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  1. I'm reading the[i] Library of Souls[/i] by Ransom Riggs. It's the third book in his Peculiar Children series. For those unaware, Mr. Riggs is a collector of vintage photographs, esp those who cast their subjects in an unusual manner. He builds the narrative around these photos, which he features throughout the books. The story and characters themselves are engaging, and the whole makes for an interesting bit of reading.
  2. Strikingly cool build! Love the landing gear, the shaping and detail work, and the functional cargo bay. I wish LEGO would go back to making Space sets with this kind of modern spin.
  3. I've not seen the third or fourth parts of the Evangelion rebuild, so I had to Google Unit 08. Fortunately, the Friends sets should provide enough pink parts to make it. As for Provisional Unit 05, it's definitely a unique design. I still prefer the bipedal Evas, but 05 has a cool insectile aesthetic that's visually arresting. Best of luck in your endeavors; I look forward to your progress!
  4. "Mustn't run away!" Great job! Instantly recognizable. Unit 1 is my favorite of the three main Evas, and you've done a remarkable job of capturing the lanky look, esp the running pose. Any plans to make Units 0 or 2? Makes me want to watch Evangelion again. It's one of my wife's and my favorite animes.
  5. I'd also like to see them revisit harbor. I got 7994 in 2007, and absolutely love that set. I really wish they'd used that hull for more sets. I intended to get 4645 on discount in 2011 (I felt it was a little too pricey at MSRP), but I never did manage to get it. I have yet to get the deep sea set with the new large open stern hull, but I intend to pick it up at some point. But, yeah, I'd love a new harbor set, perhaps with a warehouse for stacking crates or such.
  6. Apologies for not knowing you were on MW. Chances are, I've seen it over there, probably even commented, but don't remember. I try to follow all the LEGO threads over there, but after awhile, I get them jumbled. Anyway, transformation or no, your model is a thing of beauty. As for the Carrier arms, it's understandable that folks have requested them, since they were attached to the Macross throughout most of the original series once they folded into space, and featured prominently in the aforementioned [i]Daedelus Attack[/i] episode. Attack mode would be pretty cool if you can pull it off. Now all you need is a pin-point barrier, and a few mini VF-1s patrolling. Pre-Pineapple Salad, though- it wouldn't be right without Roy leading Hikaru, Jenius, and Kakizaki into the fray.
  7. That's a cool imaginative build. l like how everything stows- very utilitarian. Love the renders, esp those crate designs. Unfortunately, if built with real brick, I doubt those 'neck' links would bear the weight of the little pod with the arms. Gravity's a pain that way. Anyway, cool build.
  8. Wow. That's a remarkable build. Out of curiosity, did you design it to transform? From personal experience, a MOC that size would require some robust joints. It's difficult enough on a medium sized mech, and a real challenge on a model that large. Gravity is a harsh mistress. This would be most welcome over on the Macrossworld forums. There are a number of us, including myself, who've posted Macross LEGO builds, and I would invite you to share. www.macrossworld.com Any plans to make the aircraft carrier arms (Daedelus Attack!) as alternate add-ons? Anyway, excellent work, and best of luck realizing this in real brick. That'll be one heck of a display piece.
  9. [quote name='Robert8' timestamp='1449068029' post='2397742'] That hairpiece AGAIN in the Animal Control Officer.... LEGO needs to destroy that mould... seriously [/quote] That's a lot of vitriol for that hair piece. Personally, I don't mind it; a ponytail makes sense for the job. Glad to see regular CMFs are back. I'd be happy to see another minotaur using those legs...good for pretty much any half human, half animal creatures. That Queen's dress is interesting- I'm curious to see if that's all done with cloth, or if that's a new leg piece. I'm guessing the former, but we'll see. Shark guy is cool- I love all the suited figs. The space guy with CS flag is awesome, and I'm glad to see the black robot in there as well. Anything Space is welcome. Overall, I think it's a nice, varied group of figs and I'll be happy to add them all to my collection.