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  1. Now that's an awesome Tatra design, steering is amazing and suspension rocks, can't wait to see the video!
  2. Thanks guys for a truly great contest, congratulations for the winners, looking forward to the next one :)
  3. Thanks miguev for the videos, I had no idea of this phenomenon and this makes me think twice about wasting my time scrolling down in Facebook...
  4. Very innovative future bike, you impress me as always, thanks for sharing :)
  5. Oh, I just love it! It's built perfectly at this scale and it's motorized, plus we get free instructions, you rock ;)
  6. Great contest everyone, here are my votes: 23 : 10 15 : 6 22 : 4 18 : 3 10 : 2 20 : 1
  7. I simply love the Manas set and your version looks awesome! Plenty of details, great color-scheme, spot-on eyes and nice choice of parts. Speaking of which, can you please tell me the part number of that big dark bluish grey Bionicle-like panel on it's arms? I could use some for my builds :)
  8. Mate, please check your Twitter link, it's not valid unless you remove "pkw_ita//" from it. I saw your Witch Doctor, I must say I am impressed by it's destructive capabilities :)
  9. I totally forgot about this, sorry mate. I've done this last night, the rotor/spinner mass is 180g, so exactly 10% of the total bot weight. I could make it heavier, the RC motor has no trouble starting it up now, so it can take more.
  10. @Milan Topic link added, I was under the impression I've done that, my bad. Thanks for letting me know :)
  11. Thanks mate, this is what I was going for :) Thanks for your input, after looking at the latest 4-wheeled version of SoW, its base is short and trapeze-shaped, I can try something similar for my next version.
  12. Nice find about the wheels, I had no idea they were so small. This strange setup got me thinking. What if I switch to 4 wheels only? So I removed the 2 side wheels and did some tests. Well, steering got worse, it turned much slower and after a while, motors stalled. So yeah, I would need to either gear it down a bit, but then top speed would be lower, or switch to L motors. I might just do that, experiment a bit in this direction, but only after Easter, I am away from home now. Cheers!
  13. I have 2, I use them as often as I can :)
  14. You are right, I've mistaken the version, the 6-wheeled one is 5.0. You can read all about it here, it's loaded with technical details: Here's what they say: “It’s driven by these six, one horsepower Astroflight, modified model aircraft motors” and “Okay, what you’ve got are two motors at the front, two at the back and one on each side”. In the real bot, they could control each motor independently, which is awesome, but cumbersome for the Lego version, so I am obviously driving 3 motors at once, left and right. Unfortunately, I found no images from the underside, except the one in the PDF, where you can see only the empty spaces where the motors and wheels should go. And yes, the latest version has only 4 wheels and should turn better. I am really curious what chassis they are building now, for the next BattleBots season ;)
  15. Of course, steering can be improved, but it's performance on carpet is rather low, on parquet it moved much better. I will weight the spinner tonight, I am now quite curious as well. Thanks for your thoughts. Well, my intention was to replicate the real Son of Whyachy, namely version 3.0, which uses 6 motors to power 6 wheels, placed exactly like in my configuration. Tracks would improve steering capabilities, I agree.