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  1. Hey there! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to finish my cat. B entry in time, but instead I have something else for you... (maybe I'll finish the entry as a freebuild somewhere in the near future...) As you know(or don't) am I the founder of the purple city of Kyrrath. And for a big part, it's similar to other city's in many ways. But when you look to the expansion of Kyrrath, than there is a difference with other citys. Yes, there are some houses that are just build up from the ground, but since Kyrrath has declared loyalty to the spire, there has been a second way of expansion: In a lot of places there are citizens that would like to be loyal to the spire, but do live in areas where most of the population is helping the resistance out. But now there's something beautiful, something magical for these people... When they use purple amethystdust from Kyrrath, and paint their roofs purple, their houses will come to live, and move towards Kyrrath, to settle there and be able to support the spire, The true leader of Nocturnus! Oh, and when the houses come across pirateships, or other buildings loyal to the resistance, they don't doubt destroying them... Here are the photos: This build is also an entry for the finals of The Tourney, that is the reason why this ship design is based at the design of my enemy over there, W. Navarre. But it is a complete rebuild, using my own techniques and designchoises. Credits to him tho for the original design of the ship. And lastly a picture of the house itself, without a ship covering the whole front... I hope you enjoy my build, and if you also want to live in Kyrrath, don't wait any longer, buy some Kyrrath' amethyst dust and paint your roof purple.... C&C always welcome! Have a nice day, Jaap
  2. Beneath the Zotharian city hall lays a secret, safeguarded chamber with thick, reinforced walls. The chamber is said to contain Zotharith's most prestigious projects. Ten days or so ago, Onicius locked himself in this place, only to be disturbed by those delivering either food or materials, twice a day. He has been tinkering on an immensely complicated magical device. The process from idea, to working out the design, and building took months, but now, it is nearing completion... Onicius calls it the Arcane Regulation Core (ARC), which will eventually enable him to control arcane magic flows on a whole different level. The wheels of fate are slowly starting to turn! Hello guys! I had this build in mind for the Exetrius Saga for half a year or so, but I thought it would be a fitting entry to the Challenge as well, so built it earlier then I originally planned to. Turned out fine in my opinion, even though I had to rush the base. Hope you enjoyed, C&C always appreciated!
  3. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 -What Has Past- Chapter 3 The Green Dragon Inn Bustle at Treacleheim At the Gates of Budd-apest Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim Charlemagne's Residence Dragon Taming Defense of the North The Sultan's Rider Charlemagne was almost regretting not listening to Kyran's threats. Now he was a captive of the council of vampires that had sided with the Black Spire. Another of the vampire lords was showing him their recent war efforts as their built new siege engines. Charlemagne knew he never would have sided with Raavage, the Desert King was the only true ruler. But it sure would have been nice if his captors would have left him in his cell rather than talk his ear off.
  4. In the forest that ringed a Black Spire castle, Lord Maestro's men busied them selves constructing siege weapons. Prepared in modules back in Avalonia, soaring siege towers and devastating were slowly being pieced together (almost like Lego ). Today Lord Maestro surveyed a new contraption. Adapted from an ordinary Ballista , The Maestro's architects swore it was twice as powerful. To show their allegiance was to Avalonia they had fitted it with a Dragon head, the emblem of our their guild. A close up Looking down the barrel of the beast Entry to challenge V Category B, this was an interesting build. I have only done something like this once, and you can probably see the resemblance I hope the Dragon head looks ok to you guys, because im not completely satisfied with it. I think the landscape turned out good though, that red stuff is meant to be moss/grass. Should have Cat D up soon, C&C needed and hope you enjoy
  5. Location: Somewere in Nocturnus Since Lord Jürgen was tending to more important matters at the moment, he sent his Second in command to personally oversee the the building of the weapon that would help to secure the spire's place as the rightful rulers of Nocturnus. Jürgen had called it the Spire's spire, and had said that it's purpose was as a sort of portal or planar gate to allow the soldiers of the spire to quickly arrive at various strategic positions across Nocturnus. Perhaps, if all went well, they would begin to build more outside of Nocturnus.... Sorry for the poor quality of light, I'm currently photographing this stuff on an IPad.
  6. Hey all! For a while, I've want to build something for the frozen beyond, but I never made time for it. When I was building for a contest, with a mage-battle category, I decided it was time for a build for The Frozen Beyond. For those that are wondering, no it doesn't have purple roofs, so this isnt located in Kyrrath. This build is located somewhere in the land in south of Kyrrath. The reason I didn't go for purple roofs(wanted to do so, at first) is that I didnt want to use black in my build, and I don't have enough purple wedges for all the roofs. So in the end I went for the blue-orange colorscheme, to make an unrealistic color-combination, although I didn't want it to look 'weird'. In the end I'm quite pleased with the result, so now it's up to you to make your own opinion at my build :) I didn't really make a story, but my build shows that the algus is still slowly spreading over the guilds... It has even reached one of the 'hottest' places, far into the nocturnus' lands... But although they come close to these places, the algus isn't strong enough to capture the house of the fire-mage... This far from the north, the power of the Algus isn't that big anymore, and the icemage gets blown away by the firespells, used by the fire-mage... Here are the pictures: The build itself: The fire-mage: The Algus-mage gets a 'warm welcome'..... And here some other views at the house: And finally a shot from above, that shows the different angles in the build quite nicely.. I hope you like my build, And feel free to share your opinion :) Jaap
  7. Hey there! Finally there's a new GoH build from me! It's been about a year ago since my last one... :/ But I got some plans for new builds, when I'll be finished with The Tourney contest at mocpages... I didn't have a great idea for category A of the challenge for a while, but yesterday evening I found one(and also one for cat. B), and I couldn't resist building it as I think it's stupidly funny . Anyway, here it is: Messenger: "Hey, soldier! I got an important message for Lord Kiarr. Where can I find him? The message should not be lost!" Soldier: "Oh, hey! Welcome to Kyrrath! So you got a message? Interesting! hehe... Messenger: "Sure I got a message, and it's really important! Can you tell me please where Lord Kiarr is? Soldier: "Sure I can, but first I have some questions, as I can't send everybody to my Lord..." Messenger: "It's a message from the resistance, with some very important information! If it get lost, The spire will rule over whole Nocturnus!" Soldier: "So it's an important message against the spire?!?..." Messenger: "Yes, the leaders of the resistance send me to Kyrrath to deliver it to Lord Kyrrath, so Nocturnus will get rescued from the spire!" Soldier: "As you can see, we got a special mailbox for important messages about the war against the spire. Put it in there, and no one that may not read the message will be able to get it out of it, hehe" (He didn't even lie) Messenger: "Great, that looks very safe! I'll put the letter in the box!" "Thanks for the help, and have a nice day!" Soldier: "I wish you a 'safe' trip back! As 'safe' as your message is! hehe..." When the messenger has left: Soldier: "hehe, stupid boy. The leaders of the resistance make it easy for us, the spire, if they keep using these stupid, less intelligent messengers..." "This way, there's not even a single reason to kill the messengers, if they are so stupid! And I didn't even have to lie to him! hehe... " And here's the build: GoH - Challenge A - The Mailbox! And here's the way we stop messages from the resistance in Kyrrath: GoH - Challenge A: The mailbox! Kyrrath for purple, Kyrrath for the spire! Quite a rushed build, but I think you get the idea, and I decided it was funny enough to build and share with you! Hope you enjoy! Jaap
  8. For the Resistance! In Nocturnus, there are places in-acessible to even the most agile of land messengers. As all forces are needed to overthrow the spire, messengers have taken to the skies. I had better plans for this category, but a computer death threw that plan out the window. C&C Welcome! I'm also on flickr now.
  9. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 -What Has Past- Chapter 3 The Green Dragon Inn Bustle at Treacleheim At the Gates of Budd-apest Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim Charlemagne's Residence Dragon Taming Defense of the North Charlemagne was missing! And with the war looming on the horizon, the Sultan of Budd-apest knew he would need Charlemagne's help. So he sent a rider north to Dalig Ulv to warn Wyndor of the coming battle and of Charlemagne's disappearance. (Better pictures coming in the next day or two!) They're in!
  10. A courier is traveling to Kaliphlin with intelligence regarding the political situation in Nocturnus, but the shortcut he chose took him longer than expected... In Nocturnus the flora is also not to be underestimated. My first GoH build in a year, it feels great to be back!
  11. This is my entry for the Category A of Challenge V in Guilds of Historica. On a sunny morning there was clamor and fear in the streets of Norvica. What was going on why some residents of this peaceful town are sceaming and flee into their houses ? A Nocturnian orc was riding on a horse with a fasten prisoner draging behind him. Everybody recognize this prisoner, it was Bundar the farmer, he lives in a ranch a few miles outside the city. Wait a minute, orcs never ride horses, that must be Bundar his horse he is riding on !! Two members of the royal guards of Norvica are coming in action and try to make a ambush for this Nocturnian orc and free Bundar. Lets hope they make this nightmare to a good end, because the guards of Norvica never got a challenge like this before. For more pictures look on my Flickr account.
  12. The Westwood Inn is a welcoming stop for those traveling along the Nocturnus-Mitgardia border. The Inn is famed for its wide selection of vintage spirits and the variety of Nocturnian and Mitgardian ales on tap. Affordable nightly rates and clean rooms (sorry, due to the ongoing conflicts, continental breakfast is not available at this time and towels are limited to one per guest). Ask about our weekly rates! Thanks for looking, and thanks to Slegengr letting me 'borrow' his olive green tree design!
  13. Somewhere high in the Rakath mountains... Orc (crossbow) What's that sound? Orc (axe) Aye, what? Orc (crossbow) Rustle of the air, round the back of the mountain. ... It's getting louder, better check the pass! Orc (axe) Aye, gonna look, boss. ... Aye, something fly'nour way, kinda fas.... At that moment, a knight of steel shot past the mountain ridge at incredible speed, and leaving behind a blazing trail of deep blue flames... Zotharith's research institute recently developed a flying magical device, powered by exceptionally durable blue arcane crystals. Damascian of My'athar, a cunning, skillful knight, was entrusted with it, to carry out an important mission: calling all wandering wizards to return to Zotharith. His target being in some town in the Rod's Peaks, a long period of continuous flight ahead, Damascian was killing some time by doing nose dives and scaring a few mountain orcs out of their wits... Damascian Spire or not, these guys are just too much fun to mess with! ------------------------------ Hello guys, here's my Cat. A entry, for the Resistance! I hope you like it! I designed Damascian way back in April 2016, but I never really knew how to introduce this character or what his role would be, until this challenge came around. Also, I had been playing with the idea of a mountain ridge outpost for a very long time, so it was great to finally have a go at it (though maybe I got a little carried away with that part, given the catagory). I wanted to make the most of the 256 stud area, so I didn't go with the standard configuration. Extra images: Area is 217 studs, counted from the ground up to the third layer of plates. The original design for Damascian. Thank you for looking, C&C appreciated, as always!
  14. Previously on The Adventures of Lupin 'the Mad Dog' Vandimion : Part 1:The Mad Dog Part 2:Tally-ho! Part 3: No-Man's Keep Looking back I've led a pretty content life, married my childhood sweetheart from the village. Had to join the Avalonian militia for a while, but survived the few battles I'd seen and when I returned home bought a small plot of land, start a family. So I managed to build a hovel from the wood and stone around us, we didn't have much in the way of possesions, but we had eachother and that was enough for us. Until that accursed day, my mind was so foggy, like a darkness surrounded me and when I came to... She was dead, my dagger, her blood, something sickening, something twisted, did I kill her? I killed her?! Each night, the same dream, the same terror. Can only death redeem me now, do I still have a purpose in this mad world.
  15. Previously on The Adventures of Lupin 'the Mad Dog' Vandimion : Part 1:The Mad Dog Part 2:Tally-ho! After a long, but also not too long! I'd say about medium long'ish and uneventful journey, our hero... erhm villian, no that's not quite right either... let's call him anti-hero for now, arrives at No-Man's Keep, a Drow stronghold. Acompanied by his loyal and trustworthy companion Lady. : Alright, managed to slip past all the guards unseen so far, just one of those things between us and the target now. Wait, why am I talking to a dog, oh well just got to be quiet and wack this guy... or gal... before it knows what hit it. : TALLY-HOOO!!! : Oh for ****'s sake! Who's side are you on anyway! After a long but not too long struggle with the guard... : Target aquired, Camilla Petalstorm, Witch specialized in Biomancy. : ... you talk ey, should've figured. Alright lady, and Lady, let's get out of here quickly before the other guards come rushing in. Alright ladies and gentlemen, as always I hope you enjoyed. Also as always C&C is always appreciated. Fun fact, Camilla was to have some dialogue here too, but then I forgot to take a picture of her and already broke down my entire photographing set-up without time to rebuild it T.T (Ps. Any Dutch people, please have a look at my Flickr stream.)
  16. Welcome! Would like to present my moc for the Book II: Challenge V - Category A, Alliance side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wetland Delivery As the moon kept climbing, and the stars were shining over the dark, hazy wetlands of far eastern Nocturnus, a small wooden boat glided across the wild and hazardous region, called the Eight legged archipelago. Lothar von Vonnegut scanned the lush shore, and the waters for dangers thoroughly, as the edge of the land was getting closer and closer every moment. Only thing he could see over the side of the boat, was a big tree, with a scarlet mangolia near it. Some red fruit grew on the bush, the blood berry- but the man was unfamiliar with the flora and fauna of these parts. Couldn't identify the blazing stinger reed nor the rusty swamp sedge. - We are almossst theeere! Welcome to Bygone Bayou! - hissed his makeshift shady ferryman. An interesting fella with lime colored skin, and some red stripes at the sides of the chest. Had some garments, but not much. A green belt, and a few brown leather pads here and there. Sly and fishy visage. They ran into each other back in Skavenport, at the Black Knight's Inn. Lothar drank some good ale with his brother- in- arms there, before they parted ways. Their mission was the same, but their destination was different. And here he stood now, only a few hours later, on the island of Eeryland, the largest one of the archipelago north of the strait known as Street of Cerberus. In enemy territory, late night, alone, surrounded by a suspicious kind of a cold- blooded lad, who stated that he will get him to the Queen of Spiders, Lady Ashibikaashi. He loved every minute of these perilous assignments! Vonnegut carried an important message, which had to be delivered into the queen's hand only! But this was not an easy task given to him by his superiors in Shadowmere. Lord Raavage's forces patrolled these lands lately, and the soldiers of the Spire would commit horrendous things on a spy without any hesitation or remorse. Getting caught was not an option! - Who is that?! - raised the little bit edgy courier from his seat, because he spotted a shape of some humanoid on the shore. Couldn't make it out in the darkness but it held a spear, that was unmistakable. The boat hit land, with a slight impact, but Lothar didn't lose his footing, he stood solid in his black apparel, one hand behind his back, with a dagger in it, hid by his cloak. It was a cloak and dagger mission after all... - No need to worry my fffriend! He isss just a commuter offf mine! I will take him to the mahrrrket in Ssskavenport. Trades fruitsss of the ssswamps for thingsss hisss people needsss - answered the sketchy reptile chap from the front of the boat, as he finished up the docking procedures. - What are you talking about, scales?! You told me, you will guide me to Ashibikaashi! - the warrior of Shadowmere lifted his voice a bit. His shemagh covered some of his shock, and anger. - Relaxsss! I got you! I do not have a death wisssh to meet that ssspinner! By accsssident you arrive in feeding time, and you are finissshed... But! But! I know a perssson, he resssidesss clossse! Jussst get off the boat, and head eassst for a while! You will sssee a sssmall ssshelter! Sssearch for the light of the fireplace inssside! - Who lives there?! Speak, or i will cut out your forked tongue! - Captain von Vonnegut stepped closer to the slithering serpent to intimidate it a bit with his robust stature. - There'sss no need to get physssical! Pleassse!!! - Gutkeled the Tangled lives there, stranger! A feared, and rather mysterious person in these lands! I reckon he is some kind of elf maybe, with skin yellowish- greenish... His place is a short hike from here, but be wary! The night swamp is full of violence! Always be on your guard! - intervened the next passenger. Lothar slowly turned his head, took his eyes off of the snake, and looked at it- who still stood on the shore, with a sack in his hand, the spear in the other. It had some kind of back pack. The creature resembled a spider. - Gutkeled can get you safely to my Queen! - added the being, who had brown skin, beady yellowish eyes, two big white fangs, and wore some kind of grass, bones, and web as clothing. - And will he?! Out of the kindness of his heart, am i right? - leapt Vonnegut ashore, and he was skeptical at this point. Wasn't fancy of lies, deceivers, and changes of plans, and deals. Around him, the swamp was alive and well. Olive green sour snaketail grew everywhere. Between those some sprouts of lavender rush lived, and a magenta mangrove bush bloomed. Under them ebony vipers bed for the night. Couldn't sleep much, since a quag toad performed a concert for some hours now. - Have no idea. Would never approach The Tangled! I am just an insignificant fruitmonger for my kind. But you had the guts to come to these lands. Why stop now?! You don't look like a human, who backs down easily - replied the merchant. - Let'sss gooo! We mussst go! The tide is coming sssoon! - whissspered the ferryman anxiously. - I hope you two speak the truth! For your sake, and mine! - stepped Lothar aside to give way towards the boat. - Good luck to you! - said the spider guy, as he passed. - Keep your bootsss dry hoooman! - waved the cold blooded, as the boat slowly disappeared in the murk, behind a giant maroon cypress. Captain Vonnegut could clearly hear the high- pitched sound of the flying mourner mice, as they were eating a midnight snack of tasty bayana fruit. Above them a grey corbie had a nap. It wasn't aware, that a swamp spook lurked close, looking for its prey! Even the sentinel of the swamp, the brown cloaked glider raptor on the top of the cypress didn't detect its presence yet! The all alone man looked up, and spotted some kind of giant coccoon, hanging on one of the lower branches. He was fortunate, he didn't know, there was a giant spider's dinner in it. Only a few days old. A hapless avalonian adventurer. Probably his party couldn't made it much further neither... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pictures: IMG_20170203_112758_3 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113740 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113646 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113626 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113153 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113317 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113246 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170203_113435 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr [More pictures in the spoiler section. / Pictures of the characters in the second one.] Thanks for watching! The moc's album on Flickr.
  17. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath 3: Equipment upgrade 4: Subjection of a legend 5: Family Dinner 6: Attack of the Hunters 7: Taking the Runestone 8: Supplies Arrive! 9: Festival of the Ranks (part 1) 10: Festival of the Ranks (part 2) 11: Festival of the Ranks (part 3) 12: The ranks are out! Episode 13: Taking a stand, for Nocturnus! Three weeks ago, a messenger from the west brought the word of the new heir of Cedrica to Zotharith. The prevailing mood was positive, but some warrior folk and a couple of small bounty hunters groups were clearly displeased with the unfaithfulness to the rightful ruler of the land, Lord Raavage. His influence in Zotharith had been minor up to this point, since its existence had been little known by the non-magical society. That is bound to change, for a city that is continuously growing in size, prosperity and strength... In the heart of the city hall, also known as Zotharith Headquarters, Onicius was leading a periodic council gathering. Onicius Minister of the Department of Magic, please fill me in on the latest developments of the crystal reserves. Have the stocks recovered from Festival of the Ranks yet? Durkon (Minister) Your highness! The total volume of crystals is exceeding the last recorded level, before the Festival of the Ranks, by one fifth. However, two thirds of this total volume consists of mere red crystals. I estimate that the total mana capacity will be around 62.500 equivalent spells, which is a decrease of two fifths. On a more positive note, we once again created purple crystals, which means that it should be possible to reach the power level of... Onicius I assume the matter is urgent? Damascian (Messenger) Sir! My apologies for interrupting the Council. In the town of Carakath, a dark figure, who claimed to be an archmage of the Black Spire, gave me this letter. I heard they have been recruiting lately... Onicius Thank you for your duties, Damascian, take a seat. As for the rest of this council gathering, we will continue at a later time, you are dismissed! The councillors quietly left the room. Onicius took the letter and looked at the seal, it was genuine... He went into cold sweat, put the letter aside for a moment. He took a deep breath, opened it and started reading. "... By order of His Majesty, Lord Raavage, rightful Ruler of all Nocturnus, each settlement in the Darklands is obligated to send armed and trained troops on His call. ... Zotharith is requested to deliver an army of 500 worthy men, trained and equipped. ... Any resistance shall be obliterated under His own hands. Hail Nocturnus!" It was as he feared... Onicius Damascian, summon the Order of Zotharith, whoever is in the city right now! General Zeruko, Taskmaster, 1st and 2nd Division commanders, Lady Asagrim, Ryo, my son, wherever he is hanging out these days... Also, I want Durkon to be chronicler of this gathering. ... This is of utmost importance, be quick! Two hours later, everyone had assembled in the overcrowded conference room. Onicius recited the letter. After the tumult had subsided, he continued. Onicius My esteemed fellow wizards in the Order of Zotharith, gentlemen, ladies. Lend me your wisdom! Today's decisions will inevitably carve out our fates, even that of the city itself. Give me a piece of mind. Zeruko was the first to speak. Zeruko First of all, an army of 500 strong is ridiculous! Theoretically, we would have enough men, but what would that mean for the city? Farmers, tradesmen, fishermen; they would become soldiers, but soldiers don't feed themselves. Kira Derisquar How about the equipment: helmets, chestplates, swords... iron, barracks, everything! Our resources are gravely insufficient to support an army that large, am I wrong? Ryo Kokoro Can't you use magic for that or something? Zeruko Look kid, it's not that simple. You need... The discussion was getting out of hand and everyone was talking at the same time. Onicius SILENCE! ... Alright, continue. Exetrius Eh.. If I may say something? .. Let us start with our motives. Is there anything we can gain from having Lord Raavage as our ally? Zeruko Our motives? I suppose we want to save our pride, Zotharith, from complete devastation.. We built this city with our own hands, a place where we can all research the ways of magic to our hearts content and become powerful wizards! This is our home, is it not? We may not be rich, but we have powerful knowledge, which we must protect from falling into the wrong hands. Exetrius Then, is it right to entrust Raavage with this knowledge? Sooner or later he will certainly find out that the true power of Zotharith is magic, if he doesn't know already. Deliora Asagrim Lord Raavage already holds a vast amount of power, but he craves for more. In his vanity, he would slay anything and everything that stands up to his ultimate dominance. Mark my words: Raavage will take down his strongest allies, one by one. It happened to Covenant Lord Anfauglir, and the same fate will befall the others; the Algus, the Drow and eventually the Archmage Senurhem... It would happen to us as well. Onicius But, even if Raavage himself will try to take our power for himself, perhaps we can at least retrieve knowledge and power of his allies for our own benefit. Imagine the incredible advancements we could make, if we were to lay our fingers on Drow magic, or Algus... Deliora Asagrim With all due respect, Sir, but do you really think, there will still be a 'we' after our submission to the Spire? He will shatter our unity! When we are all on our own, what would happen to our ambitions? Our powerlessness as isolated individuals would break our spirit. Fear, despair and the terror of war will bring us to our knees, enslave us to the iron will of Raavage, until all that's left of us are shells without soul. Are we going to accept this rotten destiny? NO! We must join the Resistance! Onicius Thank you, Lady Asagrim. .... I have made up my mind. We shall protect our city, not only for our own sake, but for the fate of Nocturnus! Henceforth, I, Onicius Centario, Leader of the Order of Zotharith, will ensure that Zotharith becomes the most powerful Resistance stronghold of Nocturnus! All Hail Zotharith! Hail the Resistance! Hail Nocturnus! To be continued.... Hello everyone, here's a pretty small MOC with a pretty big story! Altogether, it took me long enough, so I hope you enjoy! Anyway, now that the epic revelation is done, I can finally do my Cat. A: Rider build without spoiling the fun. Thank you for viewing/reading, C&C appreciated! Oh, I also took an overview shot, I know some of you can appreciate :
  18. Previously: Part 1:The Mad Dog Oh goody you've awoken, you'll be feeling much better now. A modernately fresh set of clothes and a new fasionable nocturian haircut always invigorate body and soul. Oh and I lifted that misty mind-veil that made you believe to be some Avalonian Noble Schmoble. But how rude, I have yet to introduce myself, Ravena, a pleasure I'm sure. ... What do you want from me? Oh deary it's not about what we want, it is about nothing less than your very destiny. Purapapaaa!!! You have the great honor and pleasure of having been selected as Slayer canidate! You will become our Champion. I have no insentive to become anybody's Champion, I only seek death now. The insentive, hehehehe, revenge... for your family!!! ... and as for death, you will find plenty of death on the road ahead. I killed them. Yes, and no. Would you not discover the truth, find awnsers and yummy delicious revenge hihihihi. No. Aaagh, well not wholy unexpected or surprising, but honey we have one final card in the deck. You will obey for now, or we will kill the last remaining things in this world you care for. Your younger siblings, we've got them and well let's just say they are alive for now. Hihehehe. *Tsssk* How cliché, but fine for now I will do what ever it is you're asking of me, know I'll kill you for this some day wench. Good, a will to live, for now you must gather some allies to aid you on your journey and unlock your latent power. First rest, tomorrow you'll depart to save a witch being held prisoner by Drow in No-Man's Keep, we have maps to lead you there and also supplies. We will keep an eye on you from afar but you'll also be joined by the first of your new companions, say hello Lady. Tally-ho! You've got to be... Tally-ho Tally-ho!
  19. An Excerpt from Recorin Geni | Volume 8235 | Cometi Cycle 7634 | Wredurin (General Chronicler) Ringel IX "The great cometi has passed over the horizon yet again,and so begins the chronicle of Cometi Cycle 7634. The oredurin (Travelling Chronicler), Arcturin, has convinced the Ovesin (Council) to allow a small force to join him in support of an Alliance formed in the blazing upper. He says that all Inani need fear if the war for the upper goes the way of some Raavage. After much consideration, and Arcturin convincing the Ovesin that he will take records of all events which he observes in triplicate, and ensure that at least one copy returns to Vacunani, he was granted his wish. The Ovesin ordered the great drums to be sounded for the first time since the passing of my predecessor, Cassor XV nearly 40 cycles ago. Arcturin's group, however left via a side passage, so the Grand Portal of Lurtin remains closed, as it has for over 6800 cycles." It's nice to get a freebuild done! This is my first freebuild of 2017, and the first dive into developing the lore behind the Inani. Feel free to ask any questions, and C&C welcome!
  20. A Poor Choice Of Mount, Book II Challenge V Category A, Alliance Even with great haste, one can still choose his mount poorly, especially the insectoid-class monstrosities known most commonly as the Nocturian Antlion. These creatures while extremely fast and deadly are also extremely unsuited for riding. Welp, I put a lot of effort into this, so I REALLY hope that the judges will allow this entry given my peculiar and still unresolved situation. C&C is welcome.
  21. Hello residents of Historica! Would like to happily present my third moc. This is my second moc for GoH, and Nocturnus. (You can check the first one here, which is a vignette.) I built this moc in LDD first, because i've started to use that program not too long ago, and i am liking it very much. This way i can try a lot of things, and variations on a moc, and if i decide to build it in real life, i can save a lot on bricks, because of the parts list provided by LDD. I wrote a short story again, and continue to give you some background information on my character, Gutkeled the Tangled. Here we go! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Saga of Gutkeled the Tangled II. From the Cradle to the Vague I.: After Gutkeled the Tangled saved Cailleach Bheur, they agreed to team up and travel together temporarily. They headed south south- east, towards the coast. The mighty Kyrrath Mountains indicated the right direction for a while. Both of them could use the company, and it was safer together. Lots of nasty things were going on in the grim and dark lands of Nocturnus on any day, but now with the civil war raging, it was more than worse. Nobody was safe! Eventually they reached Skavenport, and paid for a ferry to one of the nearby islands, where Gutkeled had a small boat, and a cabin deep on the bayou. He invited Cally for a meal. - Cozy wee but an' ben ye got here! - took a looksy around, as she sat down. - Thank you! I've build it with my two hands! Carved it out of the wilderness here. Kind of reminds me of home! - said Gutkeled, and served some food, and refreshments. - How lang have ye been living here? - asked Cally before the first bite into a scone. - A few years i guess! Who counts, eh?! - smiled the taciturn man, with a face full of buns. - Come on! Whit are ye feart of, loon! Cat got yer tongue?! No gaun to sit here in silence, listening to yer munching! Tell me a tale from yer early years! Whit did ye dae as a bairn?! Where did ye live? - forced the vamp a story, so Gutkeled gave into it. - Okay- okay! Just let me collect my thoughts, and swallow my morsel! Those were eventful years of my life for sure. - sighed the man, then began. - When I reminisce about all those years, I see many things. Life and death strung together, like the meadows and forests in which we lived. There was family and adventure, but also solitude and uncertainty. There was laughter and joy, and there was also sadness, and tears. But even more than tears, blood was shed. And so many were left to their unadorned graves, unburied. But to me, death was just another journey. Through the darkness, which i'm striding unflinchingly into the unknown, on a path paved with gray stone. And after all, when I reminisce about those years, I mostly remember green. Endless forest on the West, began from an end, filled with magic. Mysterious, and proud folk with pointy ears shaped like mine. Eerie atmosphere all around, isles constantly covered in thick fog. Light drizzle falling on me face. Mother's long ginger hair dancing in the cool, early moring breeze, as we were scouting the trail father suppose to arrive with the rising sun. Sometimes you could catch the gleam of his sword's blade on a clear day... - Wus he a knight? Yer auld man? - Cailleach slid to the edge of her chair curiously, interrupting Gutkeled's monologue. - Well, he was a warrior if needed. Always in the heart. A wanderer, seeker of forgotten tales, poet on other days. He was from the frozen lands, all year snow and mountains. Long nights and ale contests, pale lights and pine forests. Leifr Bragason, clansman. Son of Bragi, and Iðunn - the yellowish green faced man described his father, and his background passionately. - Dinna fancy they norsemen. Their blood is somehow feels cauld. Brrr!!! Shiver runs doon ma spine just as ah think of it! Whit did ya put in ma medd anyway? Tastes like a wicked witch on a rainy day! - twitched the woman from the bitter beverage that her host introduced her to. - It's the blood berry, Cally! That is what gives its sourness, and the scarlet color. I call this marsh mead. Fremented it meself - smirked Gutkeled, and sipped some from his green goblet. - Now that ye mention blood, ah wull need some soon! Cannot live on mead, bannock and buns. No offense chiel! Ye're a good cook, but ah just need a wee bit of me poison if ye ken what ah mean! Don't we aw?! - grinned the hungry vampire, as her eyes lit up with a twinkle, and her fangs appeared in her opened mouth. - All right! All right! Let me just finish my meal, and then i'll escort you to somebody i know, and can help you out with your... needs! - capitulated Gutkeled, and started to destroy the rest of the contents of his plate. - Guid! Ca' canny now! Don't choke on it! On oor way, ye can tell me mair aboot yerself! - pried the lady a bit. She was interested in Gutkeled. Saw something in him. Didn't know what. Yet! Maybe potential, opportunity! One thing was for sure. He didn't look like an average tree hugger, or a frost- blooded. The skin, the ears... Was he some kind of drow, or elf? Was Gutkeled even his real name? And what was about with that death thing? Too many questions rose up in the mind of Cailleach Bheur, but she had to wait a wee bit to learn everything. She knew she must tag along! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cabin in LDD: Original LDD version: hut001_7 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr In real life: Updated: IMG_20170131_130440 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130453 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130610 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170131_130625 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr Interior: IMG_20170124_105217 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170124_105253 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr IMG_20170124_105324 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr Thanks for watching! C&C welcome! More pictures here! IMG_20170124_110825 by Lazlow Lockhart, on Flickr
  22. : Woah man, can't believe they'd send out all this security for one prisoner, must be one helluva bastard this one. : Heh, you haven't heard sonny, this is non other then Lupin ' the Mad Dog' Vandimion. He's the talk o' all the towns. : Wha-what!? You mean that psycho who butchered his own family. : Yeap, they had to gag him. Wouldn't stop raving about being some noble lord, Reinhard o' Sternvale or something, guy's a complete nutter. And o' course, he be claimin he ain't done it. : Bah, if you ask me they should execute these freaks on the spot, what's with the Inquisitors though? : Well, I reckon they must suspect something occult or demonic be going on. All I hear say, he was found surounded by bits and pieces what was left of his family, covered in their blood. Wait, did you just hear someth-... Greetings all, made this in two hours today (due to time constraint 2 to 4 hours is about all I have to work on MOC's per week). I hope you like the MOC and the, albeit a bit grim dark, story so far. Due to not being a native English Speaker/Writer I find this method of story telling which I've taken from Andromeda's Gates to be the best way for me and I hope it'll be allowed. I plan to keep building a new story segment each week. As a bonus check out these Avalonian Inquisitors, the Avalonian Inquisition specializes in the hunting down of Demons, Blood Magic users (such as wicked witches) and other dark things that can not stand the light:
  23. While Lord Nar Bilu spends his days rebuilding his city on Hemresa, he sends out his great great grandson (future Narbilu, or the Green Shade as he was named here) to try and find out what is happening in Nocturnus. Weeks passed, roaming the wild woodlands and swamps of Nocturnus ground until an anomaly appeared. Narbilu reacted somewhat startled at first, but quickly he recognised the ghostly form. It was the commander of the fallen Avalonian warriors. It only spoke a few clear words “War already started, take this home now, haste back”. It handed a letter to Narbilu. A bit disoriented Narbilu turned his head to see where the ghost went, but he had vanished in thin air. The ground beneath his feet started shaking and as Narbilu jumped aside a large bonelike monster erupted from beneath the soil. It hovered a few feet above the ground, patiently awaiting Narbilu’s response. As Narbilu saw that the beast meant no harm, he threw a rope around the neck of the beast and climbed his back. Swiftly the animal flew away, clearly heading west. Back home. For more pictures, check my FlickR account
  24. Somewhere in the marshy outskirts of Zotharith... Ryo Kokoro leaves his home to attend an important meeting. ====================== Hi guys! I was visiting my friend, Jaapxaap, in the holidays. Of course, we wanted to build something, so we decided to do a collaborative build, to further expand the City of Zotharith. I was able to complete the house on the right just in time, except for a few smaller details. Credits to Jaap for the house on the left, the terrain and the photography! Building with Jaap's parts was great; currently, my own collection doesn't allow me to build even half of what you see here... Anyway, thanks for looking, C&C always appreciated!
  25. Attention! Since it took me nearly a year to continue this story, recent events have overtaken me. Therefore, this story part takes place before MassEditor's prelude story that is linked below. All links are in chronological order. Make sure to (re-)read it! Glance into the future Three Ravens At the Black Knight's Inn The Resistance Unites (by MassEditor) When you ran out of coin, get out of here! the host had said. “Always the same sad business. No one treasures the value of a wise old man anymore.” Perry Ratchett mumbled into his grey beard, while he stumbled out of the Black Knight’s Inn. Aye, that old hoax of the heroic black knight defending a bridge against a king and losing all his limbs, one by one. That was a popular tale here in the East. The old wizard wondered how the people would react when they were told that this very story served as a shining example of chivalry and ideal courage in Avalonia. “I’m too late again! Foolish old dunderhead. “ Ratchett thought. He had never been an excellent wizard. Often he had proven himself not even an average wizard. But, after all, he was one. It was not a matter of the prowess as magician at all, he was just unfortunate enough to live in a wondrous world that offered as much kinds of ale, vine and liquor as it housed magical miracles. But now he was on a quest. He had witnessed what may would be and no it was on him, Peregrine Ratchett, the purple wizard, to prevent this city and its lord from ruin. He could see his course clear, the first time for years he felt the weightiness of his role in the world. He now had influence on the lifes of many. And although he was well aware of the immense threat to come, Perry silently enjoyed the feeling to be of some importance again. This wizard was back into business. As soon as he set a foot on the rough cobblestone the wizard had found for whom he was looking. Several armed men surrounded him, ensuring there would be no escape. A tall rat furred with brown and white hair approached. His look was strict and hard. But for those who were able to listen, his eyes would tell stories of grief and sorrow, deeply immured in an will of iron. The wizard recognized him immediately from his vision. “What is thy business in this town, old man?” the rat lord said. “I was told of a wizard arriving, speaking of great matters; dark menaces toward. Now all I see is a drunken vagabond, maybe hoping to be kept by my household in return for palmistry and other legerdemain. Do not dare to waste my time by trying to fool me.” The old wizard had expected mistrust. But this rat proved to be amongst that kind of stubborn beings who wouldn’t believe in dragons unless they recognised the smell of their burnt skin, or fur in such a case. He had to take care of what to say:”You may take me for a drunkard an impostor. And whilst I cannot deny my flaws I affirm you that serious wizardry is my business. I am Peregrine Ratchett. And I am called the purple wizard. And not only for the colour of my hat, I assure you. That is just frippery.” The lord of Skavenport kept his straight face, while his companions bandied inquiring gazes. A very uncomfortable silence spread and lasted far too long. Perry realised that this lord was still waiting for his explanations, either to be convinced or for having a reason to throw him into the deepest dungeon of the city; “I have come to assist you by the quest that lies ahead of you. For I have seen what may will be, and I say you there is no time to lose!” Osric Isentooth’s face became even more sceptical: “And what quest shall this be? Gathering my troops, march out with all the banners of red and gold waving in the wind? Many souls in Nocturnus call for this. No day that I do not receive requests for assistance from this lord and that village. I have no need for another supplicant to tell me about the sorrows that plague this land. I know them. Call the town watch and chase this vagabond out of my city!” The wizard rushed towards Osric:”The Lord of Shadowmere is calling for you! Will you deny his request?” The lord’s face turned angry: “You should have heard the rumours on your pub crawl. It is told in every tavern; Vladivus is dead.” Ratchett’s lips formed a grim smile: “He is alive. At least as much as his kind can be. You will see. Assemble Skavenport’s army, my lord. March out and engage the Black Spire. You are not alone. Raavage’s craft is to cloud his enemies’ awareness. The resistance is still strong. But you must unite your forces. Separating the last strongholds of the Darklands, destroying the remaining free peoples of Nocturnus one by one is the very intention of the Spire. Unite your armies, reclaim the East from Raavage, and the other guilds will join you. Because this fight is not the mere battle for Nocturnus. If you fail it will conclude the fate of all Historica. Tis the quest I have foreseen, the quest you will have to face up to.” Osric seemed to stare into an abyss, when he finally spoke: “All what you say... it either makes you an egregiously able wizard, or an equally able agent of my foes. Either way, I will learn the truth. Into the dungeon with him!” Perry felt that everything had gone wrong. While he resigned himself to a longer phase of soberness, a black hooded messenger arrived, bowed shortly before lord Osric, giving him a small piece of parchment, before heading away in a hurry. The rat lord looked at the sigil in surprise, broke it and unfurled the writing. It took him a moment to come to terms with it. Then he looked at the wizard and spoke: “Bring him to the castle. Host him in the keep, but do not let him leave it. And keep him sober.” He turned to his two captains, a rat and a grim looking sturdy human: “I have to leave the city. Lord Vladivus is indeed alive, or correctly: undead. A council will be held in Shadowmere. A council of the Resistance. I have to go.” “Alone? My lord! Every swathe of land between Shadowmere and the Grimwoods is occupied by the Spire. Damn it! Every single bloody stone in the Moruth has a Spire soldier guarding it!” the human said indignantly. “I have to go. And no time to lose. But I am well aware of the dangers such a journey involves. Therefore you will escort me, Dunstan. Why shall I fear a thousand Spire soldiers with you roaring at them?” Osric responded. Visibly amused the other captain began to speak: “I rest assured that you will make the journey without harm, my lord. My dear Sir Dunstan is no doubt the loudest man in Skavenport. But what are thy orders to me?” “You, good sir Aethelrat, will procure that an army in readiness will await our return. Gather supplies, lade war machines and keep the city’s fortifications operational.” Lord Isentooth commanded. Then he turned back towards the purple wizard: “I am still in doubt about your intentions. I will concern myself with you when I return. But for the time being I shall not call you a liar; war is to come. Allies are calling. And Skavenport shall answer.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________- So far, thanks for reading! And I am deeply sorry about the low photo quality. It's impossible for me to get the right lighting for such a weirdly angled build.