9/10 - I think it has a great design and the red n' black color scheme suits it, the killer whale itself might seem <insert that tiresome argument> but I don't think so; it's a solid and cool creature.

Parts: 8/10 - Not too many parts, but they all fit the bill nicely since there are some really interesting parts and they are all in various sizes and forms.

Build: 7/10 - It is not so challenging to build the set and it can be done within a couple of minutes, but it doesn't matter that it's quite simple since the set itself is really nice.

Minifigs: 8/10 - Only one minifigure is included but I don't think more minifigs are needed because a set like this doesn't really require more of them. However, a good guy would have been suitable as a second minifig in this set.

Playability: 10/10 - If you have at least one of the Alpha Team's underwater vehicles or another underwater set, it means a lot of playability. It can also be played with on it's own without it becoming boring, but then the grade sinks a bit. The swooshability factor is present as well and it's quite high.

Price: 8/10 - It's a resonable price for a set this size, it would be a bit hard to imagine this being any cheaper regarding it's size and such.

Overall: 8/10 - So overall, it is a really good set despite not being one of the very best. One of the best things about it is that even if it just is displayed somewhere, it's really cool-looking.

Thanks for reading this review!, what are your opinions about this set?

(EDIT: I updated the review with brightened pictures.)

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yay! Finnaly someone who do review for one of my favorite sets! I still trying to get it... But I just love everything in this set. Big mutated cyborg monster - check!, cool minifig with trans weapon- check, nice color sheme- check!

That was your first review, you say? It was prety impresive. maybe pictures are a little blurry, but they show everything good pictures in review should show!

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I like the set but your pictures are very dark, have you thought of lightening them up a bit? His helmet looks like a great piece to have i your collection.

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I remember the day I got this set. It was a fresh sunny morning in 2002... over the summer. I still have the minifig and converted the mutant zombie snake whale alien thing into a regular monster, just by taking off all of the tech gear and making the tip of the tail a black tail thing.

I've got to say this was the most random set I ever, and will ever have owned. I love it! Great review!

PS: Unfortunately, i have absolutely no idea whatsoever as to what happened to my other 3 underwater alpha team sets. I find bits and pieces of the big base lying around sometimes, and I know that most of the red hands that I use to replace the black gloves on the Royal Guards come from these minifigs, but all in all, I can't find more than the cockpit of those yellow subs.

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A good review about a IMHO mediocre set.

I added a poll as you requested, please PM me if you wanted another kind of poll.

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I had this set. I forgot that the arms were attached to the bottom, though. Weird. >_>

Also I lost the spear(s?) and I'm sad about that. ;_;

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