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  1. i feel like there has to be a bionicle head or mask that would be perfect
  2. Really nice, a few red accents would make it go perfectly with the other movie sets
  3. price, location? i would be very interested in hearing more about the design process.
  4. put a batman logo in the center and its a pretty great batwing as well
  5. there is so much motion and action, but it becomes slightly eerie when you notice all the stationary minifigs in contrast just frozen there
  6. this is awesome, how many sets did you use? and how many pieces?
  7. the Scarecrows are getting goofier over time IMO
  8. nice, any bigger photos?
  9. This would be really cool with a big brick build surf board attatched somewhere along the front
  10. the only thing that could make this better would be either the entire thing opening doll house style, or each floor hinging open as opposed to removing floors.
  11. When looking at that drawing in the first post, the windshield is almost 100% exactly the same as the windshield piece included in the recent batmobile and batwing builds. Any reason you didnt use that one?
  12. I am having a hard time finding good, modular and relatively inexpensive tables for my Lego city. Building them is probably out of the question unless it is dead simple, since I am not too handy. Anyone have any recommendations?
  13. Lola will be basically the exact same build as Nick Fury's car from that spiderman set a while back
  14. Bump from the dead, found this thread via Google. Viewing Lego as a toy, this style makes so much more sense to me vs. the traditional modular style. I am always tempted by modulars but then remember that they usually just sit there collecting dust because they are a pain to take apart and my son losest interest. I actually did a modular/hinged back combo last haloween for a custom spooky house for the CMF monsters, and it really is the best of both worlds for display and playability.