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  1. Yes, I still have it. I am in Germany for the next two weeks so I can't show it or ship it at the moment, but it looks exactly like Sheepo's photos except with RC BF Goodrich tires. Please continue by PM if interested.
  2. For the moment I am keeping the supercars. I have a nice, self-contained display for them in the house. (Also, no one was buying them)
  3. The sets are all on Bricklink. This thread lists only the MOCs.
  4. I've updated the list of MOCs available on the first post. I've crossed out those that have sold or I decided to keep. Everything else is still available. I also added a couple of Akiyuki GBCs that I didn't realize I still had. I really don't want to have to part all of these out so make me an offer! It's too bad about the shipping costs and taxed in Europe or I think many more of these would have sold.
  5. Interesting discussion. While recording the history of the brand writing Technicopedia I had a lot of time to ponder the changes over the years. In the beginning there was obviously more of a sense of new discovery because the designers were just figuring out what could be done with the system and in that sense were in the same boat as the fans. Every new set had never been done before. To a certain extent this happened again when the switch to studless happened, but that was a gradual shift that occurred over a period of about 10 years. Besides the nostalgia for childhood, I think another factor that makes new sets seem less exciting is that everything has been done before so there's nothing new under the sun. Even the introduction of new parts is only going to make small incremental changes possible in any new set. The Internet has also drastically changed our expectations. In 1982 the set you bought in the store was probably vastly better than what you could make or what you saw your friends make. Now you can see what the most talented fans in the world have made every single day and it is not a fair comparison because there is no constraint on what a fan can build since it doesn't need to be a marketable product. Like comparing a girlfriend to a wife. Regarding B-models, I would be willing to guess that they result in virtually no incremental sales which is why there is not much focus on them. By this I mean that hardly anyone will decide whether or not to buy a set based on the quality of the B-model. That said, I think it has been a long time since we have seen a truly excellent B-model. I'm thinking of the 8480 submarine or the 8862 combine or the 8868 garbage truck. These really showed off what you could do with the parts in the kit. I also miss the pure creative goodness of the universal sets. Think of something like 8062 which was relatively inexpensive yet had 7(!) really ingenious models to build. It seems like this concept has moved into Mindstorms. As for the recent trend towards giant sets, I guess I'll have to take the blame (credit) for that. Look back at the posts over the last decade and you'll see that whenever TLG was looking for feedback on the future I was asking for $300 sets or "UCS style" Technic. Now we have it. I don't always use my immortal power for good, but when I do, we get cool LEGO stuff. Next time I'll work on the color vomit.
  6. It is blue like the sea. I will call it Chiron Greyjoy. "What is dead may never die."
  7. That is awesome! It would be even better if you were taking me along though. I will just miss you. I will be Germany (which for an American is pretty close) most of May.
  8. Yes. Continue by PM if you are interested.
  9. The only GBC I have left is the crane/train module. It is so enormous that I can't imagine anyone buying it. I'm sure it will be parted out.
  10. No, those two are gone.
  11. You can send a PM at either 5 or 10 posts, I can't recall which. Yes, the GMK is the same version in my review. I use the same set of 4 IR remotes for all of my models, so they would not come with a controller although I could probably sell it separately if you were interested. All of the motors are included in both models. The battery boxes are there but will not have batteries in them. No rechargeables included. You can find my email address on Technicopedia if you want to contact me that way.
  12. Model Designer Parts Value Telehandler Lipko 2,250 $339 This is a super clean telehandler design. Motorized, but not for driving. Model Designer Parts Value MAN TGS M_longer 2,415 $366 I built this truck in blue and gray instead of the yellow in the instructions. Motorized. Model Designer Parts Value Liebherr L580 M_longer 1,604 $397 A gorgeous motorized loader. Model Designer Parts Value Wing Body Truck Madoca 4,126 $959 The gigantic motorized wing body truck. One of the best designed MOCs I've ever seen. Model Designer Parts Value Tatra 813 Madoca 2,527 $759 This motorized Tatra performs almost as well as an RC. Mine includes military RC tires. Model Designer Parts Value Shaman Madoca 2,574 $676 The Shaman is a brilliant model. Multiple motorized steering modes. 8 wheels. Model Designer Parts Value Jeep Hurricane Nathanael Kuipe 1,724 $373 There were never instructions for this model so it would have to ship assembled. I'm probably the only person to have one. Features zero turning radius mode just like the real thing. Model Designer Parts Value CVT Truck Nico71 1,121 $267 This thing has a real continuously variable transmission. Model Designer Parts Value Kamov KA-32 Sheepo 2,059 $334 This helicopter has real working collective with swashplates on both rotors. Huge. A real masterpiece.
  13. OK folks, I know I promised to post some more information on some of these MOCs that are still available. I am currently on business in Germany and have a little time to post. I am going to try to put some info on the non-supercar MOCs. If I don't get any further interest on these by the end of May, I will start parting them out. As always, if you are seriously interested please contact me via PM. If you are not familiar with any of these MOCs, you can find out lots more by searching here on Eurobricks or on ReBrickable. Model Designer Parts Value US Truck 2Legoornot2Lego 1,783 $507 I originally built this model in the T1 configuration but then later upgraded to T2. My T2 is special because I kept the rare sand blue stripe on the sleeper. I also bought lots of chromed parts that are not reflected in the price. Motorized. Model Designer Parts Value Avatar Scorpion Barman 1,823 $194 This model is just what it appears to be. The gobs of #3 LBG connectors took forever to collect. I don't have a photograph, only this render but it looks just like this! Motorized. Model Designer Parts Value Swingloader D3K 1,483 $471 I highly recommend this swingloader from D3K. It is extremely functional. He later made another version of this which looks quite different. Motorized. Model Designer Parts Value Feller buncher desert752 4,510 $1,346 My most complex MOC. Something like 17 motors. This thing is a monster and not too many people have it. Mine is built with a custom Brickstuff lighting kit with dozens of lights. Model Designer Parts Value Prinoth Leitwolf Designer Han 2,912 $577 The first MOC I ever built. Super sturdy. Includes the drum winch attachment. Motorized. Latest build has black treads. Model Designer Parts Value Dump Truck Designer Han 2,439 $467 Great pneumatic model. Includes rare pneumatic brackets. Model Designer Parts Value Dragline Excavator Designer Han 2,167 $650 This motorized model is awesome. Lots of rare green and orange parts. Super functional and enormous. Model Designer Parts Value Low Loader Truck Designer Han 2,054 $386 Lowboy Trailer Designer Han 1,656 $220 Great motorized truck with trailer. Available separately if desired. Snow groomer not included. Model Designer Parts Value Snow Speeder Drakmin 2,191 $180 This snow speeder is not like any other Star Wars model. Made of all Technic parts with lots of functions. Model Designer Parts Value GMK6400 Crane Gerger 3,504 $919 There have been quite a few versions of this huge motorized crane. This is the one with independent suspension on all wheels. I don't want my editor to crash so I am going to post these and then keep going. Model Designer Parts Value Tow Truck 5571 Grazi 3,969 $1,173 The epic tow truck by Grazi. It takes two of the famous 5571 Black Cat models just to get the tires for this. Yes it does the original sized tires, not the newer smaller versions. One of the most functional models ever. Loaded with pneumatics and motors. Model Designer Parts Value Wheel Excavator GuiliuG 1,997 $501 This wheeled excavator uses all 8 IR channels. Very functional and sturdy. Model Designer Parts Value Telehandler Jurgen Krooshoop 3,383 $700 Jurgen's gigantic motorized telehandler. This thing is probably bigger than the new crane coming out this year. Packed with motors. Smaller version for scale. Model Designer Parts Value Kenworth Jurgen Krooshoop 2,594 $506 This motorized truck has a really clever transmission that let's you select any of the 4 gears at any time directly. Model Designer Parts Value Backhoe Loader Jurgen Krooshoop 1,972 $711 Jurgen's famous backhoe using all 8 IR channels. I later updated mine to use the Class tires instead of the Power Puller tires. Model Designer Parts Value Forklift Kevin Moo 1,768 $408 Kevin Moo made my favorite forklift, a super durable motorized model. Model Designer Parts Value Cement Truck LasseD 1,520 $245 This cement truck is different from all my other models because it the drum is made of all System parts. Uses a clever system to control the drum rotation with a single remote. Includes the rare letters for the grille.
  14. No, the prices are based on current Bricklink market value. In some cases this is far below original price and in other cases it is far above. I've already listed a few of them on Bricklink, but I don't really want to list them until they have been disassembled and are actually ready to ship. The prospect of taking them all apart is incredibly daunting and I have been making only slow progress. ~1M Technic parts will really mess up your fingertips!