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[K-C09] - Defense wall happenings

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Location: C09 - Orinshi

Tags: Building, Land vehicle


Log #007 – 26 Novembrinali 3816

It was a very calm night. And when It's calm outside, I like to drive a few rounds around Orenshi's HQ defense walls with my High Speed Kart™. The guards are okay with this and the long stretched road, mostly used for transport by day light, is a very fine looking road. I wish I could say that as well to the walls themselves; looks like Kawashita is cutting down on gardeners around here.

Not much later on, one of the guards signed me to stop. While I did that, he walked to me and informed me that we had an intruder. The intruder by now is dead and charcoaled when trying to hop over the wall. The poor soul had probably no idea that the empty space between the vertical generator and the beams, is twice as hot and causes instant death.

We have no idea ATM who or to what this individual is affiliated with. But I suppose someone like Dr. Jakob could trace this person's DNA and suit origins in his lab.

More information and pictures under the spoiler tag:


The light system I used is called Light Stax. Each lamp has three 2x2 bricks that light up individually when they are connected to each other to an electronic source that leads to the power brick.

Kawashita Group's Highspeed Kart
A fusion between a formule 1 car and a kart. The driver must be very experienced because of It's sensible steering mechanism on top of It's high speed.


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Very, Very nice build. I love the wall, and the build as a whole.

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The charcoal invader is pretty funny. This is a great idea, and very well executed, it looks like just a detail at first but actually it's a massive build. Lovely lights!

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