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  1. Playing in Space Since 1978

    So clever ! I will support your project too !
  2. Neo-Blacktron Gunship

    Thanks everybody and thanks also for the link in the frontpage ! (I was away from Eurobricks since few months) @Hart New Bob : These engraved tiles came from the store Brick'n'Fig (http://www.bricknfig.fr/) @LucByard & @Drunknok : the canopy is "re-used" from a design of Nick Trotta because I also love this shape and the assembly of these parts so I wanted to re-use it for technical training but in my case, I made it really functionnal. @LucByard : A baseline of spaceships with variants... good idea ! why not ! Thanks to the design, it is totally possible ! I'm already imagine a squadron taking off your landpad ! (idea for a common exhibition )
  3. Void Raven

    Awesome build !
  4. Neo-Blacktron Gunship

    Hi everybody ! I continue my Neo-BlackTron line with a gunship. I'm quite proud of its shape. It was presented in a exhibition last week-end.
  5. [MOC] LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick

    I love this new Maverick with PF inside !
  6. [MOD]Ultimate Blacktron Mobile

    Thanks everybody. Stay tuned for the others pics.
  7. Very interesting technic ! What are the proportions of the mix ?
  8. [MOD]Ultimate Blacktron Mobile

    I present to you the first pics of my MOD of the Ultimate BatMobile. I will post others pics after of the 4 vehicles because even the change of diameter and width of the wheels, I managed to keep the original functions. I hope you enjoy it.
  9. AG2 Prologue

    On my side, I prepare some builds in advance, the story will come after, depending the rules and the map. But I think I will be able to post some little pics for the Prologue during september.
  10. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Unfortunately not, otherwise, be sure I came to talk with you ! I saw pictures on Flickr
  11. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Excellent Luc ! I've also seen you presented your landing pad.
  12. [MOC] UFO | S.H.A.D.O. maintenance bay

    Wonderful build !
  13. [LDD] Agent Coulson's LOLA

    So, I finally made a mix between your video version, the official version and some own adjustements. Here is the result : Phil Coulson's Lola by Bossk Davalon, sur Flickr Phil Coulson's Lola by Bossk Davalon, sur Flickr Phil Coulson's Lola by Bossk Davalon, sur Flickr LDD file available on request.
  14. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    ... @Fishsticks03, it's a little bit late, the first season is over !
  15. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Congratulations to Octan Corp ! Thanks to the AG crew and all players. I take the spaceship near the end of the game but I will be in the second era from the begining !