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  1. One would hope they improved the technic substructure because the current one ends up with issues it you motorized all day while at shows.
  2. A really great alternate build and def out does mine...then again I only had one set. 😁 In all seriousness its very nice with great details throughout.
  3. I always love ship scale models and yours is quite nice. Looking forward to the finished photos. Did you investigate using the curved slopes on their sides for the white bow and stern?
  4. This puts the fun in funicular.
  5. Looks better...but since your modifying it I have another suggestion. It's still really flat on the front, what about moving the front entrance (the ridged 2x2 cylinders, doors, and sign) out one stud. You could even bring the center of that first row of 1x2 ridged bricks out as well. Also, the hat on the third floor is not centered vertically in the space. Either move it down or add some additional police stuff below it to fill up the white area and add some complexity.
  6. While it is very good, the lines of the tank are wrong. It is missing the hump which makes the tank look like a tank. I noticed that this is the water cooled boxer engine. Good solution for the jugs and nice farkles on the handlebars.
  7. The hardest part are the architectural elements That will define the front of your building. Concentrate on those, build one floor, than the next, then refine them so they have a cohesive design. Building the rest of the building is easy. I always keep the building out where I am for a month or so because all that time spent looking at it will make you adjust the design as you get new ideas for parts usage.
  8. I'm conflicted about this, because while it's nice for everyone else, I'd just see the backs. Maybe you need a larger desk so you can have double rows of modulars.
  9. Looks good. Reminds me of classic town.
  10. Detective Office because that is the lower side which lets you see more of the restaurant's patio.
  11. Brickset as well.
  12. Yeah, the sand blue tiles. I feel like you also need to work the vertical ridged bricks into the third floor because right now it doesn't look like it belongs.
  13. There are a lot of great details in here, like the recessed red bricks on the front and the olive green 1x1 plates on the back. Especially in the tan tower, I like the roof with the lower dark tan center, but I think the four white round tiles look better than the half rounds on the second floor because they repeat the four round white plates. I also like what is going on below the first floor tan windows on the right. The support for the trans awning on the left is great. I think this would fit well next to the Detective Office set, which I really liked, because they have a similar general structure.
  14. You don't have a lot for your town so unless you plan on doing some heavy purchasing in a short amount of time there reall isnt anything to plan right now. You haven't even touched on what kinds of things will be in your town; are they going to be creator sets or modular buildings? If modular how quickly will you be buying them? Planning a town for a bunch of modulars and MOCs is going to look empty when you only have two modulars a couple of houses and a few cars. Why not build a small layout and move around until you are happy, then change it up when you get more stuff.