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  1. [quote name='TheBear' timestamp='1474064381' post='2659037'] It is on many, but not all of the torsos from the earliest... [/quote] Are you sure? I could be misremembering - it was a long time ago after all - but I don't think the earliest minifigures had their necks marked when they were released in the late '70s. I had some of the Classic Space minifigures back then and recall being intrigued by the neck markings when that started appearing some time later.
  2. [quote name='Dane' timestamp='1474320999' post='2661098'] Awesome review as always, and coming from Denmark I cant help to laugh a bit that the designers seem to have had a bit of fun with the pirate treasure map, since when turned right (compass rose in lower right corner) the map is clearly based on real landmass and islands and the X is on the Danish island Sjælland (Zealand) just west of the capital Copenhagen [/quote] Wow, well spotted! I wanted to see how close the LEGO map was to the real thing, so I created a side-by-side and it's very close! [img][/img] I wonder if the hiker's map is a real place. Obviously, there's no track called the Greeble Trail but I can imagine that the rest might really exist.
  3. My guess is that there will be a soft opening in early November with no hullabaloo or event-specific promo items, but that's purely conjecture. As already noted in this thread, the grand opening will be Thursday, 17 November. I'm further guessing - and it's only a guess - that the grand opening promo will either be a Lester minifigure or minifigure/key-chain.
  4. Great review and pictures, Fangy! Your review may have been later than some hoped, but still very much appreciated. The swashbuckler could be added to your [i]Different sea encounter[/i] line up. His belt buckle is a ship's steering wheel suggesting a maritime connection. The rogue is also my favourite of Series 16, but he should have come with a cape. It would have made him just a bit more complete. [quote name='Bob De Quatre' timestamp='1474272666' post='2660545'] Does the baby headpiece fits on a regular torso? [/quote] No, it fits a bar/light sabre blade. You can't use it to create a microcephalic minifigure. I recall seeing some funny creations here on the EB boards of a minidoll and Scooby Doo with their heads swapped with the baby's. I'm not sure who posted those pictures or exactly where. @CopMike, It's "rogue", not "rouge". "Rouge" is blusher make-up from the French for "red".
  5. [quote name='WhiteFang' timestamp='1474221876' post='2660053'] For my choice, it's definitely the Rogue as it remind me of the medieval castle, wolfpack as well. It was an instant love at first sight for me. [/quote] I agree! I MOCed the rogue more than any other S16 minifigure as seen in this thread: [url=""][/url] . I'm not going to re-post the pictures here unless requested as I've probably posted them too many times already on the EB forums and might get in trouble with the mods if I post them again.
  6. Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I thought this would be the best place to post this. I visited a toy museum in Denmark last month, hoping to see lots of LEGO. Unfortunately, this is all the LEGO they had: [img][/img] I think it's 306 or 1306 but with a second black car instead of a red one and with the parking sign replaced, or is it a different set altogether? The labelling in the museum just said it was LEGO from the 1950s.
  7. Great pictures and review, Fangy! It's not a bad set, but I've never liked Buck House all that much. Now if LEGO did an external St Pancras Station...
  8. That's really cool! I especially like the micro-builds as MOCs. If I can offer a suggestion, perhaps some statuettes like this one [url="{}"]{}[/url] as figures. They're not to minifigure scale, but scale is often ignored when it comes to minifigure accessories even by LEGO itself.
  9. Very cool monogram, Tomsche! I'm also a big JRRT fan. I have quite a few LotR minifigures, monsters and scenery in my LEGO display collection. When I was a student, I used to go to the pub where Tolkien and CS Lewis used to meet just because it was Professor T's favourite.
  10. [quote name='Blackpool' timestamp='1473392575' post='2654165'] Nice! Love the devil squad you've got there! [/quote] Thanks [quote name='notpennysboat' timestamp='1473386203' post='2654128'] I love the cape on the knight ! If I can't find this color, I would let the white turban from the Snake Charmer on the knight and put him a white cape. [/quote] That would definitely work too. The main reason I went with dark green is that among my desert-themed minifigs, white is the exclusive colour of my Arabian princess: [url=""]http://www.brickshel...hts_on_foot.jpg[/url] . [quote name='notpennysboat' timestamp='1473386203' post='2654128'] I think I see Peter Pan outfit and the red ears on the right are from Jestro volcano, aren't they ? [/quote] Yes, those are Peter Pan's legs. And the black hat with red ears is indeed from Jestro's Volcano Lair. Specifically, it, the red torsos and short black legs are from the bookkeeper in that set (though I actually got them on BrickLink, not by buying the set). Well spotted! You can also see Peter Pan's legs on banana guy in this picture, though I'm not sure they're any easier to make out: [img][/img] The furious bigfig gorilla explains why my banana guy is terrified.
  11. [quote name='notpennysboat' timestamp='1473370381' post='2654027'] ok :) so this is my devil from the series 16 Imp [/quote] Very cool looking - or should I say "very [i]cruel[/i] looking"? Here are my MOCed imps (with a few other minifigs): [img][/img]
  12. [quote name='craggy' timestamp='1473354215' post='2653801'] I stuck the Ballerina's skirt piece on the Harley from the recent bike race set. Just worked. Put a tiara on from a mini-doll too. Just seemed to fit. [/quote] Smart! Do you have a picture?
  13. [quote name='LegoPercyJ' timestamp='1473297156' post='2653437'] Spidey has them himself in this set [url=""][/url] [/quote] Excellent! Thanks for the tip
  14. Some mostly non-purist MOCs based on the Series 16 Collectable Minifigures (CMFs) with a few thematically appropriate guest figs. Below: a couple of S3 and S16 enhanced superheroes. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Questions, comments, confusion?