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  1. Go watch the trailer for Avatar: and tell me again if you think its OK under the TLG "No Military" rule... Its very different to, say, Star Wars or Harry Potter or LOTR in terms of its violence and military nature and I dont think its something TLG would accept. The story-line involving humans going to another planet to commit genocide on the native population isn't exactly kid-friendly either...
  2. Lets hope the parts I am waiting for become available soon (like the 2 x 2 jungle map from the big jungle set & the new Hawaiian Shirt from Fun at the Beach) show up soon so I am then able to place an order :)
  3. LEGO would never license the James Cameron Avatar, its far too violent and military for TLG to do.
  4. The Wonder Woman set appears to be exclusive to Toys R Us (or so they claim on their website)
  5. This set has probably remained assembled longer than any set I have bought in a long time. It will eventually be disassembled into my collection (just like every other set I have bought) but I will never do anything that prevents me from rebuilding this epic anytime I want.
  6. Still hoping they list some of the good stuff (fig parts from the new City sets specifically) soon, then I can definitely place an order.
  7. I think its great, fun build, lots of cool parts. Easily in the top 5 best LEGO sets of 2017 so far (doesn't knock the Saturn V off the top spot though) Glad I now don't need to worry about just how deep a discount I can convince MYER to give me on the thing... In terns of how it compares to the other modulars, its definitely the best they have done so far.
  8. I swear I saw that set somewhere but I cant remember where. K-Mart maybe or Big W.
  9. No sign of the kayak yet.
  10. Parts from the 2h2017 sets are now showing up on Bricks and Pieces (at least for me here in Australia). Lots of good parts from the Assembly Square are for sale (including the printed Cafe Corner tile, baby body (but not the head), both guitars, pretzel, dog, tan 1 x 1 with studs on corner, welding gear, both clocks, all the hair pieces, all the torsos, both paintings, all the doors and frames, the bird and all the neat corner tile shapes. Other cool things I see as available: Printed ticket tile from the Carousel Yellow kayak paddle Dolphin (as seen in the big Friends sailboat) Bandage hat from the Friends Hospital Wheelchair and its wheel From Fun at the Beach we have the red female bathing suit and the boom box. And from the City Jungle sets we have the Machete, the Panther (but not the tiger or the leopard), the Venus Fly Trap and the 1x2 clear compass tile So its not all of them yet but there are still some good things for sale there... (apologies if any of these aren't new or noteworthy but they look new/rare/etc to me :) Best from the above list is probably the Panther (if the Panther is available it bodes well for the Tiger and Leopard to follow suit at some point hopefully)
  11. Very happy now, I won the Assembly Square in the raffle at a LUG event last night. Going to have a lot of fun putting this one together :)
  12. I dont know about the UK but here in Australia several chain retailers (MYER and Toyworld) have confirmed they will be getting stock at some point in the near future, as have a few independent retailers. In the US at least Target and Walmart are stocking the set. I dont see any suggestion that its a limited release or exclusive to any one retailer here in Oz or in the USA so why would it be different in the UK. I suspect any retailer that normally stocks Ideas sets will stock this one (especially given how popular it is) I am happy that I made the effort to head out to Dreamworld last Thursday and pick mine up, much better than ordering online and having to wait for it to arrive (even more so if its backordered or delayed)
  13. Interesting torsos that seem to be available (to people in Australia at least): Portal level pack torso Ford torso from the Mustang set Dentist torso from the Assembly Square Roller Disco Batman torso White Ferrari logo torso from the Ferrari FXX wind tunnel set Scientist torso from the last run of City Space sets Scientist torso from the City Volcano sets Green Futuron torso from the City Square set Torso with blue classic space guy head on it from Fun at the Park Supermarket worker torso from the Juniors Supermarket set White race driver torso from the Porsche 919/917k set Coffee torso from the City Square and Assembly Square Mighty Micros Wonder Woman torso Pizza guy torso from the City Square Pirate Redcoat Soldier torso Driver from the new Ferrari F1 car Red race driver torso from the Porsche 919/917k set Clown Batman torso LEGO store employee torso from the City Square Midway Gamer level pack torso Driver from the Mercedes AMG Black Mercedes torso from the Mercedes F1 set Marge Simpson torso Tina Goldstein torso A bunch of torsos from the Temple of Airjitsu Catwoman torso from TLBM Heat-proof suit guy torso from the Volcano sets Retro Batcave Robin torso TLBM Robin torso TLBM Pizza Guy torso TLBM Joker purple suit torso Chief Wiggum torso from the Kwik-E-Mart Donald Duck torso from the Disney Castle One of the Ghostbusters torsos from the new movie Female Shield agent torso Green Gremlin torso Torso with hook from Batman Arkham Asylum Only torsos from that list I actually have an interest in are the dentist, maybe the Supermarket Worker (although its very clearly female and I would need a fair few to use them in a retail MOC so its not as good as it looks at first glance) and maybe the Aaron Cash torso with the hook. The Brickset database really is the best way to see all the parts that exist and then use their design/element IDs to figure out if they are available or not... I am sure at some point in the not-to-distant future parts from the 2h2017 sets will show up for sale (including presumably all the minifig parts from Fun at the Beach and the new Coast Guard and Jungle City sets)
  14. The white is useful, the bright light orange less so. Black would be nice. A version that's 2 studs rather than 4 studs would also be very very useful.
  15. With all the different places City has been going lately (Swamp, Arctic, Deep Ocean, Outer Space, Jungle, Forrest, Volcano etc) I would love to see City head to the Australian outback. Kangaroos. Camels. Caves full of cave paintings. Desert landscapes. So much potential here IMO.