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  1. What's interesting is that Nijago City is designed to connect to the modular buildings.
  2. Greg, I've been over twice for the TT and Manx GP and ridden around a fair bit. A good friend and his family live in Port Erin. Where on the island do you live?
  3. I know it's a tiny thing, but I like the Newsstand.
  4. Regarding the icicles, what about using those bent droid arm style pieces you see holding up the spoilers on the speed champion sets connected to something on the roof?
  5. I really like it, especially the way the top floor is separated from the bottom. Three things: 1. The bottom floor looks a little top-heavy, try to move the windows up one brick so there is more space above than below. 2. Having the white roof snow and the white walls looks a little confusing; it makes it look like the walls are covered in snow. I wonder how a different color on the bottom would look. I think this will be even more aparrant when your display diorama has snow on the ground outside the buildings. 3. Have you considered adding some icicles? Both those suggestions are purely subjective and it really does look nice the way it is.
  6. There is a danger in trying to cram too many details and techniques into a facade; your buildings have a good balance. One suggestion would be to try move the S and T in Posta one plate closer together. Otherwise everything looks great.
  7. Excellent job. Nice use of the crowbars.
  8. I see what you mean, but consider working on the front and rear overhangs. You could even run the overhang back to the hinge point and make it one plate higher than the back and use tiles so everything clears while open. Currently it looks like a building with a top instead of a building with a roof.
  9. I dont think it matters that the houses aren't super detailed because it works really well as a cohesive scene. I like the power line tower and the trees, esp the spikes pine tree.
  10. It's a great start but the roof needs some work. It doesn't look like a distinct roof because there isnt an overhang and the colors blend together.
  11. The GBHQ is such a big and great parts pack that's you are bound to be able use if for nice MOC. If you make a middle building, l,Ike this one, you could easily use the tan panels and bricks for the sides so it will be taller; those sides are only seen when you take the floors off. I had so much fun making my condo high rise for the set that I'm tempted to pick up a second one to make something else; that would be cheaper than bricklinking all the extra parts I would need. Heck I could use it to make my highrise even higher. LOL.
  12. Love this, what a great build.
  13. I had to reload the page once or twice.
  14. It's an impressive build you have there, but in my opinion it still doesn't have the shape down; it's too blunt nosed and bumpy. Most Sith Interceptor MOCs have the same problem as well. I like that it is a play set and a USC display model. Have you considered using the new corner slopes which are in the Speed Champions sets? Or maybe wing plates and ball joints like on the front of the new UCS Snowspeeder.