[Landspeeder][Cat. A] Henjin and Jenhin's speeder

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Henjin and Jenhin Quilones' speeder


Henjin Quilones III and his twin sister Jenhin need a fast speeder to get away from trouble, but somehow trouble always seems to find them. Their latest ride is a souped up landspeeder from the shop of Veenac'ebla, with all sorts of upgrades from the base model. They need every one of them to stay alive day to day. 



He drives, she shoots.



Back view: 




I drew a ton of inspiration, but only a few techniques, from @Inthert's beautiful M-68 Landspeeder. Of course, mine is not based on anything in official (or unofficial) canon, so I could do anything I wanted, and his is super accurate to the source material. There are studs facing in almost every direction, and it is fairly sturdy, too (though definitely not sturdy enough to survive my toddlers). I am pretty satisfied with it, myself. C&C welcome. 

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