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  1. Blakbird

    Rezvani Beast w/ sidewinder doors

    You just keep pumping out cool models. The last time I made a "Lox compilation render" it had 6 of your masterpieces, but I suspect it has become significantly out of date by now. Let me know if you want me to update it with any of the new models.
  2. As a display model I think this thing is very good looking and would be a welcome addition to my car shelf. My major concern is the stickers. Looking across the history of Technic models, virtually every time in which white was used in the stickers, those white portions disintegrated into a finely granulated pile of gooey morass within a year or two. In a case like this where the stickers are a huge part of the look of the car, and in which the looks of the car are the main point, I'm worried it will turn from good looking into hideous in a couple of years. I guess that happens to all of us.
  3. Blakbird

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    After a whole lot of sifting through Google search results, I found it. It is by Brian Alano. It is very much like the original Akiyuki train motor but with some additional strengthening. I have no idea how I found it originally. I worked really well though so I recommend it.
  4. Blakbird

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Thanks, but sadly that's not the one. The one I'm looking for is much older. It is not studless, just a slightly modified version of the original. The reason I'm looking for it is so that I can rebuild my parts back into the train. I didn't realize I had lost the instructions for it when I took it apart.
  5. Blakbird

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Hello all. Interesting to drop back into my own thread after all this time and see what has been going on. I've been away too long and have forgotten some things so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I recently disassembled my original Train/Crane module. This is the huge one with the crane that lifts the hopper off the train to fill it. When I first built this module I had problems with the little train. The structure wasn't very strong and it tended to come apart when under stress from driving the crane. Someone came up with a stronger version (possibly derived from an Akiyuki later version) than what I used in my original instructions and I converted my build to this newer design which was much better. Sadly, I cannot find any record of who made that improvement or where the instructions for the updated version are. I know they existed at one time because I used them to make my conversion. Anyone remember or can provide a link?
  6. Blakbird

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    I don't have any special wisdom, I'm afraid. Old rubber bands are almost impossible to keep intact. It's the stretching that kills them. If you want them to last, just don't install them or at least remove them when you aren't using them.
  7. Blakbird

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    I don't think TLG would have any interest. They already have a vault with all the sets so they don't really have need of my collection. So far as I am aware, they don't have anything assembled though. You got me there. I completely forgot about 8217 when making that statement. As for the continuing viability of Technicopedia, I may yet find a way to continue it in some form but it would require the help of the community since I no longer have the sets to photograph and I am not buying the new sets.
  8. Blakbird

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    Yes, I still have it. I am in Germany for the next two weeks so I can't show it or ship it at the moment, but it looks exactly like Sheepo's photos except with RC BF Goodrich tires. Please continue by PM if interested.
  9. Blakbird

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    For the moment I am keeping the supercars. I have a nice, self-contained display for them in the house. (Also, no one was buying them)
  10. Blakbird

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    The sets are all on Bricklink. This thread lists only the MOCs.
  11. Blakbird

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    I've updated the list of MOCs available on the first post. I've crossed out those that have sold or I decided to keep. Everything else is still available. I also added a couple of Akiyuki GBCs that I didn't realize I still had. I really don't want to have to part all of these out so make me an offer! It's too bad about the shipping costs and taxed in Europe or I think many more of these would have sold.
  12. Interesting discussion. While recording the history of the brand writing Technicopedia I had a lot of time to ponder the changes over the years. In the beginning there was obviously more of a sense of new discovery because the designers were just figuring out what could be done with the system and in that sense were in the same boat as the fans. Every new set had never been done before. To a certain extent this happened again when the switch to studless happened, but that was a gradual shift that occurred over a period of about 10 years. Besides the nostalgia for childhood, I think another factor that makes new sets seem less exciting is that everything has been done before so there's nothing new under the sun. Even the introduction of new parts is only going to make small incremental changes possible in any new set. The Internet has also drastically changed our expectations. In 1982 the set you bought in the store was probably vastly better than what you could make or what you saw your friends make. Now you can see what the most talented fans in the world have made every single day and it is not a fair comparison because there is no constraint on what a fan can build since it doesn't need to be a marketable product. Like comparing a girlfriend to a wife. Regarding B-models, I would be willing to guess that they result in virtually no incremental sales which is why there is not much focus on them. By this I mean that hardly anyone will decide whether or not to buy a set based on the quality of the B-model. That said, I think it has been a long time since we have seen a truly excellent B-model. I'm thinking of the 8480 submarine or the 8862 combine or the 8868 garbage truck. These really showed off what you could do with the parts in the kit. I also miss the pure creative goodness of the universal sets. Think of something like 8062 which was relatively inexpensive yet had 7(!) really ingenious models to build. It seems like this concept has moved into Mindstorms. As for the recent trend towards giant sets, I guess I'll have to take the blame (credit) for that. Look back at the posts over the last decade and you'll see that whenever TLG was looking for feedback on the future I was asking for $300 sets or "UCS style" Technic. Now we have it. I don't always use my immortal power for good, but when I do, we get cool LEGO stuff. Next time I'll work on the color vomit.
  13. Blakbird

    42083 LEGO Technic: Bugatti Chiron

    It is blue like the sea. I will call it Chiron Greyjoy. "What is dead may never die."
  14. Blakbird

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    That is awesome! It would be even better if you were taking me along though. I will just miss you. I will be Germany (which for an American is pretty close) most of May.
  15. Blakbird

    Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    Yes. Continue by PM if you are interested.