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  1. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Okay yeah, you definitely don't understand BIONICLE.
  2. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    If you think people liked the '01 era because of the words then you really don't understand BIONICLE.
  3. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Sounds more like you're complaining that they aren't pandering to you, specifically. You are not being "excluded" from anything. The fact that your fancies aren't the ones being tickled yet is a really vain reason to write off the whole thing, even more so when you describe it as "excluding" you.
  4. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    If you're willing to write off the entire line based on one wave of sets that haven't even been released yet, then okay. Bye! No point in arguing any more than it was arguing with the people who thought they knew everything about The Legend Reborn from the teaser trailer. Or thought they knew everything about how Hero Factory was going to be from vague leaked shop descriptions.
  5. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I'd thought of the mask-over-mask thing before, but never bothered to bring it up because I didn't really have a basis for it. I thought it could be the reason for the earmuffs all the sets seem to have. I still consider it a possibility. The fact is that I really don't know how the masks attach because none of the images we have can really tell us yet.
  6. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Every announcement is full release! You say that like it hasn't been obnoxious.
  7. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    The Axalara T9 set and Rockoh T3 set included a Lewa and Pohatu figure, respectively.
  8. Bfahome

    2015 Mixels Discussion

    I figured the new red ones might not be more Infernites, but I didn't really have any way of knowing. Glad that they're continuing to expand beyond the initial tribes.
  9. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    The spiders look interesting. Wasn't expecting them to be masks. Good thing these aren't confidential then.
  10. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    You must've missed every reboot discussion.
  11. Bfahome

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Sean Connery takesh isshue with thish shtatement.
  12. Bfahome

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    It might vary between them. Crystal Beast may be the only Crystal Beast. The saber-toothed tiger was one of the most vicious of all the prehistoric carnivores.