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Sir E Fullner

MOC: Europa Castle

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A few years back I did a small vignette based on the cancelled Europa theme; a photo can be seen here.

Now, here is most likely the main attraction to the theme:

Europa Castle


The castle is heavily based off the one in the promotional image, albeit with a few modern flourishes. The castle is guarded by three Royal Guards, dressed in white uniforms with red epaulettes and bicornes. A drawbridge spans a small moat, and edelweiss grow wild by the rocky castle slopes.


The back of the castle can be opened up to reveal a detailed interior. The lower floor has two suits of armor standing guard, while the upper floor features the Crown Prince's throne room and a ceremonial sword and bicorne for inspecting the Royal forces. The Crown Prince is accompanied in the throne room by his Princess consort.


A bird's-eye view of the castle grounds. In the courtyard are two marble fountains flourished with bubbling waters.


A demonstration of the drawbridge. A longer one will be constructed some time in the foreseeable future.


That's all for now. In the future, I intend to construct more buildings related to the theme, along with soldiers and hopefully the Europa State Railway. In the mean time, feel free to comment and reply.


Always entertaining, always inspiring, always: 

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During a bout of cold, I happened to do some expansion on the build, constructing a small farmhouse, field, and a tavern.27679292639_a4b5aba598_c.jpg

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I always appreciate simplicity and playability in a MOC. This pulls it off quite handily. Good work!



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