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  1. If you want a complete train buy the second horizon express.
  2. This really is such a cool, unique shape I bet it would look great in a layout. Especially next to the lower, patio/deck side.
  3. Great idea, we also have a bunch of those and aside from my con do building I wasn't sure what to do with them.
  4. Truck looks good, I thought the side stripes were brick built for a sec.
  5. Seems like the lights should be multicolor. Otherwise it looks good.
  6. When I saw the title, I was hoping it was this. Love it.
  7. One way to slow the coaster car would be if it hits a series of spring-loaded arms that have some give. Each one would slow the car down a little so that when it reaches the chain-lift the change in speed wouldn't be as abrupt.
  8. Impressive work. How are you doing the tracks?
  9. So you can get all of th e bricks needed for a UCS level snowspeeder, plus shipping from several stores, for $50? If you already have most of the parts, sure.
  10. You're not going to bricklink all new parts for a big UCS snowspeeder for $50.
  11. They are smiling because they get to pilot a sweet as heck set. Fighting AT-ATs was a fraction of what the pilots actually did. Flying is fun, which is why they are smiling.
  12. Love it. I dig the wrench fence for the flower bed. I think the black sign would be lower as part of the first floor.
  13. Super groovy, love the irregular shape.
  14. I manage to get one more floor on it; here it is in our club, DixieLUG, layout from a show this past weekend.
  15. Clever