12v box redesigns in 1989, collectores pls help

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Hi there,

as most collectors know, the grey era boxes were redesigned in 1989. But I don't know if all sets from the 1989-1990 lineup were affected, therefore I need your help.

So far, I found 1989 versions of the following sets:

7813 Shell Tanker waggon (sorry, no picture yet)
7817 Crane Waggon
all sets from 7850 to 7861
7865 Motor
7867 Light posts

The 1989 version can be recognized by looking at the copyright date, which contains two years: the first one states the initial release (e.g. 1980, 1983 or 1985). The second year is always "1989".

[7864 power supply is a special case, it exists in three different box versions: 1980 and 1982 without copyright, and the final one with 1990 copyright]

So, the question is: do the following sets also exist in a 1989 version?
7823 Container crane depot
7835 manual road crossing
7839 car transport depot
7866 remote controlled road crossing

If any of you has one of these sets with a 1989 copyright, a picture would be great.

kind regards, Christian






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Always great to see these old boxes, I own most of them in one form or another, most are tucked away in the loft.  

I sometimes wonder if LEGO realise just how spot on they had trains back in the 80's.  OK, running reliability was not as good as the 90's 9v era, but the image, build quality, and all were just so good.

Thanks for sharing these pictures.  I I ever venture into the loft in the next few months, I'll take the camera up with me.



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On 2/9/2018 at 3:55 AM, Carrera124 said:

all sets from 7850 to 7861

yes, I didn't carefully this.

Are there two boxes or 7853 too? I didn't find this set in any catalog after 1985.

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