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  1. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Unfortunately not, otherwise, be sure I came to talk with you ! I saw pictures on Flickr
  2. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Excellent Luc ! I've also seen you presented your landing pad.
  3. [MOC] UFO | S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay

    Wonderful build !
  4. [LDD] Agent Coulson's LOLA

    So, I finally made a mix between your video version, the official version and some own adjustements. Here is the result : Phil Coulson's Lola by Bossk Davalon, sur Flickr Phil Coulson's Lola by Bossk Davalon, sur Flickr Phil Coulson's Lola by Bossk Davalon, sur Flickr LDD file available on request.
  5. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    ... @Fishsticks03, it's a little bit late, the first season is over !
  6. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Congratulations to Octan Corp ! Thanks to the AG crew and all players. I take the spaceship near the end of the game but I will be in the second era from the begining !
  7. [K-F09] Kawashita Mastodon Assault Tank

    Just a little
  8. Tags: Land Vehicule Certainly the last build for AG1 for not the least ! After around 6 months of engineering, the Kawashita Tech Division is proud to present its last Assault Tank, the Mastodon. Data sheet : Front twin flam thrower 2 side twin laser canons twin auto-cannons on turret All pics on my Flickr account Building data sheet : 5 motors - XL motor for each couple of lateral caterpillars, 1 M motors for front door and 2 M motors for the upper turret Lights 3 IR receivers
  9. [MOC] Jurassic Brick

    Awesome work ! I love also the landscapes !
  10. Troubleshooting for Helicarrier

    I've put the M motor inside the Helicarrier last week and tested it during an exhibition. The result is that the turbines worked during 5-10 minutes before slowing down and stopping and the lights still on. I switched off the battery during 20 minutes and restarted. Again, 5 minutes OK then stop. I decided to open the bridge to check the motor and I saw that when you switch on the battery, due to the torque, the motor is going crooked. The white pin is for me guilty because it's too loose. I'm making some tests to improve this.
  11. Lego Classic Space Monorail

    Excellent !
  12. AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Hello, I will be in winter holidays from this week end for 1 week 1/2 and I have also an exhibition to prepare for the 11&12 march (with a table dedicated to my AG MOCs) so I'm not sure to be able to post something before.
  13. [O - F09] Shutting down the system

    Impressive amout of building.
  14. [O - F03] Z on Forring

    Great scene !
  15. Tags: Land Vehicule, Mecha The brand new Kawashita Heavy Armors are almost ready, last settings !