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Doppelmayr 3s Gondola Ropeway

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And after changing the batteries the ropeway seems to work well. The last two tests were good, I hope this continues.

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Hi, my last post was a long time ago, because i totally forgot to show you pictures and the video of the exhibition in june.







Efferman helped me during the disassembly:





The last four months i concentrated on other projects. But now I will continue with the 3s.

Last week i did some technical and optical changes and improvements. So I will try to make the ropeway more reliable during the next few weeks.

But first some pictures:

The gondolas are finished now, the problem was to get all the #3 connectors in red:



The walkways along the mast got a mesh floor.



And in the valley station the middle pulley was modified and strengthened.


The pulleys in front of the station were mdified in order to reduce the clearance to the sides. Because of this the pulling rope often jumped off the pulleys and the gondolas got stuck there. This is a mayor problem and i hope that this modification works well. The next test will show...


And another detail, the safety nets in front of the station were added:



That´s it for the moment. During the next weeks/ months I will continue testing and optimizing the system and also redesign the building of the mountain station in LDD in order to make it modular, buildable and more detailed. I suppose the partcount for the building will increase from 7000 to approximately 14000 bricks. But time will show...

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Absolutely stunning! 

  • How did you transport it?
  • How long did it take to set up?
  • What did you use for cable?  Looks like some pretty thick stuff.  How do you keep it tensioned?

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@Blakbird I disassembled the model into modules and small parts. Fortunately everything fit into my VW Polo :D



The setup took ...maybe 4 hours. But adjusting everything and making the system work is another task and takes much longer. I only managed to get the one gondola mode to work at the exhibition. The fullauto mode did not work. But this is my personal aim for ABSolut Steinchen exhibition next year :)

The carrying ropes are made of cotton which is not the best choice at all. Maybe I will change them later. The pulling rope is a 2 mm Polypropylen rope which is quite perfect and works very well.

The carrying ropes are kept on tension by the baseplates which define the distance between the stations. The pulling rope is tensioned by a weight, like in some real 3s ropeways.


@Victor Imaginator there are levers at the gondola trolleys and rails in the stations. These open the clamps and release the pulling rope. You can see this in some of my videos on youtube.

I hope I was able to answer all of your questions. Otherwise: just ask :)

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This build never ceases to amaze me... Missed the exhibition pics you showed in October...awesome!!! People sure have enjoyed that right?

This latest feature is cool too buddy! Excellent how you put in al those details...it never stops... :thumbup:

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Hi everybody

after 1 1/2 year of digital building the new version of the mountain station building (3s ropeway Kitzbühel, Austia) is now finished. The building is now modular, more detailed and should be buildable in real, because the old version was not.

The building itself consists of nearly 15.000 bricks (the old version had 7.000 bricks) and it is 150 cm long. The whole mountain station including the mast and the ropeway system has a length of 250 cm and will consist of 30.000 - 35.000 bricks.







I am looking forward to collect all the needed parts which will take some months.

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Great to have you back on this topic.

I discovered you 3S on youtube month ago I'm completely fan. Good luck to finalize this new project.

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