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  1. I wish stores in Australia were breaking the street date on these the way stores in the US seem to be...
  2. Anyone on the Gold Coast looking for the UCS Tie Fighter, Target at Robina had a whole bunch in stock as of earlier today.
  3. I wish there was a store in Brisbane that broke the street date and was selling these now, I could really use a few of these for my current MOC (going on display at the start of May so too early to pick these up the normal way)
  4. As of earlier today MYER Brisbane CBD has Big Ben, NYC Skyline, Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, Ferrari F-40, Detectives Office and Brick Bank on the shelves. I also saw stock of the Assembly Square and blue VW Beetle but those were behind the counter (presumably sold already and on hold pending collection or shipping or something) MYER staff confirmed that both the VW Beetle and the Ferris Wheel are no longer David Jones exclusives and that they would be getting stock of both sets along with re-stocking of both the Tower Bridge and VW Van. Oh and one more thing, they had a trolley on the floor with unopened cardboard boxes for both the new Death Star AND the Temple of Airjitsu. So if you want the Assembly Square, VW Beetle, Ferris Wheel, Tower Bridge, VW Van, new Death Star or Temple of Airjitsu then there is probably a MYER store in your area that either has stock of those sets now or will be getting stock of those sets at some point. Oh and the VW Beetle and Van were both in stock at Mr Toys Brisbane CBD as well.
  5. Does anyone have any ideas for (or instructions for) a pinball machine at minifig scale? (something that fits in scale with the arcade cabinet from the Ghostbusters Firehouse) Google shows a lot of large scale pinball machines but nothing in minifig scale I can use as inspiration.
  6. I use BrickArms and BrickForge in MOCs as well as some of the Citizen Brick printed tiles because those items are intended to complement LEGO products but I refuse to buy or use product from companies that directly compete with LEGO like MegaBlocks or Kreo or whatever. I also very much hate ANY bootleg products (Lepin, LEBQ etc) and would never use or buy them.
  7. Looking at Bricks & Pieces right now (for Australia if it makes a difference) I can see a whole bunch of new torsos available for sale including the dentist from the Assembly Square and lots of the new City torsos as well as things like the new umbrella, the Dark Azure tools, the tutu, the acoustic guitar and even the 2 x 3 printed "Cafe Corner" tile from the Assembly Square.
  8. In this case I have custom build passenger cars to tow behind the Emerald Night (which will be cosmetically modified a bit as well to look more like a Queensland Rail PB15 class locomotive) which dont suit having a 9V motor added. Custom building a tender to fit a 9V motor on the other hand I can do.
  9. Hmmm, I dont have an XL motor nor do I have a way to get one in time for the show. Maybe I could try a different idea and build a tender with a 9V motor in it (the club runs 9V track and I have several 9V motors)
  10. If I didn't build exclusively with 9V track (since that's what our club uses and since so many of the trains we run are 9V rather than battery) I would be all over this project. The Continuous Curve switch parts look very useful. If I didn't build exclusively with 9V track (since that's what our club uses and since so many of the trains we run are 9V rather than battery) I would be all over this project. The Continuous Curve switch parts look very useful.
  11. I own an Emerald Night and I also have the Power Functions gear from a 60052 Cargo Train plus a PF M motor. What else do I need to motorize my train and give it remote control? Are there instructions out there for how to add motorization and remote control to the Emerald Night?
  12. Will be getting 1x surfer (the wet suit and surfboard are great) Maybe 1x strong man (the barbells are cool but the rest of the fig doesn't quite do it for me) At least 1x chef (the torso, legs, pie and whisk are all cool, even the head is nice) 1x corn cob man (I gotta keep up my collection of all the food costumes) At least 1x, probably more of the vet (the bunny rabbit is cool and the torso looks useful for other medical people as well) At least 3x sausage man since everything is cool. The tray. The hot dog and bun. The torso and legs. The head. The hat. The milkshake. At least 2x butterfly girl (too cute to say no to, the torso is perfect for little girls of all sorts even without butterfly wings) 0x Gladiator (no use for him) 1x Connoisseur (love the head and torso, the beret is useful and the dog isn't bad either) At least 1x Battle Dwarf (the red Mohawk and that cool Titanium Metallic hammer are too cool to say no to) 0x Retro Spaceman (dont like that style of spaceman) At least 3x Yuppie (love the cell phone, the jacket and those glasses). 1x Rocket Boy (the rocket is cool as is the flag and the torso). 1x Dance Instructor (torso is funky, legs are funky, hair is funky, head is funky, water bottle is also funky) 0x elf girl (I dont do medieval or fantasy) 0x secret character (given we know it comes with a Tricorne hat and pistols, I cant see it being useful for me in the modern-day MOCs I build)
  13. In regards to Ghostbusters packs, its entirely possible they had plans to release another pack for the new movie (but never announced it) and then canceled those plans (without ever revealing anything) after the second movie failed/didn't do as well as expected.
  14. Nice job, I love what you have done so far. Do you plan to build a Blast Furnace as part of your steel mill?
  15. MYER now have 25% off and this time it doesn't exclude TLBM. The K-Mart offers are still cheaper but MYER is the best place to get the things K-Mart isn't discounting. Best time to pick up other non-TLBM sets as well :)