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[MOC] YT-1300 Space Pirate Ship

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I found my way back into spaceships! (Last one I built was this little black thing long ago).

In a way it's not so different from a classic sailing ship, what I'm more used to build.


A YT-1300 Light Freighter repurposed and heavily modified in the hands of a gang of space pirates.

The port side mandible was removed to allow a front-mounted cockpit . This increases the visibility for the pilot, which comes in handy when pursuing other spacecraft. 
The starboard mandible was enlarged to fit the added cloaking devices, enhanced radar systems, top-mounted quad turret and various sensors and transmitters.

Some of the front top hull plates were replaced by solar panels, to serve as an additional power source. It powers the electro magnetic defense shields most of the time but the output can be redirected to the tractor beam or the hyper drive buffer battery.
The technology is similar to that of the Twin Ion Engine fighters used by the Empire.
Due to the excessive heat generated by the solar panels, the usable living space was reduced in that area.

The container hook on the bow was removed along with the front leg of the landing gear, this allowed for more photovoltaic surface on the front hull.

The rear hull plates were modified with adaptive hatches to provide better heat ventilation for the hyper drive.

BB-type astromech droid units are docked in two top-side portholes. These will be deployed for in-flight operations to monitor the exterior and perform repairs.








I hope you like it. My loot from Skaerbaek was very useful to build this :grin:

Because it had to be finished today (for the ReBrick contest) I did not have time to build a fitting crew but I might still do so later.

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I like it, you've adapted it really well to the purpose. The addition of the TIE panels is nice and fits in with their needs well. The only part that seems a bit weird is the blue fins at the back, there isn't really much of that color anywhere else so I probably would have gone with the same ones you used around the cockpit. It has a nice smooth overall look to it, but then in the closeup shots you can see the detailing and greebles. A good take on the subject matter.

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