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[Challenge 3][Cat. A][O - H06] Swift Reprisal

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Garden Path

Farmolis 3186

Dr. Markham blissfully walks through the Andromeda Arboretum of Farmolis's capital city without a care in the world. His job was just too good. Great paycheck... and the retirement package? Wow!

Koro sensed the doctor's presence but kept focused on his meditation. He picked a spot where he knew the good doctor would see him on the way to the lab and waited for confirmation from his secretary confirming his Friday schedule.

The secretary confirms, and Koro comes out of his trance. He drops down from the Torii to say hello while Dr. Markham is trying to decide what upholstery to use in his new orbital yacht.

"Dr. Markham, we were just now able to schedule another spin class for Friday. Can I sign you up for the 10 am slot?"

Alternate Shot:


[Challenge 3][Cat. A][H06] Swift Reprisal - 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr

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Nice work, the arch looks really good and those trees, though a bit blocky, look a lot better than I would have thought blocky trees would look!

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