[Landspeeder][Cat. B] Veenac'ebla's speeder repair shop

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Veenac'ebla's speeder repair shop



Everybody's speeder needs a tuneup every so often, even those living on the smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa. Here in the Twi'lek Veenac'ebla's shop, her professionals will get your ride back on the streets again in no time, ready to speed you away from the scene of your latest escapade. Modifications by her crack team can give your ride that extra bit of zip to evade the heat when you need it most. 




Henjin Quilones III knew that Veena was the one to hook him up with the speeder he and his twin sister, Jenhin, would need. They were forever getting into deeper trouble here on Nar Shaddaa, trouble that could only lead them into one of two places: death, or service to the Black Sun. Or the Hutts, perhaps. For now, however, they were still free. 


Wex and Phril might be grumpy, but they are good at what they do. 


But Tiba and Anni'kena are better. That is why Henjin and Jenhin always looked for the work of Tiba and her apprentice. 



The speeders:


The grey one: 

The red one:



The dark blue one:





This represents my first build in the Star Wars universe (that I will publicly share; there were some years ago, fresh out of my dark ages, that scarcely deserve mentioning). It was fun to do stuff with greebles and technology, as opposed to medieval fantasy all the time. Plus, it gives me an excuse to use the hundred-plus SW minifigs I own for their intended purpose. As a little Easter egg, the propulsion units from Luke's landspeeder (set 7110) from 1999 are in the back corner, this being the 20th anniversary and all. The story isn't much by my usual standards, but it will do for now. C&C welcome.

@MKJoshA, through the door you can see the street where the race will occur, but it is clearly not the focus (nor in focus) for this build. Hope that works!


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This is an amazing build! You've done a great job representing everything, especially the doors!

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Wow! This is awesome. The ceiling with the chains gives an immersive look. Lots of balanced details.

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I showed the photos here to my wife and she said, 'is that Lego?!'. Which is a compliment. I mean, this looks like movie set! Great work.

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