Market Square with monorail station

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Hi everyone,

as I said in the "Café, Fashion, and more" post, the market square should soon be finished - here it is: A busy market square on a Saturday afternoon... with two birch trees (after all, my town is called Port Birch), and a monorail station.


There's a lot going on: A promotion for some Ninja game (from Ninjago market place); since there's a Star Wars convention in town, there are always some cosplayers around for taking photos with them; a wedding (comes with the Town Hall set, anyway); a hot dog cart.


The statue's from a set, the masked saxophone player is fom Vidiyo, more hotdogs, and more people.


The trees trunks, by the way, are built around a long Technic brick so I can use them as handles to lift this module.

Wavy glass roof on the monorail station - not the most practical thing when it rains from certain directions, but, well, it's art...



And a rock wall to the side (not really part of the market square, but I include it in this album anyway) featuring a sawn-up monorail straight as slope extension, small buildings from a Monkie Kid set, the Hidden Side shrimp shack, remainders of Ninjago City and Docks...


...and a mirror "monolith" (anyone still cares about those that popped up in various places some time ago...?), and some sort of art project/escapist refuge where you can live in a cave for one month for free.


» Flickr album



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That looks great, those trees are fabulous and the extensions to all of those modulars work really well, ado your custom ones. A lot of effort has obviously gone into your layout.  I really like your monorail station too

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