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  1. With some small cosmetic modding and just an iota of imagination, I'm planning on using the Ninjago Movie mech dragon (pictured below) as a real beast. Truth be told, there often isn't much difference between LEGO's mech monsters and how you would brick build the same creature. I converted Flinx's phoenix from the Chima range to make it into an actual phoenix; not much modding was required.
  2. Cool! There's a LEGO store promo that I'm after starting in August, so the timing is perfect. Thank you to @dimaks13 and @J4ck for your replies.
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed already or is widely known (except by me!) but do we have a European release date for the movie sets? I understand the movie itself is scheduled for late September, so I assume the sets will be out in the run-up to the film hitting theatre screens, but by how long?
  4. I appreciate that the OP has a particular look in mind, but if you're willing to consider fantasy armour rather than sci-fi armour for your Batman, you have quite a few options. There's Excalibur Batman: Or you could MOC one from parts (sorry about the non-Batman stuff in this picture):
  5. If you used an actual Sharpie, rubbing alcohol, A.K.A. isopropyl alcohol, will take it right off without damaging the print. Isopropyl alcohol can be tricky to find depending on where you live. If it's not easily available, try a clear sanitiser hand gel with "Alcohol Denat." as its main ingredient, Cuticura for example. If you're worried about long-term effects of any residual gel, you can wash off any excess with water.
  6. I'm not aware of anyone doing a double bass. BrickForge do a violin though only one colour (dark tan) is in stock at the time of writing. I don't know of any modern harps, but BrickWarriors do a lyre in various colours.
  7. @mocbuild101 I take your general point about more fruit being required. If you don't mind a bit of non-purity, BrickWarriors do bunches of grapes in a choice of colours.
  8. @Eggyslav I don't think BrickForge do or have done a rapier. Do you mean BrickArms? They do one. It's cup hilt though. BrickArms definitely do a scalpel. LEGO, BrickArms and BrickWarriors all do syringes, not a surgical tool per se but something commonly found in a surgical theatre.
  9. This thread got me thinking about what minifigure weapons and accessories don't exist, but really should. I don't mean re-colours of existing parts. I mean objects that aren't currently made for minifigures either by LEGO or a third party (BrickWarriors, BrickForge, SI-DAN, Kre-O etc) but would be particularly useful. What weapons/accessories would you like to have? For the purposes of this thread, let's imagine that 3D printing isn't an option and we have to rely on LEGO and injection moulding third parties .
  10. LEGO make the umbrella pictured below. There are very few accessories like it with a curved handle. The reason is the shape of a minifigure's hand. If the handle were tightly curved (like the umbrella's) but the bar were uniform diameter (unlike the umbrella that has a tapering handle), the end of the handle would protrude between the 'fingers' of a minifigure's hand forcing it open slightly and stressing the plastic which could break the hand. You might be surprised by the accessories that have never been made either by LEGO or a third party. As far as I know, there's no candle for example. LEGO uses a white cylinder brick (pictured immediately below) but that's disproportionately large even for a system that often ignores scale. I prefer to use the string pictured, cutting it so that the grips are candles and the string, wicks. Pictures of umbrella, round brick and string c/o BrickLink.
  11. I tried that when I originally got the claw, but it works neither aesthetically (it protrudes too far from the foot and therefore looks funny) nor functionally (the minifigure can't stand straight). I don't have a picture of it, I'm afraid.
  12. I'm not sure what a micro changer is, but the grey claws came with a Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons gargoyle called Crull. It was in Series 2 of the blind bagged army builder packs.
  13. They're the same part though obviously in a different colour that I used for one of my gargoyle's claws. Sorry to the OP for the digression.
  14. @timecorridor If you're asking what can be used for a walking stick, LEGO uses a 3L bar which you can obtain through BrickLink. Alternatively, if you don't mind going non-purist and are willing to cut off the end, you could go with BrickForge's shepherd's crook. If you're asking if any EB member can sell you a suitable part, the answer is that they shouldn't. I'm not a mod, but my guess is that the rule about not being able to post in the bazaar does not exist to encourage you to post your WLTB messages elsewhere on the EB boards.
  15. Do you mean the one pictured below? I tried that but found it too jolly looking.