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  1. What an amazing build, really brilliant design, definitely deserved HOF. It's really nice that you consider sharing the design, I look forward to check that chassis!
  2. From my experience, I got the Quercetti Marbles (which are plastic 14mm). They work very well, no holes to mess with the mechanisms. They were also recommended on Planet GBC. Search on Amazon for "Quercetti Marbles Refill 100 pieces" to get an idea on pricing. I did not know PV-Productions makes some as well, that's another good option.
  3. This is an outstanding attachment for the class, great execution, functions and love the tires. A shame for the steering but it does not take away how cool this build is.
  4. Sorry for the dumb question, still discovering the community. Is the meeting open to all Eurobricks members, or is there any other conditions to join? Thanks
  5. +1, upload and link desired size, fast and easy (although I screwed up the folder structure the first time ) Is anyone planning to do instructions for efferman's amazing creations?
  6. I'd love to go being only two hours away but unfortunately I'm not a registered trade professional, so I count on you Jim!
  7. Hi Ben, The instruction generator is actually online. You just need to upload the model to your private baseplate (which then stays under your copyright) and you can then get the instructions from there via your Web browser, under My Baseplate. It works well actually. My only complain which I posted on their forum is the inability to try it prior to upload, through the software. The handling of sub-model is well done as well, easy to go in and out groups. Overall, I like the software, still a couple of issues, especially for Technic Build, but a lot of neat functions (tab key for part browser, color filter, used colors in model, favourite parts, Bricklink integration) I agree, very promising!
  8. Indeed, that's the main reason I jumped on it, this will go in the parts collection
  9. Just scored 8048, used but in new condition, built, no box or instructions, for 5€ on a Fleamarket.
  10. Awesome, what a nice and cute design, my kid loves it. The steering is what sets it apart for me. It gives great playability. Merry Christmas.
  11. Awesome, great idea! Merry Christmas!
  12. Fully agree as well, I like the ease of use and flexibility of the Arduino platform. A good bridge between the board and LEGO such as this project is a day one purchase for me. So many automation possibilities become available. Smart sensors would be required afterwards though (color, RFID) to really enable cool creations. On the other hand, I understand LEGO 's approach with Mindstorms being targeted mainly at kids/education, function blocks are I believe easier to understand when you begin programming. You can also open your Mindstorms to Python or other languages. The main issue for me is the limited number of interfaces per brick and associated cost, compare to Arduino platforms.
  13. I meant like those for example on this page Although mechanical switch will be more cost effective and sufficient, other sensor types can open different possibilities.
  14. Yes, this is an option, or even a capacitive sensor would be another option. I find the EV3 switch very bulky. something compact and cost effective would be great.
  15. This is really interesting. I've been looking for an arduino to PF motor adapter (shield) that would not require rewiring as well as an encoder feedback. This way you could use the PF motor you want, control it from the arduino and getting the necessary feedback from the encoder to handle acceleration and relative positions. A simple switch (for end position detection) would be great too for zeroing your axis.