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  1. Yes, a teeter hinge is a real thing for simple rotors. Robinson helicopters use it and so do the UH-1 and Bell 47. I'm pretty sure that is only for 2-blade rotors which makes the 8412 actually somewhat accurate. My favorite rotor head is the 7-blade, fully articulated head on the CH-53E Super Stallion.
  2. Yes, they are contradictory, that was the point. I can't tell whether the swashplate is real or not. The arrow on the official photo from LEGO makes it look like the whole rotor tilts.
  3. From what I can tell from the helicopter photos, it will indeed have collective pitch (much like the original 852 helicopter in 1977), but what people are calling "cyclic" will really be a tilting head like 8856. I'd love to be proved wrong though. It looks a bit like there might be a real swashplate. Depending on the length of the control horn, they might even compensate for gyroscopic precession! Even then we'd be a long way from a fully articulated rotor without a flap hinge or a drag hinge, but we're starting to get as close as we as is reasonable with LEGO.
  4. I seem to recall another major release having an error in the orders of the gears but I can't remember which one. Was it the Porsche? Then LEGO claimed they did it on purpose to make a bigger difference between gears. It doesn't make a lot of sense to make a book in such a limited quantity unless it was a requirement from Ferrari. They like their products to be limited and therefore demand inflated prices. Just a thought. I actually just want to read the book; I don't necessarily need to own a copy permanently. Hopefully there will be a way for me to borrow one or see a PDF or something.
  5. I didn't get a book. Out of stock at 12:15.
  6. Wow, this brings back memories. I think this one of the first sets of instructions I ever made (and it shows).
  7. Finished. Here's 2019.
  8. Looks like this will work. There are a quite a few position errors from the conversion so I wouldn't use it for close-up mechanical pictures, but it is close enough for overall renders which is all I was looking for now. Thanks! I've only got one file left for 2019 and I'm working on it now.
  9. If know absolutely nothing about If you can export an LDraw file, I can take a look and see if it will work.
  10. I've completed the LDraw models for the 2017 and 2018 sets, and I have a large portion of the 2019 sets done. I don't have the time to do the 42098 car transporter though. Any volunteers?
  11. When you're right, you're right, and you are right. I found an interference hidden in the model that forces the 5.5L axle out half a stud. I fixed it now. That's not what I was referring to, but I'm glad to make the model more accurate. Yeah, the flex axles are always a giant pain. I know LDCad is much better at it, but I never learned that software. If someone wants to improve them, I have no objection. The flex axle along the roof line should actually not be flat. There should be a continuous curve from the front the back, with the center one arched a bit over the flat roof. I could do that with enough time, but I didn't. Last night I went through the long, agonizing process of exporting a parts list from the file and comparing it to the parts list in the back of the manual. This revealed a number of errors that I fixed, revealed one error in the manual, and left over a few errors that are too much trouble to track down. Summary below: Error: Manual shows 26x black 11478 5L liftarm with axle holes, but the actual instructions have a mixture of black and light gray. I'm guessing they made a change to make some parts show up more easily during the build. There are actually 12 black and 14 light gray. Missing: 1x black 32316 5L liftarm Missing: 2x black 32523 3L liftarm Missing: 2x black 2780 friction pin Missing: 1x light gray 32316 5L liftarm Missing: 2x blue 43093 axle pin with friction Missing: 2x red 11214 long axle pin with friction Missing: 2x red 32054 long pin with friction and stop bush Missing: 1x red 3705 4L axle Extra: 2x red 32062 2L axle So that's an overall delta of -11 parts. My Brickstock parts list now shows 3679 parts so even with the extra 11 it is only 3690 which still doesn't match TLG's stated part count of 3696. The file is now to the point that I feel comfortable sharing it. You can download it here. Anyone bored enough to find where those parts are missing earns point redeemable for a free download of the updated file.
  12. Nope, that's not it. Skirts are positioned correctly. Here's an extra view just for fun that shows I can open the hood and doors reasonably well in the model and also lift the spoiler and remove the engine cover.
  13. OK, I checked more closely and there is indeed a single rotational degree of freedom on that panel attachment. I rotated them forward and it looks much better. If I'd had the correct wheel arches in there it would have been much more obvious because those panels won't even fit without rotating them. I've done a new render with the corrected panel positions and also took the opportunity to use the old metallic green from 8466 which looks way more accurate to the real car. Of course, after the render was complete I spotted one more easily visible error in my file. Bonus points to anyone who can find it. Higher res version of the picture here. When I build my physical version, I think I'll be replacing all the visible blue pins with black.
  14. Thanks, I'll check on that. I didn't think they looked quite right, but that's the way they fit according to my file. Maybe I missed something.
  15. Here's the final model. Errata: wrong wheel arches, wrong wheels, wedge panels only symbolic, no printed parts. It was about a week of back breaking labor (my back is actually really sore!). I'll post the file once I have checked it for errors.