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  1. av_bossk

    [MOC] Infinity War Hulkbuster Mark 2

    Saw it on Instagram, great design and great chest ! I'm also working on the MK48 Hulkbuster and I'm not very satisfied with the chest. Do you mind if I try to use your technic ?
  2. av_bossk

    [Prologue] The Return of Sister

    I'm a little late but WOW ! Great work !
  3. av_bossk

    [MOD]Ultimate Blacktron Mobile

    Thank you everybody
  4. av_bossk

    [MOD]Ultimate Blacktron Mobile

    Time is running out and I forgot to post other pics. Here is one showing the 4 modules.
  5. In order to prepare the departure for recolonizing (this word exists ?) the Andromeda's galaxy, Kawashita Industries can count on its extraordinary supply chain and particulary its monorail fleet.
  6. av_bossk

    Playing in Space Since 1978

    So clever ! I will support your project too !
  7. av_bossk

    Neo-Blacktron Gunship

    Thanks everybody and thanks also for the link in the frontpage ! (I was away from Eurobricks since few months) @Hart New Bob : These engraved tiles came from the store Brick'n'Fig (http://www.bricknfig.fr/) @LucByard & @Drunknok : the canopy is "re-used" from a design of Nick Trotta because I also love this shape and the assembly of these parts so I wanted to re-use it for technical training but in my case, I made it really functionnal. @LucByard : A baseline of spaceships with variants... good idea ! why not ! Thanks to the design, it is totally possible ! I'm already imagine a squadron taking off your landpad ! (idea for a common exhibition )
  8. av_bossk

    Void Raven

    Awesome build !
  9. av_bossk

    Neo-Blacktron Gunship

    Hi everybody ! I continue my Neo-BlackTron line with a gunship. I'm quite proud of its shape. It was presented in a exhibition last week-end.
  10. av_bossk

    [MOC] LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick

    I love this new Maverick with PF inside !
  11. av_bossk

    [MOD]Ultimate Blacktron Mobile

    Thanks everybody. Stay tuned for the others pics.
  12. Very interesting technic ! What are the proportions of the mix ?
  13. av_bossk

    [MOD]Ultimate Blacktron Mobile

    I present to you the first pics of my MOD of the Ultimate BatMobile. I will post others pics after of the 4 vehicles because even the change of diameter and width of the wheels, I managed to keep the original functions. I hope you enjoy it.
  14. av_bossk

    AG2 Prologue

    On my side, I prepare some builds in advance, the story will come after, depending the rules and the map. But I think I will be able to post some little pics for the Prologue during september.
  15. av_bossk

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Unfortunately not, otherwise, be sure I came to talk with you ! I saw pictures on Flickr