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  1. I predict it will get picked up by various Star Wars blogs out there. Your server is going to get hammered!
  2. Wow Sariel, this is really well done. Looks very accurate in motion. Thanks so much for designing this and offering it to the community. I can imagine it having a much broader appeal than a typical Technic MOC.
  3. If you liked those then you are really going to like these.
  4. Time for some comparisons. Here is the 5571 Black Cat rig which is positively dwarfed by comparison. Lucio's crane truck and the bucket wheel excavator stack up a bit better, but both of these are massive models in their own right.
  5. I knew it was 180 pages, but I didn't really understand how huge the roof is. Almost 900 part and it took me the entire Saturday to model it. But this means that I'm finally done! I think the model looks pretty good and hopefully doesn't have too many mistakes. Now I can concentrate on making some awesome renders.
  6. I was looking for pictures of the real Lonestar to compare and they all had chrome wheels so I thought it would be more realistic that way. Just a personal choice.
  7. Nothing to do now but the roof, but that's still 180 pages!
  8. Yes! I was already planning on those two. Have to finish the model file first though .....
  9. Yes, the doors were relatively easy. Synthesizing the flex axle in the right shape and making the u-joint on the mirror attach to it was the only trick. The black flat portions of the sleeper should go pretty quickly, but the roof and the sun visor look fairly complicated. I'm not done yet! I hope MLCAD can handle it. I have not even attempted to add any of the pneumatic hoses or wires. If someone who is good with LDCAD wants to take the file when I am done and add these things, it would make the renders that much cooler. I also plan to do some renders of the truck next to other well known large models for scale since it is hard to understand just how big this thing is from photos alone. I'm open to suggestions of what models would be good choices for comparison.
  10. RC4WD Wheel Adapters

    They are expensive, but I don't find the price out of proportion with other RC upgrades. The price is usually a function of how much metal there is in the parts, and there are really big. True they increase the steering axis offset, but RC wheels also tend to have a lot more depth so it may cancel out. No. There is cross drilled hole you can see in the axle. You put a pin through here and then connect a 12mm hex which drives the wheel. This is how virtually all RC hubs work. I agree these are too expensive for me to use any time soon, but there have been times in the past when I was looking for exactly such a thing. If you want a really scale appearance model, RC wheels are way more accurate.
  11. RC4WD Wheel Adapters

    The price is high, but if you are into the RC hobby it is pretty typical for metal parts like this. Of course, there is no need for RC quality parts on LEGO models, but they sure do look good.
  12. 4700 parts now. I've added the doors and exhaust stacks.
  13. I can't believe I've never seen these before and I couldn't find any thread discussing them either. It appears that RC4WD now sells wheel adapters which connect to Technic hubs and allow the use of RC wheel and tires. Lots of people have been using 3rd party RC tires for MOCs for a while, but I've never seen a good way to also use the wheels. http://store.rc4wd.com/RC4WD-Wheel-Adapter-for-Toy-Blocks_p_4349.html I have RC tires on my copy of Sheepo's Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and I am strongly inclined to use some RC wheels as well.
  14. Good point, this will actually be tricky to classify. It actually fits best with my Racers category, but it is not technically part of that theme. It compares quite reasonably with 8649.
  15. Up to 4400 parts now. Parts at weird angles are hard in LDraw and the hood was therefore a big nightmare to build digitally. I built the grille and sides of the hood perfectly on grid and it looks really nice, but the black sloped part on top of the hood does not technically fit unless it is bent a bit and LDraw doesn't do that well so I spent a couple of hours just rotating assemblies around to make it look good without being able to tell I cheated. It came out OK. I also added the flex axles at the side of the hood which worked quite well. The front looks like a Lonestar!