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[BH - Gungan] Same route every day

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My name is Bohr Gotta, my job is travelling through the galaxy taking risky jobs for good price. This could be a smuggling work or hunting down the targets for who they are paying for. Some call us Bounty Hunters, but it's not only about the rewards, it's about the mission. You should study your target and need a lot of information is needed about the situation.

I'm currently on Coruscant. I got some details about a commission in this city. The target is a Gungan named Uneew Sqaurs. Many of the Gungans remained from the republic's time here as the puppet of the Empire. These naive creatures serve the imperial bureaucracy and the members of the Naboo Resistance thought, they are traitors. Maybe one of them gave the order.

The Empire is forgiving enough about our work and we have a good relationship. Unfortunately this planet is an exception, as it's a capital place, the Imperials have more attention. So for completing the mission, I need to study Uneew's life and find the best solution.




I've been following him for weeks, then I find out he goes home the same route every day. There is an alley way, which is fairly isolated and dark. I broke into the house there, which fortunately seems deserted, so it will be the perfect place to do it. I'll be waiting for him here tomorrow...










This job is done. 

I'm tired of this place's overcrowding, so now I want travel to a warmer and less populated planet...



People of Coruscant:


One of the main feature of the build, is that the sliding door could be operated by turning the wheel on the picture:


Details of Coruscant:




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This is a fantastic build!  You do a great job capturing the feel of the Coruscant architecture and you've got wonderful details; I really like all the different kinds of lights and the Imperial banner.  Awesome establishing shot too, looking down from the walkway - love it!


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Thank You! I've been planning for a long time to build a Coruscant street (years ago I tried something), so I thought it could be the best for my first BH mission. I had a lot of cool ideas for the details before and during the building a lot other ideas came along. I'm proud of the end result and I'm glad you like it.

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