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  1. Where did you see that Skylanders is canceled? Everything I can see with a quick Google only shows rumors of its cancellation rather than actual proof from Activision. (so much like Dimensions in that regard)
  2. Further checks shows that Brickset now has an official inventory of the set and that the lab coat torso is the same as the one in the Volcano Explorers line which means I dont need to buy the FXX set to keep my collection of lab coat torsos complete (not that there aren't other cool reasons to buy the FXX set like the 3D printer though :)
  3. Does anyone know if the lab coat torso in the Ferrari FXX set is new? Does it have any back printing on it?
  4. I will wait for official confirmation from TT in regards to the future of Dimensions.
  5. Given that the Disney series has been the most popular series of CMF by a massive margin, it seems stupid for LEGO not to be working on a Disney S2 (since it would clearly be just as popular as the first series)
  6. With the new French guy in Series 17 of the CMF, anyone know what other countries have been done as CMFs before? Series 1 had the Cheerleader (Cheerleading is very much an American thing) Series 2 had the Mexican Sombrero Guy Series 3 had the Hawaiian Hula Girl Series 4 had the Japanese Kimono girl Series 5 had the English Royal Guard Series 6 had the Spanish Flamenco Dancer Series 7 had the Scottish Bagpiper Series 8 had the German Lederhosen Guy Series 13 had the Indian Snake Charmer Any other CMFs that can be considered as fitting with a specific modern day country or region? (The Fortune Teller looks a lot like a Gypsy to me but I dont think Gypsies are from any one specific country or region so that doesn't count) Ignoring of course the Team GB and Team DFB series :)
  7. Nice to know that the new canoe and paddles will be available in a set that I already want (Fun at the Beach) and I dont need to go out of my way to buy some other set that contains it.
  8. Not normally a fan of corn but the Corn Cob Suit Guy is awesome. Rocket Boy is cool. Butterfly Suit Girl is so cute. Gourmet Chef is great, that whisk and pie. Circus Strongman is cool especially with the "100" printing on the weights. Pass on the Elf Maiden. Battle Dwarf might be cool with the hammer and red Mohawk and that axe. Pass on the Retro Spaceman. I gotta get the Yuppie with the cellphone, sunnies, hair and that white jacket (which I thought was a lab coat at first). The Connoisseur looks exactly like a stereotypical french guy and I do love the dog. The Dance Instructor has some unique (and cool) clothes and I just love that printed water bottle. Need to see a picture of the Highwayman to make up my mind although I dont generally go for historic figures like that. The surfer is neat and more surfboards are always worth adding to my collection. Pass on the Roman Gladiator. Love the Hot Dog Vendor, I have a hot dog cart MOC built that he will be perfect for once I can get one. The Veterinarian is also cool, love the new Rabbit. I recon the torso might work for a female doctor as well (not 100% sure though)
  9. In the Modern Home, why is there a hose connecting the car to the house? EDIT: Oh wait, I know what that is, its not a hose, its a cable for charging an electric car :) Great to see TLG putting electric cars into sets (there was also at least one Friends set that had an electric car in it) Am I the only one who is disappointed that TLG has stopped making the really large Creator houses (the last one they made was the Family House in 2013 although you could almost count the Bike Shop & Cafe from 2014 in the same category)
  10. The spider has to be a new mold since spiders have 8 legs and the ant only has 6.
  11. I would love to see a Creator car set similar in size to the Cool Cruiser and Cool Convertible but in a Ute/Pickup Truck body style. Maybe with some sort of load in the back... I dont think we have ever gotten a Creator pickup truck in any kind of larger scale (feel free to correct me if I am wrong though)
  12. Are the trans-clear hands identical in shape to the regular opaque hands? Do they feel weak or at risk of breaking?
  13. I count the old dog mold (found in e.g. the little police officer set from 2008), the German Shepard (which has several different prints including a Dalmatian print), the Chihuahua (from various sets including the new modular), the Husky (from the Arctic theme among other sets), the Terrier (from the Dog Show CMF last year) plus all the various Friends dogs (which can fit with minifigs depending on the intended use) Oh and there is also Scooby Doo and that Superman dog :)
  14. Toys R Us are having a sale right now. Among other things, the new $30 City sets (Tow Truck Trouble, Fishing Boat, ATV Race Team, 4x4 with Catamaran, Pizza Van) are $20 (that's 33% off RRP so its a good time to buy if you are interested in any of those sets). The only other deals >20% off RRP are a few Duplo sets, a Juniors police helicopter and a pair of Star Wars sets. has all the details. If you cant get to a Toys R Us store, you might have luck getting K-Mart or Big W to price match on the City sets depending on the store and the staff member (I got Big W to price match on the Pizza Van)
  15. The Sydney Skyline set is amazing, I bought it a while back, easily my favorite Architecture set to date.