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  1. Sounds like you want to paint many parts and big parts. Did I get that right? Then spraypainting might be the best option.
  2. Semi-Glossy mix 50% Revell 1 transparent and 50% Revell 2 transparent. To me it seemed unnecessary to think about the coating for a long time, but now I have realized that this actually makes a big difference. If you use a matte or very glossy paint, the painted area loos unnatural and unlegoish. LEGO has a somewhat semi-glossy finish. Not all parts, but most. Hands for example are often more matte. If you use a semi-glossy. the result will not only look more realistic, it will also be al little protected against damaging the paint. Also a less glossy surface is better for avoiding unwanted reflections when taking photos.
  3. Hi, as I have no use for fleshie parts, I have the head and the beautiful printed arms of the new Poison Ivy as leftovers. These are not even listed as individual parts on bricklink yet. I figured it would be a waste to waste them wastefully. So yeah, I would send them to anyone in Germany for a few Euro.
  4. It is a shame the new city big cats do not have gaps for minifig legs. This severly limits their uses. All animals should have this gap.
  5. This is the best w This is the best that could have happened. The sticker we can apply to ovoid shields or nexo shields or horse bardings, the shields we can use to support that puristicly.
  6. Thanks, I have been looking at leg techniques for making a treeman. Hopefully I can use your idea.
  7. Thanks. The Video clearly shows that the shields are stickers. At least the square ones in the big set. Good for customizers. There is a slight chance that the shield in the smaller set is printed though. It looks rather printed.
  8. Dark Green 62 Email Farbe, Enamel paint (glossy) by Revell This is one of the few paints which matches an original LEGO color straight out of the can. I would say 98% similarity. It is a bit glossier than LEGO, so semi-gloss it if you like.
  9. The black gargoyle is so good I don't even know what to customize. Except getting rid of the armor and exchanging the hairpiece.
  10. Oh it was you who built this. I did not realize it when I saw the MOC in flickr. I particularly like the legs. In so many builds you can see open ball joints which does not look natural. With you technique, however, the legs look very realistic. Is it still poseable?
  11. Some might say it is repetitive to have another female elf. But my heart jumpeth for joy! The forest maiden was a wood girl, but this one is different. Female elven hairpiece (with yellow ears! no fleshie!) yes please. We cannot see the torso fully yet, but it is more armored than the forest maiden, who was basically in her bathrobe. At least leather armor would be great. And yes, a new shield. Sadly not the big roundish one. Hopefull at least the newer longer shield (as in the Egyptian warrior or the bear shield). The pictures seems to show some light blue, which might deviate from the forest color scheme. The pearl gold sword sucks though because pearl gold is ugly. I would have preferred legs, but maybe there are some alternatives. Edit: Ah, so much light blue. Then she is a High Elf, the first of its kind. a new faction born. And FINALLY a female head with nougat cheeklines, which is the defining feature for Elven heads. This rare legpiece might work: http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=970c01pb12#T=S&C=105&O={"color":105}
  12. Could someone confirm whether the shields with the Goblin King logo are printed or stickered?
  13. Thanks AmperZand. I like her best, too. The skeleton hands cannot move anymore. I cut them off and glued them onto the arms. To give the glue more surface to stick to I put the thin parts of normal minifigure hands inside the hollow arms.
  14. Finally, chariots pulled by big cats can be made. They don't seem to have gaps for saddles?