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Logan McOwen

REVAMP: Onua, Uniter of Earth

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Onua, Uniter of Earth


Here’s my take on 71309 Onua, Uniter of Earth!

Sporting a Technic-heavy upper body build, my version of the gentle giant accommodates the wide chestplate from his 2015 edition (70789 Onua, Master of Earth), and upper back panels which open out to provide room for 2016’s “Unity” function (demonstrated here with the lovely 71304 Terak, Creature of Earth).

I love doing larger models like this, so expect more in future!






Front, Unarmed


Pose, Flaunting strength



Back Panels, Opened and Closed


Pose, United with Terak, Creature of Earth


Skeleton, Chest and shoulders


Skeleton, Back and shoulders

Edited by Logan McOwen

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Yeow! This looks awesome! Very nice, I like the re-use of the extra wide chest shell. Good move, one the original set should have done aswell.

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That is really cool. I love the extra bulk and the fact that he can still combine with Terak.

Though I don't like how the Xl chest armor covers up the nice printing on the uniter torso. And I feel that the upper leg armor would look better if attached to the side instead of the front.

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Mmm the combo of the 2015 chest armor with the 2016 torso shell is ace. I love how huge it makes his upper body. And there can never be too much trans purple on MOCs. :wub: The opening panels on the back to accommodate Terak are too cool for school. I feel like the legs have a bit too much gold compared to the rest of him, but nothing too serious. And I personally dislike those feet, but that's not your fault. Great job! :thumbup:

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I anxiously await a Kopaka revamp. The stock shoulder connection is horrible.

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