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Builder 05

LEGO MOC Gunboat

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Neat little gunboat - often they would be propelled by oars, sails only being secondary propulsion, so that could be a suggestion. However, I quite like the lateen rig and the custom cannon and rudder, and the hull is a nice use of the more modern pieces.

In Brethren of the Brick Seas, we have seen several examples of gunboats, some of them mine, and I always liked the idea of gunboats.

Cool little moc - and nice minifig too! (And I am totally not trying to manipulate you to join BoBS ;) )

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That's a cute little gunboat. Nice ! :thumbup:

The lateen rigging is quite appropriate like Bregir suggested, though, the sail could be a little smaller in such boat, being mainly propelled by oars, but I like this sail passing from the prow to the aft through all the ship. Good job all around !

Keep up the good job and don't hesitate to visit our Pirate community in Brethen of the Brick Seas ! (me too I am trying to bring you there... :laugh: :grin: )

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