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  1. Wow! This is extremely well done! I love the exterior with the plants giving the building a little pop! Makes me want to build my own! Amazing job! -RailCo
  2. ugh darn I was almost finished and ran out of time oh well maybe next year. Great entries! -RailCo
  3. I have always wanted to build a better carriage like yours for the Emerald Night. Is it fairly expensive to make a nice carriage like that one? Great Video! -RailCo
  4. I am very jealous of you right now! Good small collection! Welcome to Eurobricks! -RailCo
  5. Just wait until you get him another train... there will be Lego bricks flying everywhere. As for the light set you can purchase them from Lego S@H for about $7 and they fit into the train very nicely. They do not give you instructions on how to put these lights in but as you build you will be able to notice there are pathways that wires can go through from the IR Receiver to the cab of the train (Lego is sneaky this way). You can buy the light set here: https://shop.lego.com/en-US/LEGO-Power-Functions-Light-8870 If you need any help installing the lights later on I am sure many of us could help you if need be! Welcome to trains! -RailCo
  6. Well just like anything that isn't used for awhile it needs some time to get used to moving again. Model railroaders call this "running in" where you run just the motor or just the locomotive for 30mins forwards and backwards. This should help A LOT! Good Luck -RailCo
  7. I know I may get shamed for this but I am actually wondering how authentic these are from what I have seen they are EXACT to the real thing. Yes I am a die-hard lego Fan and never buy knock-off but maybe if there is something cheap enough I would get it like the Porche model because although I wan the porche I would never pay $300 for it. Just curious -RailCo
  8. You can use some of them and build buffer stops on them instead of using a whole straight track length you can just tack on a flex track with a buffer on it! you can always use them to extend your layout to the very edges of your space and use them for gap fillers if you aren't worried about the looks. Also dr_spock that is a great idea to use them in a garden layout because who cares if they get damaged by weather ... no one really likes them too much anyway -RailCo
  9. Is it just me or does the dummy bogie look like it uses a red bogie plate or am I just imagining (hoping) things? These were only used on the 7750 and are very rare it would be very cool to have them back in red. I just want to say I will probably buy this train but the battery box and receiver look like s*** if you ask me the should have at least included stickers to cover those up. -RailCo
  10. As always an amazing review by you Jim! Now my patience for waiting for my package to arrive has decreased! I want it now ! Amazing pictures and detail as always. I love to read your reviews and they really help me make up my mind on whether to buy! Great Review! -RailCo P.S. when you first listed the contents of the box you flipped the motor and the battery box. The battery box should say "*[x1] Unsealed battery box" and then sealed for the motor you had written it the other way around. Just a side note
  11. I ordered the Claas it one my heart with the option for 3 steering configs and the option to make my own attachments even though I don't have many pieces. -RailCo
  12. Just ordered mine from S@H and already getting excited about getting it, I am sure I will be pleased with this set! -RailCo
  13. Man I wish the U.S. amazon or TRU etc. would have a sale when these immediately came out because I want to order it now but waiting for a sale to come to the U.S. like it did in Europe. May just order it anyway -RailCo If anyone knows of a small sale or a cheaper way to get one please let me know!
  14. Hello, I used to buy often from amazon UK and France to get better deals on Lego and other products but now I noticed that I can't any Lego from those international amazon sites I am wondering if anyone is having this problem or know why it's happening? Thanks -RailCo