[MOC] M:Tron "Wasp" Scout Mech

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I was told by my peeps on the TTV Message boards that you guys over here would appreciate this more than they would, so, I present to you, lovely members of Eurobricks, the M:Tron "Wasp" Scout Mech!




More pics in the Jammer.





Other angles.


Before anyone says anything, I know he's missing the M:Tron logo. I possess only one part with the M:Tron logo, and It's not a minifig body.



Jump jets for scouting the terrain.


A cutting laser for slicing apart rocks to test for valuable minerals, or the occasional Blacktron attacker.


The M:Tron logo

There will be more MOC's of this sort coming in the future.

Comments and Crits are Always welcome!

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