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Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Rules thread.

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Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Rules Thread

What is BoBS?

Brethren of the Brick Seas is a building community on Eurobricks open to all who wish to join. This is a maritime-oriented world where the technology level is parallel with the historical Age of Sail. There are currently four factions. Each member joins a faction, and builds to win points for their faction and for themselves, and to better their building skills. At any given time of the year there may be one or more building challenges where a builder may win recognition and sometimes prizes. On top of this, there is also a game mechanic that allows players to earn more gold and power for themselves and their faction.

Check out the Master Index for links to the other rule threads.

Building in BoBS

Starting Off:

Join a faction and get to work building and creating in the world of BoBS by posting a sig-fig in your chosen faction thread. You are not required to play the game mechanic (the EGS), but this is the way scores are kept for those who want to keep score. Nonparticipants in the EGS will still help their faction earn points. If you do choose to participate in the EGS, you will receive 25 DBs upon posting your sig-fig. If you build an introductory MOC, post that as a freebuild (see below).


A freebuild is a MOC that is not associated with any challenge. You may build as many of these as you wish! If you want the freebuild to count towards your and your faction’s score, then you will have to post it in its own thread, and a link to the build in the freebuild registration thread. Finally, to help the leadership keep score, you will report the build through a web form.

See the Master Index for links.

Challenge Builds:

These are MOCs that have specific rules attached to them in order to participate in a challenge. These have their own type of reporting, depending on the challenge rules.

Anyone is welcome to host a mini-challenge. However, to avoid too much overlap, we ask that you coordinate timing with leadership.

A few basic limitations:

1) Fit in the time period. This would be the Age of Discovery to about 1830. Please, no steam ships!

2) You cannot infringe on another person’s story without their permission. IE: You can’t rob, plunder, and kill another player’s characters or property without first agreeing with the player to do so. There are plenty of resolution methods to help settle disputes or perhaps two or more builders want to plan out a story arc where some of their property is attacked by the other -- this is fine. Exceptions – MCRA results (see the MCRA Thread for more details), or squatting (see the Property Thread for more details).

3) MOCs should be appropriate for all of Eurobricks' audience and posts should comply with the TOS.

4) Digital building is permitted, but although you may enter challenges digitally, you will not be elegible for winning any physical prizes.


1) Life’s better with a mate(s)! Work with your team! Your faction has special rules, intricate politics, and claims on certain islands. Knowing how your team works and working on group projects, trade runs, and goals will help you get the most out of this roleplaying/building game.

2) I want to be Governor of the whole New World! Hold off on starting your own colonies for a little bit. It will be very tempting to start your own colony and get to work, but it might be more beneficial to work with a few other builders to build a colony. In the EGS your nations revenue is based upon how strong their colonial possessions are. In order to get earn more money, colonial settlements need lots of buildings. Trying to build a major settlement by oneself will be difficult. The Sea Rats are a little different here, and it may be in their best interest to create their own pirate nest early on.

3) It is only a game, and many people treat it as a roleplaying game. So don’t be mad at your fellow builders! Talk out your problems. Some people may just be “playing the role” of a dastardly and vile pirate, scum, or cheat, but in real life, they are probably pretty swell. Let’s keep it fun!

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Conflict Resolution

Inevitably, conflicts will arise. We have provided a few ways for resolution, though no builder is required to accept a certain one.

Conflicts between factions will be handled via the warfare rules. (Coming Soon)

Small Conflict Resolution

Definition of Small conflict:

An in-game world situation in which a builder or small group of builders conflicts with another builder or small group of builders. IE: Rex the pirate wants to find and sink Bill the Eslandolian. Rex and Bill would talk it over and figure out how best to resolve this conflict. We encourage you to MOC the various resolution steps.

Resolution Options:

Talk it out. For example, Rex and Bill could have agreed to stage a series of builds where Rex finds Bill’s ship, sinks it, and takes Bill prisoner.

Can't come to an agreement like that? Or just want a bit of random chance?

Official Conflict Resolution Steps:

Note: If an official conflict resolution step is taken, the participants agree to live with the outcome of the resolution.

1) Duels – One to one combat.

  • A challenger publicly challenges another builder, and the builder can accept or decline.
  • Duels are judged by a panel of three judges. Each builder chooses one judge, and the two must agree on the third judge. Judges receive 5 DB per duel judged (max 20 DBs/PIPs per month).
  • Duelists agree on an amount of DBs (with a matching number of PIPs) to wager (minimum of 10 DBs). Winner takes all. Loser receives 5 PIPs for participation.
  • Duelists are responsible for reporting scores.
  • Max one duel per week per builder.

2) Build-off – A specific system of dueling, with up to four builders per side.

  • Builders must choose a theme (which must relate to the conflict at hand).
  • Build-offs last one month.
  • Default size is 32x32, but builders may choose a different limit.
  • A thread announcing the Build-off, terms, and end date - and perhaps a little bit of background about the conflict, will be posted by one participant. The other participants will each post to that thread agreeing to the terms. Before the deadline, all builders participating will post their build to the same thread. After the deadline, a moderator/regulation/faction leader should be contacted to create a voting thread.
  • The vote will stay open one week, and all members of Eurobricks will be invited to vote to determine the winning side.
  • All entries should be judged for build quality (30%), story (30%), presentation (20%), and fitting the challenge (20%).
  • The winning side resolves the conflict in their favor.

3) Game of Chance – This is a simple dice throw or a series of dice throws.

  • Two individuals or teams agree to a game of chance.
  • Each side gets one dice of the same type; higher value wins, ties are re-rolled.
  • Participants can agree on any modifiers they wish, but if no agreement is met, then a straight dice throw will be used.
  • If the participants cannot find an impartial judge to roll dice for them, then a faction leader can do so.
  • The winner resolves the conflict in his/her favor.

4) Court Arbitration -- Each faction has a court system of some sort. Both parties have to agree to take an issue to court. Once they have agreed, they must abide by the ruling. See your faction thread for more details. Courts can award DBs from one person to another or impose fines.

5) Ship to Ship Combat – Coming Soon.


Coming Soon

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