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  1. Rogue One. For the first time. (I'm really behind now, aren't I? Maybe I should post this in the procrastination thread...)
  2. Under the radar, but LEGO revealed an update about replacing the ABS brick both in their 2016 Responsibility Report and a LEGO Batman Movie article here: The prototypes as featured in the Responsibility Report: So, what do you think of the progress? Mods: If this should be merged with a previous thread, please do so. I didn't want to bump a three-year-old topic.
  3. Wow, no finds in a while? I just picked up a K-2SO Constraction Figure for $12. Would you like me to tell you the odds of that? They're high, very high.
  4. Next to none. The way the rumors have been headed, the game was cancelled because the whole Toys to Life market shriveled and died (oversimplification, but they wouldn't produce a new game for old products which never sold or create new products for a new game to join the old ones in the discount bin).
  5. Episode 74 is the last one in the season, right?
  6. Big Bangs have generally lasted for two years each. Agents, Power Miners, Atlantis, and Space Police were each two years long (there could be more, but these are the few which immediately come to mind). True, Ninjago and Chima each had a three year run, and Bionicle was planned to run for three years, but these are only the most recent themes. There is no guarantee that any Big Bang theme will last beyond one year (Galaxy Squad) or even one wave (Alien Conquest's scrapped second wave). Two years was the standard formula - maybe they're going back to it.
  7. That's really nice. I didn't even know what Shapeways was until this post!
  8. I don't think he's allowed to specify. His response was incredibly vague. No to an early end, but a planned end earlier than everyone expected - probably. He also didn't mention that the rumor was completely false, just that NK wouldn't be ending early. In fact, Mark's post tells us very little that most of us wouldn't have been able to guess on our own. I think his main point was that Brickset reported the rumor as news, which he believed they should not have, and that many people were happy with its demise, which, as a designer, kind of hurts.
  9. Frequency (the original film, not the recent CW series). A lot better than I anticipated! EDIT: Oh, and The LEGO Batman Movie, of course! Can't believe it took me this long!
  10. Thanks for sharing. Quite brilliant!
  11. You're right. If you look closely, you can see his lips moving to the word "end."
  12. Too late, it was already canceled. Please read the Dimensions thread.
  13. I'm going to guess that he'll have a very generic head...because he can.