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  1. That's easy, you want to build a bot with a spinning drum in front, like the Minotaur. See here what I'm talking about, this was an awesome fight :)
  2. What an awesome report! I really enjoyed it, your photos took me there too, very well done. Amazing prize on behalf of Lego and Porsche, grats!
  3. Very cool idea, lots of fun and awesome vehicles, grats!
  4. That's a cool truck, quite impressed by it's ground clearance and suspension travel, although it's a bit slow for my taste. Keep up the good work!
  5. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. What's cool that it also won the RoLUG Household Tools contest, so I am very pleased.
  6. Hey guys! I want to present to you my 2nd 1:1 scale replica of a household item, this time an electric jigsaw with a reciprocating blade. It's the cordless version and my inspiration are the awesome Black & Decker tools. As motorizing goes, it's quite fast, considering the blade is moved using an RC buggy motor. It holds the big battery box in the base and a switch is placed in the handle, in order to operate it. I also added a fake speed trigger, blade removal clamp and cutting guide bar. Although it's powerful, it's perfectly safe for children, as that Bionicle blade cannot even shred toilet paper or napkins, believe me, I tried :) And yes, it has a presentation video: If you want to see more, check out my Flickr album:
  7. It's lovely, thanks for sharing :)
  8. I am truly amazed by it's performance, I love its straight-to-the-point design, great work :)
  9. Looks and works just like the real thing, great job mate :)
  10. That's awesome! I just love the looks and many functions, moves very close to a real dragon, thanks for sharing :) I usually build Technic dinosaurs for my older son, but not motorized, so this one will surely get his attention, I hope someone can make instructions.
  11. Awesome tractor, very good attachments, great job mate!
  12. Thanks mate. These blades are the best you can use for generating wind, but unfortunately, they are found in a single set (9688 Renewable Energy), so they are pretty expensive:
  13. Agreed, but I did not build this for cooling up, but for one of my LUG contests called "Household objects". See all entries here: I actually won this competition, so I' m very proud of my creation :)
  14. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I presented one of my models here, but I believe this one should get your attention, as it's not something that you build everyday. It's my first life-size model, a fully functional electric fan. It features an on-off switch, 2 buttons for choosing the speed (low and high) and a switch for the oscillating motion. It uses an L motor placed in the base that drives a 2-speed high-torque gearbox, and an old 9V motor (71427) placed in the fan head, for the lateral movement. It's powered by a large BB, found in the base (naturally). It's quite heavy (around 2 Kg), but sturdy and reliable, so it can be used as a real fan (into high speed), as long as you don't mind replacing batteries too often :) But enough talk, check out the photos and video below. You can see all the photos on my Flickr album: